10 Best Affiliate Marketing Software

Affiliate marketing software allows your ambassadors, influencers, and other affiliates to sell your products on a commission basis. Easily set your affiliate commission per product, choose between a single and recurring commission, release promotional materials, and connect affiliates.

Now, which software is best for affiliate marketing? If you choose the best affiliate tracking software – it generates unique promotional links for your affiliates and keeps track of which affiliates are entitled to a commission via cookie tracking. We offer you an overview of all realized turnover and commissions, and you can also pay your affiliates in a few clicks, thanks to SEPA batch payments.

scaleo affiliate marketing software


10 Best Affiliate Marketing Software - affiliate marketing software

Scaleo is a fully managed automated affiliate marketing software that allows you to track, analyze, and optimize your affiliate business and affiliate marketing campaigns in real-time, utilizing cutting-edge AI technology. Suitable for networks, businesses, and media buyers, its key features can help you find the best time for your campaigns to convert and optimize traffic sources by cutting out fraudulent traffic (fraud protection) and focusing on quality conversions. Scaleo can be integrated with an endless number of 3rd party technologies and has the best affiliate tracking technology today.

Scaleo was chosen as the best affiliate marketing tracking software in 2022.

Best for: Advertising networks, advertisers, agencies, affiliates/publishers, lead generation, and technology startups

Post affiliate pro - affiliate marketing software

Post Affiliate Pro

post affiliate pro affiliate marketing software

Post Affiliate Pro is an affiliate management software that runs your entire affiliate program from top to bottom. It is intuitive, fast, effective, infinitely expandable, and scalable. The system will give you access to the Merchant panel and your affiliates to the affiliate panel to see their stats and manage their promotional materials. Post Affiliate Pro will automate your entire affiliate program.

Best For: Post Affiliate Pro is ideal for Small to Medium businesses who want to start and manage their own affiliate programs.

Tune - - affiliate marketing software


Tune - affilate marketing software

TUNE builds technology that powers successful affiliate marketing campaign partnerships across mobile and web. TUNE Partner Marketing Platform is the industry’s most flexible SaaS platform for building, managing, and growing affiliate partner programs and networks. Headquartered in Seattle with hundreds of employees worldwide, TUNE is a top affiliate software trusted by innovative affiliate marketers, the largest performance advertising network, and iconic brands across the globe.

Best for: Advertising networks, advertisers, agencies, affiliates/publishers, lead generation, and technology startups

iDevAffiliate - - affiliate marketing software


10 Best Affiliate Marketing Software - affiliate marketing software

For more than 15 years iDevAffiliate has been the leading affiliate tracking software in its class. Adding affiliate software to your site is one of the most effective ways to: Grow affiliate sales. Increase traffic. Strengthen SEO. Their affiliate tracking software is installed in just minutes and can easily integrate into your existing website. This vendor was chosen as the best affiliate tracking software in 2018.

Best For: Affiliate tracking solutions that enable businesses to achieve more sales, traffic, and SEO rankings with built-in templates and integration modules.

Voluum  -- affiliate marketing software


voluum affiliate software

Cloud-based solutions for businesses that help manage affiliate campaigns via traffic distribution, anti-fraud kits, and more. Volume is an affiliate management software for smaller businesses.

Key features: Marketing attribution and affiliate tracking solutions for businesses of all sizes that enable them to track, manage, optimize, and scale a wide range of ad campaigns.

LeadDyno -- affiliate marketing software


affiliate marketing software by LeadDyno

LeadDyno is a top affiliate marketing software that includes automated welcome emails, affiliate dashboards, and quick affiliate commissions payable. It’s very nice and affordable (for this price even the best!) best tracking software for affiliate marketing campaigns.

Key features: Affiliate management platform that helps businesses of all sizes manage commission payments and launch programs with automated email, social media marketing, affiliate tracking, etc.

You can see the top providers and SaaS companies that offer affiliate tracking and digital marketing business management on this page.

A wide range of affiliate marketing tools offer fraud detection, coupon code integration, conversion rate optimization, and even email templates to assist you in your marketing efforts. Many affiliate managers who handle eCommerce platforms and process credit card payments choose to delegate their affiliate management tasks to a partner network software.

There are many ways to handle affiliate partnerships for both business owners and business partners. Remember that your marketing activities heavily depend on the key features of affiliate software solutions.

