7 Benefits of Displaying Your Reviews on Your Website

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For most business owners trying to run their online stores during the holiday season of 2020, there are plenty of opportunities to earn a significant amount of revenue due to the number of shoppers looking to make all their purchases online.

That said, considering the number of companies clamoring for the attention of potential shoppers online, it can be tricky to get ahead of the competition. After all, everyone is trying to get the attention of their target audience, which means there will always be someone louder and offering quality services and products to boot. Some companies are looking to take advantage of various web design tactics, such as using a review widget to showcase any positive reviews on the website.

There are undoubtedly plenty of different ways to optimize a website. Some examples include ensuring image resolutions are not too high to speed up load times, or making use of content marketing.

However, there is something special about using a review widget to display reviews on the primary site. It might not seem like a big deal, but such a thing can serve to further reinforce a positive reputation as well as search engine optimization (SEO). Here are seven benefits of displaying reviews on the primary site!

1. Genuine reviews on a site can drive traffic

It is a well-known tactic for many companies to put their best foot forward when it comes to online reviews. For example, they are likely to only place the best examples of their work, so that online visitors only see the very best. However, it can also seem disingenuous to only go for overwhelmingly positive reviews, which could end up turning off visitors. On the other hand, adding average reviews — or perhaps even negative ones that the company turned around — can serve to provide a more genuine look at the business.

7 Benefits of Displaying Your Reviews on Your Website

The trouble with having only the best reviews on the site is that it can immediately seem off to some online visitors. Adding in average or even potentially scathing reviews can have more far-reaching effects, as it shows that the company is doing all it can to be transparent. It provides reassurance that the business is willing to offer solutions.

2. Reviews on a website with the help of a review widget can act as a roadmap

Aside from driving traffic with genuine reviews, most businesses can utilize reviews as a powerful tool for optimization. For example, there are plenty of supporters out there that provide helpful feedback for various companies via less than stellar reviews. Unfortunately, they are often neglected due to the negative nature of the review. However, such feedback could potentially act as a roadmap that the company owner can utilize to move forward in 2021 and beyond.

3. They help encourage others to write reviews

Whether positive or negative, reviews are all about shifting the conversation of online shoppers to include the user’s online store. The more feedback on the website, the more it encourages online users to write their reviews after making a sale. The idea is to keep the conversation going about the business, as it can help push Google’s algorithm to rank a company higher in the search engine’s results page (SERP). It is a reliable form of SEO that many agencies use to their advantage.

4. A company that responds to reviews gets people talking

7 Benefits of Displaying Your Reviews on Your Website

As stated above, negative reviews that are turned around by the company to have a positive result can push traffic and sales forward. The only way to accomplish such a task would be to respond to the negative review as soon as possible and provide an amicable solution. Without a doubt, there will be reviews that offer no chance for feedback, but so long as the company responds in an attempt to address the issue — especially in social media — it will always get people talking.

5. Online reviews boost brand recognition

The reason why many SEO agencies try to encourage as many people as possible to write down positive reviews is that it can do much to boost brand recognition. The more people write reviews about a company, the higher the odds of the business appearing in the top SERPs. It boosts brand recognition in various ways, and it can be especially useful to place reviews on the website with a review widget, as it provides a direct line to the company site.

6. It makes it easier to optimize a website

Having a widget that places online reviews on the primary website has the added advantage of making it easier to optimize. Considering how crucial it is to have a part of the site dedicated to product reviews, it helps optimize a website through content marketing. While content marketing typically involves articles and blogs, written reviews have a habit of getting people talking about a company, which is another form of content marketing.

7. It makes the company that much more trustworthy

Last but certainly not least, a company that takes the time to provide reviews for their products and services will be seen as more trustworthy than companies that try to hide the quality of their services.

The advantage of having the review widget is that it can also show reviews from other sources, which means it cannot be mistaken for reviews that a company might write to boost brand recognition. With the use of genuine reviews, it is more than possible to get ahead of the competition. It is even easier to increase influence when the business owner takes the time to respond to reviews and provide solutions to problems. 

The best part about utilizing a review widget is that it can be easy to implement in any web design strategy.

Whether the company gets the help of an SEO professional to work with web design or decide to move forward without outside sources, a widget that focuses on gathering reviews to display on the primary website is always a good idea. When it comes to business management, honesty is the best policy, and even negative reviews can be a blessing in disguise.