Don’t Repeat My Mistake When Choosing A Hosting Service

As you know, has moved from one web hosting service to another — already 3 times. Coming a long way from a small shared account to a powerful dedicated server, I learnt a lot about what one needs to think off, when picking a hosting service and here is what I can share.

As we live in the era of blogs and CMS, bandwidth isn’t really an issue anymore since it’s cheap and mostly left unused in hundreds of GB’s, something we couldn’t even dream about 5-7 years ago.  There are much more important things to be taken into account, for example — other user’s satisfaction…  Believe it or not, but there is nothing like honest feedback from other people who used a certain host because they also needed their disk space, bandwidth, quick support and after a short or long-term test drive, they are able to recommend or warn you.

So, where can you get honest reviews? Surely you are not going to rely on the “testimonials” posted by a mythological “John D.” on web hosting site’s sidebar! You need something sincere and genuine. For me, has always been the ultimate source of hosting service  reviews. Instead of making a comprehensive research on each and every host (which is what I did back in 2006 when was launched), in just a few clicks you can see all the best web hosts sorted from best to moderately-good.

Each and every one of us has different needs, some are interested in cheapest possible shared hosting, others want to go with green hosting and support the environment, while people like myself need the most powerful dedicated server out there. All you need to do is follow the sidebar navigation on to choose the top rated service.

You will also find plenty of useful articles dedicated to web hosting, which will tell you why having a reliable host is so important and how can you make money with web hosting. If I knew all these things a few years ago, it would have saved me a lot of time and trial-and-error tactics.webhostinggeeks

So my point is, if you are a beginner webmaster considering to start your website on a quality (even the cheapest but paid) host,  or — if you are unhappy with your current hosting service and thinking of migrating to a better server, I strongly recommend to use in order to avoid wasting time and money on a low quality service. Do your homework, see what others recommend, learn which host meets your needs and what bonuses or special deals you can get if you chose them. Good luck!

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  5. Kidlatz says:

    You should really avoid wasting your money with those web hosting service that are just making your problem mo complicated, you should learn that in getting web host you must know what are the requirements that is appropriate for your business or site. And also you must know whether what will be the range of your site in terms of audience, storage and bandwidth.

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