Why do you need affiliate marketing management software?

Affiliate marketing software is one marketing tool that allows websites to attract another website to advertise their attractive earnings in exchange for a certain commission. The commission is basically determined by the number of people the affiliate software can contact and send to the merchant site.

Otherwise, it can also be determined by the number of people who buy something from the merchant site or perform other actions through your affiliate site. If you control your affiliates, the board software is one of the most skillful and insignificant methods to make your product known on the Internet. It helps maintain a solid customer base and a norm that you can stick to.

This kind of software allows you to get audits and suggestions on an item without spending high prices for a review. Most affiliate promotion programs are anything but difficult to set up and are completely customizable. They are structured to fit completely within your own framework and usually come with detailed documentation to help you.

They offer to-the-point steps and help promote exercises rather than exam reports. The ambiguity of web-based advertising exchanges is eliminated by utilizing this affiliate the following software as it excludes spam messages, short sites, invalid and worldwide areas. Here are the 10 best affiliate programs that will help you with your work.

What kind of B2B affiliate business buyer are you?

Before you start reviewing your affiliate software choices, you’ll want to know which group of buyers you belong to. Most of the buyers belong to one of the groups below.

  • Small and medium-sized enterprises (up to 500 employees): usually include small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) operating in a few business segments. Unlike big companies, they sell a limited variety of products and services and thus have fewer affiliates. Often, they do not have a big marketing or brand creation budget, so their affiliate programs have a higher promotional emphasis. Such purchasers can opt for affiliate management software with features such as product and service templates, activity monitoring, and commission management to easily control their affiliate network (like Commission Junction).
  • Large companies (over 500 employees) typically include large enterprises operating in several market segments. They sell a wide variety of goods and services and therefore employ many affiliates. They also run both brand management and affiliate marketing systems simultaneously. These buyers can select an affiliate marketing platform that allows them to evaluate the success of several campaigns and monitor the affiliate’s activities. They can also obtain third-party integration assistance to easily integrate the software with their current technology stack.

What is Affiliate Software?

what is affiliate software

It is a software application that encourages you to set ready to action various affiliate promotion efforts simultaneously with no problem. Using hashtag URLs to follow singular execution will help you similarly disseminate benefits.

The software provides food towards expanding traffic to your site, consequently straightforwardly progressing in the direction of SEO streamlining. The affiliate software also improves the discussion rate by drawing more impressions of your online businesses from various affiliates. The whole procedure runs naturally without expecting you to conceptualize the basic individual procedure on a regular premise.

Also, as the software is versatile and perfect, it turns out to be anything but difficult to deal with the work distantly from wherever, whenever. Affiliate software automates the onboarding, contracting, monitoring, and recording of events and payments to affiliates in your program. Affiliate marketing and monitoring software offers a simpler and more effective way to develop, maintain and scale your own affiliate program.

Is It Worth Investing Money Into Affiliate Software?

is affiliate software worth the investent

Individuals who run battles know the torment of dealing with the weight daily. As a matter of first importance, regularly verifying fruitful changes becomes a dull undertaking. It also turns out to be outlandish for multiple battles simultaneously with no extra assistance. In conclusion, circulating the benefits takes many working hours on a day-by-day or week-after-week premise. Mulling over the above-said factors, it merits putting Cash in this software. Likewise, you will become more acquainted with the software’s ease of use through free time for testing in this manner, empowering you with a simple dynamic procedure. The main concern is the merits of inputting your Cash into any affiliate software application to receive the best rewards.

How Does Affiliate Software Work?

The affiliate software works in 4 stages – Making offers, joining new affiliate clients, and drawing more deals and traffic for the business software’s ease of operations. You can make a proposition through the software without having any earlier specialized information. The software does its piece when offers are made by adding intrigued affiliates to its marketing channels. They will be furnished with hashtag URLs appended to affiliate connects to advance your items or administrations. When individuals tap on those affiliate links to complete a purchase, the software will consider that fruitful change and tell you about the equivalent on the dashboard. In this manner, it will be simple for you to pay just for effective changes through the software. You should simply pick the perfect software to fulfill your needs effortlessly.

Before Picking Any Affiliate Software?

