Data Security Challenges – The Rising Issue


As technology continues to evolve, it is now becoming more and more part of everyday life. This means many greats offers on the latest devices and just about everything else with the availability across the internet. It is therefore worthwhile to check this out , if you are also looking for a great gaming offer at present, which is another field that continues to rise. However with the internet and technology in general it brings data security issues, which is becoming more and more relevant. Here we cover some of the key challenges.

  • Fake data generation

This is something that applying fraud detection can help to keep at bay. Cybercriminals can penetrate your system and make your system show fake results for example. This means you could fail to notice the alarming negative trend occurring, which could be a big problem down the road. This could effect a whole host of different businesses in different ways.

  • Cryptographic protection

Encryption is a well know way of protecting sensitive information, but it can also lead to data security issues. As we know sensitive data is stored in the ‘cloud’, which surprisingly has limited encrypted protection. This is due to the fact that if large amounts of encrypted protection were being used on huge amounts of data, this could result in things being drastically slowed down.

  • Sensitive information mining

When it comes to big data protection, perimeter based security is typically used. This means that all points of entry and exit are secured, and for good reason. This is important as if they were not in place then rival businesses could quickly mine that unprotected data, and use this for their own benefit through selling it on for example. This could result in big financial losses.

  • Data provenance difficulties

Data provenance keeps historical records about all your data, so over time you can image the huge collection this results in.  Therefore this is a big data concern and from a security perspective it is crucial. An example of an issue with this though is untraceable data sources, which can be a huge impediment when it comes to finding the roots of a security breach.

  • Absent security audits

When it comes to helping companies gain awareness of their security gaps, then big data security audits play a key role. They should really be performed on a regular basis, but this of course does not happen. An audit can only further add to issues that occur when handling big data. You need time, qualified personnel and of course the resources available.