5 Tips for Successful Email Marketing with MailChimp

5 Tips for Successful Email Marketing with MailChimp -

You have 348 unread emails. This is the status of my boyfriend’s mailbox. 348 emails that did not convince him to click on the title to view the content.

That’s sad.

It means that 348 emails were sent by companies that did not have the quality to think of a solid title. With a title, you can let almost everyone click on your email.

The nice thing is that you can have a nice e-mail program, but only with MailChimp, for example, you can not save it. You need creativity. Writing an mailing is not so easy yet.

5 Tips for Successful Email Marketing with MailChimp -

The request came to write a review about MailChimp. A reader would like to know the benefits of this email sending program. How does it work and does not it work? It actually works very simple.

MailChimp sends unlimited and very fast newsletters in your own style. According to the website itself, it is a complete solution for email marketing. For example, you can:

  • Send quick and simple newsletters
  • Build mailing lists
  • Submit application forms to your website
  • Send automated messages
  • Social media integration
  • View read and click reports
  • Set autoresponder
  • Create personalized newsletters
  • And much more!

It’s a great program and it can save you a lot of time if you use it. However, it is also a program that costs $10 a month if you wish to send unlimited emails to a large list of subscribers. Without persuasion, sending an e-mail with a beautiful layout is nothing more than carrying water to the sea.

It is wasted effort.

5 tips for a better email

If you have someone in your house who can create an attractive title, then you can get started with MailChimp. It is therefore a matter of making the content of the e-mail so strong that the recipient has to click through.

The 5 tips below give you more insight into the development of a recruiting and attractive email.

  1. Personalize your e-mails. Try to respond to events in the recipient’s life. If your reader is anniversary, send a birthday card with a special action and always answer the recipient with his or her name.
  2. Make sure your images are clickable. A good email contains attractive images. Good emails contain attractive images that are clickable. Readers like to click on a photo, that’s easy. Give them that chance.
  3. Write short texts. E-mails are often read volatile. If you then preach a whole story, you lose the interest of the recipient. Write short sentences and make clear the essence of your email in a small piece of text.
  4. What is the benefit? If you look at an email, you want to know what your advantage is. Why would you click through? What about golden mountains are waiting for you to visit the website.
  5. Never put a call to action in an image. Images are useful, but do not make this classic mistake. Many e-mail programs do not download the pictures directly in the e-mail. The recipient must give permission for that. If he / she does not, your message will never be transferred.

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