10 Best Affiliate Marketing Software - affiliate marketing software

Before you choose to go for any affiliate software, it is basic to decide your financial plan already. If you let yourself into the merchants’ advertising contrivances without settling your spending plan, you will make a major buy. Instead, sit with your supervisory group and accompany a spending plan with min and max restraints that will assist you to remain grounded during the choice procedure.

How to Pick the Best Affiliate Software?

Even though many affiliate management software is obtainable in the market, it takes a hawk’s eye to isolate the right product from the debris. Here are a couple of tips worth mulling over to settle on your savvy choices.

What Advantages does Affiliate Software Have?

Reduced payable workload: Affiliate software allows customization of mass payouts and accounts expected from vendors, partners, affiliates, and publishers.

Provides campaign management: Affiliate software monitors manage and enable easy access to campaigns in one convenient and centralized location.

Offers personalized reporting and analytics: Affiliate software allows you to customize reporting and analytics to make better decisions and maximize your referral program’s return on investment.

Provides promotional tools: Affiliate software provides promotional tools such as banners, links, and media for sharing and driving interaction.

What Are the Essential Features Of The Affiliate Software?

Affiliate campaign management: managing affiliate campaigns, including setting up campaigns, managing them, monitoring their success, and customizing flexible commission plans for various campaigns.

Analytics and reporting: Analyze statistical data in real-time to determine campaigns’ input and success and change it to drive revenue.

Customize affiliate services as follows: Customize landing pages, sign-up forms, logos, models, and more, and make your affiliate marketing program stand out to your affiliates.

Marketing Tools for Affiliates: Promote the programs by choosing different resources that need to be personalized, such as affiliate links and landing pages.

What developments in referral marketing software are coming up in 2022?

Introduction to AI software: A growing variety of AI tools are available to affiliate marketers focusing on automating simple functions and applying programmatic laws, such as A/B testing and optimization. For example, Scaleo has optimized its Traffic Distribution AI product to respond quicker than a human could achieve.

What can the best affiliate marketing software do for your business?

Ease of customizable B2B integration: consider whether the software can be easily incorporated into your current technology stack and commission structure. It’s important to select end-to-end software that provides features that meet your unique needs.

Customization: The ability to own, brand, and customize different affiliate services is essential to delivering customized services as it helps you to develop good relationships with affiliate partners and affiliates. Efficient affiliate marketing and monitoring software can include a variety of flexible platform integrations.

Real-time monitoring capability: Ensure that the software’s reporting features are customized to affiliate marketing needs. Having robust reporting (e.g., total conversions, conversion amounts, and commission amounts) at all program levels will allow you to maximize performance to drive your affiliate program effectively.

Protection and security: a stable, safe, and scalable framework offers a strong foundation for any effective affiliate program. We would like to consider requirements such as compliance audits, backup technology and maintenance, and a vendor dedicated to ongoing GDPR activities and additional security regulations.

Integration with existing systems: Check if your chosen affiliate platform fits well with your existing systems. This factor is important if you already use a marketing or brand management tool to track campaign metrics and ROI. Integration features can ensure seamless data sharing between the various tools you use.

Help the customer: Ask about the form of service offered by your shortlisted vendors: 24/7, 24/5, or just during business hours. Also, check if your preferred support channels are open, such as email, phone, or live chat. Support services can help address any software problems that may occur in managing affiliate conflicts, such as delays in the commission’s payment.

How much does marketing software cost?

Most goods on the market are priced every month and divided into three price tags depending on their starting price.
Price range:

Low end: 29$-49$
Middle class: $49-$299
High end: $299+

Prices included in this list are for entry-level/lowest-priced offers found on vendor websites on June 10, 2020. These ranges correspond to the 25th, 75th, and 100th percentile of pricing details obtained from sample product vendor affiliate marketing websites.
The above list summarizes the prices for the basic plans of most goods. A higher-priced enterprise or luxury product may have certain features, such as customer segmentation or knowledge base.

What is the best free affiliate marketing software?

best free affiliate marketing software

Free affiliate software has recently gained enormous popularity. Many marketers are coming to this blog searching for “affiliate monitoring software.” There are a number of free (and cheap) scripts that retailers can install on their hosting server to get an affiliate program running. Here is just a shortlist of affiliate management software that is free and open-source:

Affiliate Program Script
Cosmic AffiliateClick
Simple Affiliate
TTFreeware Affiliate Program Software
TWSC Affiliate Lite

What are the Key Benefits of Affiliate Marketing Software for Business?

