How to Choose the Right Yard Sign Size?

How to Choose the Right Yard Sign Size? -

Yard sign size standard: how big should your yard sign be? If you’re thinking of printing a yard sign, you must have asked yourself this question. Whether for a real estate listing or a political campaign, your yard sign should be big enough to catch the attention of passersby but not too big that it can overwhelm the viewer.

To get your important message seen, you need to have an eye-catching yard sign. But how big or how small should your sign be? With this quick guide, we’ll help you get your yard sign in the perfect size.

What Are Yard Signs?

First and foremost, let us define what a yard sign is. Corrugated plastic with vertical fluting is used to make many yard signs. Vertical fluting is made up of small sections in the material’s interior that runs vertically like columns.

Yard signs are outdoor signs made from corrugated plastic with vertical fluting. Vertical fluting is hollowed vertical grooves running through the sign’s interior. This material makes the sign lightweight and durable for short-term use outdoors. You can print on just the front or sides of your yard sign.

While yard signs are generally displayed on yards, you can still get creative with how and where to put them up. These signs are commonly displayed with H-stakes wireframes to place them firmly on the ground.

Typically, yard signs can be used for outdoor advertising, events, directional signs, community announcements, and real estate listings. It’s cheap, durable, and versatile, making it a popular tool for marketing and showing support for political candidates and sports teams.

Consider These When Deciding on What Size to Use

Yard signs come in many different sizes. Here are several things to consider when deciding on the size of your sign.

1. Location

Where do you plan to put your yard sign? How far away would it be from the one reading the sign? Where you plan to place your yard sign will influence the size, as well as the design, of your sign.

Make sure your sign can be easily seen and read even from afar. If you put up your sign in a high-traffic location or a busy intersection, then you probably wouldn’t need to have a sign that’s too large to grab the attention of passersby.

2. Material

Yard signs come in different forms. At, we only use corrugated plastic for our yard signs. Large signs made with corrugated plastic typically topple over when displayed under extreme weather conditions. To prevent this, use a sturdy stake to keep your sign upright. You can add an H-wire stake to your order when you print a custom yard sign with us.

3. Design

For lawn signs and political yard signs, we recommend keeping it simple. The important thing is to keep the sign free from any unimportant graphics that could detract from your primary message.

For most uses, the 18” x 24” sign is enough. A two- or three-word offer, a phone number, or a website URL can suffice when promoting a product or service. For political signs, the standard text often includes the candidate’s slogan, their name, and the election year. Your heartfelt message matters most for graduation yard signs, so you probably won’t need a ton of graphics that could clutter a smaller sign and make a large sign necessary.

4. Message

When choosing the size of your yard signs, remember to communicate your message to people quickly moving past your sign. As a rule of thumb, text that is 1” in height can be viewed up to 10 feet on average. A standard yard sign (18” x 24”) with text that is 5 inches in height can be viewed up to 50 feet away. Consider this when you decide on your yard sign’s size and layout.

Standard Yard Sign Sizes

Most printers offer yard signs in various sizes, depending on your intended use. Here at 48HourPrint, our yard signs come in five standard sizes


yard sign sizes
12” × 18”Ideal for short messages that include some contact information and a call to action.
12” × 24”They also called a rider. This size is good for smaller signs that accompany your main yard sign. Use this for contact numbers, business branding, or to share an update on the sale status of your real estate property.
18” × 24”The most popular yard sign size. This size is ideal for “For Sale” signs on large lawn areas. Messages printed on 18” × 24” signs can be seen from 70 feet away.
36” × 24”Our largest available size option. This large yard sign can be seen from 100 feet away.
6” × 24″Also called a rider. This size is good for smaller signs that accompany your main yard sign. Use this for contact numbers, business branding, or to share an update on the sale status of your real estate property.

Create Custom Yard Signs

Need custom yard signs fast? We print high-quality outdoor signs that can be ready to ship in two business days – and that’s our guarantee! We use premium materials that are durable enough for long-lasting outdoor use.

Ready to create your own yard sign design? Here’s how to use our online design tool:

Step 1. Indicate the specifications of your yard sign. Use the order calculator to input your order’s size, material, and quantity. Indicate if you want to add H-stakes to your order, or if you need to add grommets to your sign.

Step 2. Start designing with PSwish, our online designer tool! Use the toolbar to upload images, search for stock photos, add colors, shapes, and text, and more.

Step 3. Save your design and check out your order. Click the Save icon to continue editing your design, or click Proceed to Order to start the checkout process.

How big is a yard sign? Have you ever asked yourself this question while planning real estate listings, political campaigns, or any other cause you want to promote in your yard? At, we’ve seen thousands of yard signs of various sizes over the years. We wrote this blog post based on our experience to review the standard and common dimensions for yard sign sizes and help guide you to the perfect sign.

Fluting vertically on a yard sign

This vertical fluting creates small holes running throughout the sign’s interior. This allows you to place the wire stakes to display the sign inside the vertical fluting. After that, the stakes can be easily displayed in any yard or landscape. This is one of the simplest methods for displaying your yard sign. The thickness of the corrugated plastic yard signs is typically 4mm.

Other than corrugated plastic, a few other materials are available for yard signs. There are also rigid plastic signs displayed in a real estate frame or hung up with grommets on the corners. Then there’s the standard aluminum sign, usually displayed alongside real estate frames.

Yard signs are typically displayed in yards but can be displayed almost anywhere. So, get creative with how you print and display custom yard signs. Yard signs are commonly displayed using wire stakes, metal frames, real estate posts, and grommets. Yard signs are commonly used for political campaigns, political expression, real estate, business use (sales, promotions, grand openings), directional signs (parking), or events (weddings, birthday parties, graduation, etc.).

How big are yard signs?

