Hello New (Killer) Pricing, Goodbye PayPerPost

Okay, we all know that there is the financial crisis and everybody suffer, but I didn’t think PayPerPost’s “posties” are going to feel the crisis on their own (blog’s) skin. I remember only 1-2 years ago, when highest opportunities available  were over $250 (for PageRank 6+ blogs) and blog posts of $15 for 1oo words buzz on a low level rank were a norm. It’s certainly deep history now.

I have not logged in to my account for a several months, but a few days ago I decided to check what’s new, and maybe there are a few dozens of easy dollars I can make while chewing my lunch. To my surprise, I saw a dramatic reform that took place in the early days of February. The marketplace is over flooded with opportunities that require over 100 words buzz and will pay you… 0,50$ for this task. Yes, you will get fifty cents (not THAT Fifty Cents, though). For a whole big dollar you will need to write about 200 or even more words, but some generous souls are still ready to pay you one hundred cents for a 100 words positive review. I just took a screenshot of my dashboard, so you can better visualize the disaster’s proportion.


Why so many people are angry now?

Not really because prices collapsed, we all can just stand up and leave payperpost, which I am sure most will do. But if you remember, over a year ago, Google rolled out a wave of penalties to ALL websites listed in PPP’s marketplace, because they sold links based on Page Rank. All blogs I had, including this very blog you are reading now, got penalized, thrown away from their SERP’s and lost or devalued their Page Rank. Toptut.com has over 100,000 backlinks yet it went down from PR5 to PR3, only thanks to the few bucks earnt through Payperpost.


Back then all the bloggers who worked for PPP were frustrated, mainly because back then working for them paid out and with loss of PageRank a lot of us were left out, unable to take the $20+ or $30+ paying opportunities anymore . The guys behind PayPerPost, the IZEA network,  quickly came up with a solution inventing their “IZEA RANK” which could have been a success, but… it was not.

IZEA was worthless if you ask me, moreover buggy and advertisers, naturally, didn’t want to rely on it.  It was prestigious to be in top 10% most successful, high traffic blogs. It was suggested that advertisers should pay more for a post on a blog that is in top 10% online, since they get a review on such an ultra popular webpage. Now, that sounded tempting, didn’t it? Independent tool that measures weblog’s traffic and tells you who is worth paying for and who is not. The only problem was, this rank was only able to measure blogs within the IZEA network, only blogs who signed up for IZEA rank and installed it on their blog, regardless it reloading the page every time you click on your mouse anywhere on the page. I am assuming that all the dead blogs, however,  did sign up, because even my least popular back then – NOWG.net made it to the top 10% most visited blogs on the web, with hardly 1000 uniqes a month. SiteDevices.com, also unpromoted at the time, was and is STILL in top 10%. Perhaps I was not the only one to notice that adding all the dodgy code snippets of IZEA RealRank were a waste of time.

Bottom line is, plenty of quality bloggers lost their PR for nothing, and now PPP desperate to stay drifting on the surface during the  crisis, opened their gates to the low paying (or even ‘non-paying‘, if you ask me), spammy advertisers who want to get a backlink for $0,50 per pop.

PayPerPost’s Profit

As always, PPP themselves are not at loss. First of all, all the blogs across the globe are now complaining, whining, b*tching about the new low prices, so there we go — a whole lot of free promotion. Since their profit comes from advertisers and there is a minimum fee to create a listing in the marketplace, now they have a new wave of advertisers and even the poorest amongst us can now afford to buy reviews.

Advertiser’s Loss

As I previously mentioned, my personal experience with PPP as an advertiser failed big time. After having paid $10 per review on web design related blogs, I ended up with 5 poorly written posts on totally non related blogs who for some reason tagged themselves as web design. My reviews were squeezed between short cooking receipts, loan reviews, acne solutions and random crap. But even that didn’t last long as after 30 days the payment proceeded and all the bloggers deleted my reviews one by one. PPP, unlike other networks, does not ask the bloggers to keep the reviews permanently, so bear in mind most WILL delete it once they got paid. I doubt my sponsored posts even had the chance to get indexed, since other sponsored reviews pushed them off front page quickly and after being burried deep in the archive they simply dissolved.

So, what now?

Now, no one wants to associate with IZEA, and with Payperpost in particular. They made another desperate attempt to revive sponsored reviews by creating the “Social Spark”, but that idea unsurprisingly didn’t hit the sky.

Right now, if you are an advertiser looking to spend your hard-earnt money on promotion, better buy yourself a bubble gum with that few bucks, as a few reviews on dead blogs will not give you more promotion than that. And, if you are a blogger looking to make money online, think twice before you open your blog, staff the footer with IZEA codes, read up on advertiser’s service and spend your time writing about them, all this just to get, at best 1 dollar and no guarantee that your review will be approved…

  1. sir jorge says:

    I remember that I actually believed that I could make a living from ppp, making nearly 15k in one year…then it collapsed and now I make no money yet have page rank. I don’t know if I like it, but there’s no major options for my sites.

  2. Jose says:

    Hi Lorellie,
    I also said goodbye to PPP. Last year, there was good opportunities in ppp. I even got $38 for 50 words article also. When I started in PPP, i got $491 from just 29 posts with a PR5 in one month. Now their opportunities are totally disappointing. Above $10 are very rare!!

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