Free Auto Creation of WordPress Themes is Now Possible

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Could you imagine, that you can make a take your existing html site, and convert it to wordpress in just a few seconds, automatically and best of all – free? Well, I found it hard to believe when I first heard about the website, so I headed there personally and gave it a test drive. To my amazement, this brand new tool really works as they say – in 3 simple steps you get a fully functioning wordpress theme that matches the design of your website to the smallest details.

First, all you need to do is input the url of your website, then you are being redirected to your site with a small iframe on top. It works pretty much like FireBug, if you are familiar with this extension, it simply reads the CSS blocks and offers you to select “content, “sidebar”, etc. That’s it, you have a ready to use wordpress theme, and the price of the conversion is free, which is a few hundreds of dollars cheaper than any other service. This service is idea for 2 primarily purposes – converting your existing html website to a wordpress theme, or making a blog to complement your html site, which will match your current design.

Free Auto Creation of Wordpress Themes is Now Possible -

While I did find that the service still has a few glitches in the coded theme, that the developers will soon iron out, considering that you don’t pay for the service, and it only takes less than a minute to convert, I’d say the little mishaps are non essential and if you are a wordpress coder, you can easily make the tweaks manually.

Free Auto Creation of Wordpress Themes is Now Possible -
This is how works, when the site is loaded in an iframe

You would probably ask, if there is a catch to this revolutionary, ground-breaking FREE service? Well, the answer is probably yes, because once you hit “done” and wait for the download, you are offered 2 versions of the theme – free, with a link back to and a professional variation with advanced theme options, support and branding-free footer. Considering that “pro” version only costs $67, (for the entire theme, not just 1 page), I’d say it’s STILL a few hundreds of dollars cheaper than a regular conversion service. Plus, with a 60-days money-back-guarantee you can rest assured the service is risk-free.

Free Auto Creation of Wordpress Themes is Now Possible -

If you are a coder, website owner or an affiliate who wants to make $30 referring people, head to their website and see how you can benefit from the new auto-pilot wordpress creation! Instead of hiring a low-quality, over-priced freelancer, see how easy things can be done directly online…

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  2. I am a freelance web designer and some of the projects I have received are requests to convert a HTML design to a WordPress templates. It was easy money for me. With such a service available for free, it will definitely affect my business.

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    Amazing! I was definitely surprised for this information. This is absolutely helpful to the web designers. Thank you for this information. And I’m looking forward for more creative posts you have. This is absolutely very creative.

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