Are there any yard sign sizes that I should stick to? Yard signs are usually 24″x18″ (2 feet wide and 12 feet tall). This size is ideal for a variety of applications and is large enough to clearly display information as people pass by. This size is also appropriate for various display methods, such as wire stakes and metal frames.

Standard 24′′x18′′ yard sign on wire stakes

Although this is the most common size for yard signs, it is not the only one. Other popular yard sign sizes are 24′′x6′′, 18′′x12′′, 36′′x18′′, 2’x2′, and 4’x4′. There are several reasons why you might choose one of the above sizes. You might want a larger sign in a difficult-to-see location. Alternatively, if you already have a certain size of real estate frames, you will need to order those sizes. Understanding which type of yard sign you intend to buy and how you intend to display it are critical factors in determining the appropriate yard sign size for you.

You might even want to order a jumbo yard sign. You might imagine a large billboard or banner for jumbo yard signs. When we talk about jumbo yard signs, we mean anything bigger than the standard size. So, while the standard size is 24″x18″, a 4’x4′ sign would be considered a jumbo yard sign. Even the 36″x18″ or 2’x2′ sizes could be considered jumbo yard signs.

Choosing a size based on your preferred method of display

Wire stakes are frequently used with corrugated plastic yard signs with vertical fluting. This means that the stakes used to display the signs should be placed inside the vertical fluting. This is one of the simplest methods for displaying your yard sign. Check that the size of your custom yard sign matches the size of the stake you buy. The standard 24″x18″ size is ideal for all wire stakes.

Yard sign stakes are available from in two styles. Our standard stakes are constructed of 9 gauge steel. Our heavy-duty stakes are made of 14 gauge steel with a welded top of 9 gauge steel. Both stakes function properly, but the heavy-duty one is slightly more stable than the standard one. Another thing to remember when using wire stakes is that if you only use one wire stake, you should keep your sign under 48″ wide. If your yard sign is wider than 48″, we recommend ordering two wire stakes per sign to provide additional support.

Metal frameworks – Double rider real estate frame

If you’re displaying your sign in a metal frame, make sure the size matches the size of the insert location on the frame. Real estate frames are typically made to fit a standard 24″x18″ real estate sign. It can accommodate a variety of yard sign materials, including corrugated plastic, rigid plastic, and aluminum. The standard height for real estate frames is 47″, with a width of 24″. The frames are constructed of a strong iron frame. has a few different real estate frame options. We have standard frames with a 24″x18″ insert location to display one sign. A metal frame with one or two additional sign rider insert sections is also available. Sign riders are frequently mounted on metal frames above or below the main sign opening. Riders are used on real estate frames to display phone numbers, names, contact information, or business branding. It is an additional tool for displaying information other than the yard sign in the yard. The insert size for sign riders on most metal frames is 24″x6.” Riders are usually sold in addition to the yard sign and metal frame.

Additional Methods of Display

A real estate post is another display option for your yard sign. Most real estate posts are designed to accommodate yard signs up to 24″ wide. Some permit signs up to 36″ wide. Grommets are another inexpensive way to display your yard sign. Grommets can be any size because they will be used to attach the sign to a fence or wall. So, if you’re looking to buy a yard sign that doesn’t have the dimensions listed above, grommets are a good bet in any size.

Choosing a size based on the application

While your intended display method will play a significant role in determining the size of your yard sign, there are a few other factors to consider before deciding on the final yard sign sizes. Political campaign yard sign sizes, for example, can vary. If you want to make a statement, use larger signs. Suppose you are running a political campaign and want to display a yard sign along the side of the road. In that case, you should order a sign that is large enough for people driving by to see and read.

A good rule of thumb is that the message on your sign will have approximately ten feet of viewing distance for every inch of letter height. For example, if your sign’s text is 3″ tall, most people can read it from up to 30 feet away.

The most important consideration for real estate yard sign sizes is that they correspond to your display methods. Many businesses use our yard signs to display inside or outside their store or office. These can be displayed in various ways depending on the use and location of the sign. If you print the sign with grommets and intend to hang it, you can make it any size you want. If you decide to buy yard signs for an event, a larger sign may be required to catch the attention of your attendees.


Choosing the right yard sign size is essential for maximizing visibility and conveying your message effectively. Here are some factors to consider when selecting the appropriate yard sign size:

  1. Purpose: Determine the primary purpose of your yard sign. Is it for a political campaign, real estate advertisement, business promotion, or event announcement? The purpose will influence the size and design of the yard sign to ensure it effectively communicates your message.
  2. Visibility: Consider the distance from which you want your yard sign to be visible. Larger signs are more noticeable from a distance and can significantly impact them, but they may also be more expensive. Common yard sign sizes include 12″x18″, 18″x24″, and 24″x36″. Choose a size that offers the best balance between visibility and cost.
  3. Local Regulations: Check your local regulations and guidelines regarding yard sign sizes and placement. Some municipalities have restrictions on sign dimensions, and you must comply with these rules to avoid fines or removal of your sign.
  4. Budget: Larger signs may be more effective but can also be more expensive. Consider your budget when deciding on the sign size. Keep in mind that ordering in bulk can sometimes lead to cost savings.
  5. Design: The design and layout of your yard sign play a crucial role in its effectiveness. Ensure your chosen size allows for a clear and readable font, high-quality images or graphics, and adequate spacing between elements. A cluttered design can detract from your message and reduce the sign’s overall impact.
  6. Installation: Consider how and where you will install your yard sign. Will it be placed in a yard with a stake, mounted on a fence or wall, or displayed in a window? Ensure your chosen size is suitable for the intended installation method and location.

In summary, consider the purpose, visibility, local regulations, budget, design, and installation method to choose the right yard sign size. It’s essential to balance these factors to create an effective and eye-catching yard sign that serves its intended purpose.