App UI Design: The Basics Uncovered

App UI Design: The Basics Uncovered - User interface design

App UI Design: The Basics Uncovered -

Once upon a time, they were only reserved for the large corporations. Now, at least it feels, every man and his dog has an app for his business.

Part of this might be due to the immense success stories that are associated with apps. They have helped to create overnight millionaires and suffice to say, whenever these get-rich stories are published, a lot of people try and jump on the bandwagon.

However, behind every successful app is an amazing user interface. This is the reason behind today’s post, as we take a look at some core fundamentals you need to take into account if you are serious about designing the next big app.

It’s all about consistency

As we all know, apps come in all shapes and sizes. There are the ones that allow transport to be easier than ever before, while the ones that mean it’s easier than ever to manage your home (through the likes of automated systems being able to control everything from your blinds to trip amplifiers).

App UI Design: The Basics Uncovered -

However, something that they all have in common is the fact that they have consistency. In other words, a user almost feels “at home” as soon as they log into the app. The app will be designed ergonomically; so their thumb always finds the main CTA as quickly as possible. Likewise, the menu will tend to slide out, while even gestures such as pinching and swiping are going to have very similar effects.

By making things consistent, you will allow your users to become accustomed to your app much more quickly.

Small buttons are a thing of the past

Like it or not, some people have fat fingers. Those slender buttons might have looked great on the wireframes you presented to your boss, but they aren’t going to work for everyone.

One of the pet hates of any user is pressing one button, but getting a completely different result. Small buttons will result in this, so make sure your designs guard against this accordingly.

App UI Design: The Basics Uncovered -

Use goal-driven design theory

Finally, we’re going to talk about goal-driven design. This is something that should be at the forefront of your mind whenever you are designing for an app or employ a UI design company.

In short, it’s all about thinking about what the person using your app is attempting to do. What do they want to get out of your app?

From this point on, your whole design revolves around this final goal. You need to devise a plan that allows them to move through the app, seamlessly we might add, before converting with their goal.

Unfortunately, this isn’t an easy process. You will tend to have to create a persona for your target users, and even take advantage of the likes of surveys and interviews to help you along your way with this. This is because there doesn’t tend to be a one-fits-all goal for all users, there tends to be several and your design needs to somehow function in a manner that takes each of these into account.