Although some of the benefits of affiliate software may be evident from our discussion above, we have mentioned the most prominent ones in this section.

Reduces manual workload: by automating activities such as onboarding new affiliates, monitoring conversions, measuring recurring fees, and handling payments, an affiliate management platform reduces most of the manual workload for companies. It also helps them set up automated mass transfers to ensure that affiliate partners and affiliates are paid on time.
Provides end-to-end management of affiliate campaigns, affiliate marketing tracking software monitors, and records end-to-end business campaign processes. It offers a centralized dashboard that easily understands key indicators, such as the number of leads converted by an affiliate marketer. In addition, reports and metrics provide information that helps companies determine where they are lagging behind and then make adjustments to maximize the campaign’s return on investment (ROI).

Which is better – Tracking Pixel vs. Postback URL?

Pixel and S2S Postback URL tracking – all these cases are covered by these methods. There is a third method available for some affiliate networks: API integration. But the most prolific are the pixels and the postbacks.

Understanding the distinctions between these two options will help you choose the most appropriate method for your needs.

In other words, let’s find out what kind of conversion tracking system is the best to use – pixel or postback tracking. 

Tracking Pixel is a browser-based or cookie-based tracking method that allows users to track website visits, impressions, conversions, or other types of online activities.

A classic tracking pixel is an HTML code piece placed on a landing page or offered to track the visitor’s actions.

To use the tracking pixel to track your offers’ conversions, you need to place the tracking pixel on a confirmation or a thank-you page.

How do you automate affiliate marketing?

When the chores of running your program bog you down, it’s difficult to focus on creating and cultivating affiliate connections, let alone discovering new leads. Several factors contribute to effective management, including:
1. Prospect identification and evaluation
2. Keep track of and manage affiliate-generated traffic
3. Analyzing and evaluating campaign outcomes
4. Giving out rewards and incentives
However, automating some of these procedures might save you time and increase your efficiency. As a result, you’ll be able to spend more time on other marketing efforts and tasks.
You may use affiliate automation tools and plugins to:
* To provide affiliates with assistance, resources, and knowledge.
* Use real-time measurements to collect data and assess campaign performance.
* Streamline program logistics such as payment processing and management.
Automation simply does not simply provide you with additional time and flexibility. They may also provide extra information. Real-time data allows you to make informed decisions to improve your affiliate marketing strategy and beyond.
Using an automated approach can help remove guesswork and legwork from many aspects of your affiliate business. This allows you to concentrate on generating leads, results, and income.
It is critical to have the right tools and processes to ensure your affiliate business’s success. By employing affiliate automation tools, you can acquire the efficiency, intelligence, and optimization required to boost conversions and achieve results.

Which platform is best for affiliate marketing?

Including affiliate marketing into your business strategy does not require you to reinvent the wheel.
Fortunately, many people have gone before you. We believe the following six basic steps are essential:
1 – Select an Affiliate Network or Platform
2 – Developing Affiliate Performance Standards
3 – Affiliate Commission Strategies Calculation
4 – Identifying High-Quality Affiliates
5 – Spreading the Word About Your Affiliate Program
6 – Consistently Evaluating Your Affiliate Program for Improvements

How do I create a platform for affiliate marketing?

Simply sign up for Scaleo’s affiliate marketing software and set up your affiliate working platform.

Can I do affiliate marketing for free?

Yes! The good thing about affiliate marketing is that it’s free to start, and you can get started literally any time.

Can you make good money with affiliate marketing?

It is pretty simple to get started in affiliate marketing, but creating long-term income through affiliate programs is a completely different story. If you want to give anything a shot, you must first establish the groundwork.

Begin by considering your audience. What kinds of goods and services are they looking for? What items are you currently utilizing and would recommend to your readers? You can always include links to affiliate programs on your website. However, it is preferable if you stick to products related to your websites to increase your click-through rate and retain your audience.

Then, compare the structures of individual affiliate programs. You should think about things like the quantity of the commission and how frequently the company pays affiliates. Make sure you understand any rules they put on affiliate network members. Always keep in mind that affiliate marketing material that is similar to your own is more likely to earn you more money.

