Common Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

Common Web Design Mistakes to Avoid - Wallpaper

Even with everything that a web design company knows or claims to know about the web, there are still quite a few who are making a number of quite unfortunate design choices. There are a number of agencies, design firms and designers who are so busy creating new sites for their clients that they don’t take the time to keep updated on what is actually working. Some of the most common mistakes made by web designers that you should ensure are avoided are highlighted here.

Using a Flash Intro

Flash intros are definitely a thing of the past. The fact is that a full intro is not something that should be implemented. Including any type of intro will prevent visitors from seeing the information they are looking for. You need to get straight to the point and show the visitors what they are looking for.

Creating an Entire Website with Flash

Using Flash on your website today will take your visitors on a one-way-trip right back to 2006. The fact is that if you have an all-Flash website, it will not be accessed by many visitors or ones who do land there will bounce away almost immediately. Also, no one using an iOS device will be able to view the website at all, which will completely kill your mobile reach. There are still some places where using Flash is acceptable; however, it is important to be smart and carefully consider the audience you are trying to reach.

Not Having a Mobile Friendly Site

One of the most recent updates released by Google referred to Mobile friendliness of websites. If your site is not responsive, you are going to drop in search engine rankings. Today, it is no longer acceptable to have a website that is not designed to be viewed on any and all types of devices. If a web designer or service does not offer this when creating a website, then other services should be sought. This is an essential part of creating a site that will be beneficial to visitors.

There are quite a few mistakes that can be made when it comes to web design. This is why it is highly recommended that this is left to the professionals, especially if you have no prior experience. While avoiding these mistakes may not seem like a big deal, having them present can impact your site’s ranking significantly. Keeping this is mind is essential if you are truly interested in creating a site that will show up in SERPs and help to increase the traffic you see.

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