Finally, be open and honest with your readers. Including a disclosure in your blog posts or elsewhere on your website informs readers that they may encounter affiliate links. This disclosure increases your credibility and is required by the Federal Trade Commission’s endorsement rules.

Affiliate Management Software Buyers Guide

Affiliate management software enables marketers to develop, track and manage affiliate marketing campaigns. Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which affiliates advertise the organization’s goods on their site. The affiliates would then earn a fee based on the amount of traffic, conversions, or sales generated by the promotion.

Many affiliate marketing software solutions provide a proprietary network that links marketers to affiliates and publishers. Affiliate services manage compensation between advertisers and their affiliates, enabling all parties to concentrate on their agreement’s particulars. Businesses can also use relationship management software to optimize ties with their distribution partners, including affiliates.

Affiliate marketing systems are ideal for boosting sales and selling goods and services. Affiliates are therefore entitled to make significant sums of money provided by a wide network or audience. Affiliate marketing is also one of the monetization methods for content creators, such as bloggers, influencers, and Internet celebrities. Advertisers act as another way of generating revenue and promoting brand recognition.

Pro Tips for selecting the right Affiliate Marketing Software

An ideal affiliate tracking software should be able to track and report results from all affiliate networks and be able to absorb any form of conversion data. Ideally, you may want to view your preferred reporting dashboard, such as Google Data Studio, to track your progress. Also, you want to be able to pass your conversion data to your PPC channels so you can automate your campaign optimization. You may also want to use your conversion data from Facebook and Google Analytics to build custom audiences.

Easy-to-use affiliate tracking software is also favored. If you are just getting started with the affiliate marketing business, user-friendly software is all the more relevant. You may spend time learning how to use the software as the steep learning curve. Entrepreneurs like you lose money because they waste time.

Integration is crucial as well. Your entire marketing will operate more efficiently if your affiliate monitoring system is integrated with other applications like email marketing or on-site bots.

Postback functionality is often underutilized but is surprisingly beneficial. You can keep track of conversions without adding a tracking pixel to the merchant’s “thank you” tab. Cookieless monitoring is a requirement for browser tracking protections, and several top affiliate network software have also implemented it.

In the end, your affiliate management software should be available to you.

It is asking for quite a lot of any instrument. Still, it’s what you’re certainly searching for.

Exploding several persistent Affiliate Link tracking myths

Since the rise of Bit.ly, numerous articles have argued that tools like Bitly can be used to track affiliate links.

In social networking platforms, where space is normally tight, these condensed links are a perfect way to spread links and see how many people have clicked on them. They have little or no usable data insights that can be put to use for data-driven marketing purposes.

If you want to be more than just a click tracker, the software packages available will improve your marketing and take you to the next level. Please continue reading to learn about some of the top ones.

The Future of Affiliate Tracking Software in 2022

Affiliate Marketing is increasingly becoming a big revenue source for online brands, as affiliate marketing now brings as many e-commerce orders to the U.S. as email! Both marketing platforms account for 16% of U.S. e-commerce orders.

affiliate marketing software - how to choose the right one?

U.S. retailers invested $4.7 billion in affiliate marketing in 2016. Surprisingly, U.S. affiliate marketing spending is expected to increase to $6.8 billion by 2020. Because 81 percent of brands use affiliate marketing as part of their consumer acquisition processes, it is fair to say that affiliate marketing is not going anywhere!

The use of affiliate marketing campaigns by marketers has become popular as customers increasingly shop online and frequently search for the word of mouth, reviews, and honest feedback to gain trust in a product or service.

It’s also a perfect opportunity for content creators like product reviews, writers, and tastemakers to monetize their audiences and get paid for their knowledgeable perspectives.

However, concerns such as fraud, clicks, click assignments, and conversion monitoring are common in the affiliate industry. Managing affiliates and ensuring they get paid for their work is a nightmare.

Brands must find a reliable way to track conversions and allocate them to the right channel to make the most of their affiliates’ opportunities.


Several affiliate marketing tracking software platforms offer different features and, in several ways, different advantages. However, they are all designed to assist affiliate marketers and advertisers in simplifying and automating those activities. In this regard, you should search for a software solution that is easy to set up, navigate, and use. It would also help look at how much control you can have to ensure that you get the versatility you need.