Hungry? Download Burger Bar Scene & Mock-up Generator

Hungry? Download Burger Bar Scene & Mock-up Generator - Hamburger

Burger Bar is a scene and mock-up generator that will make your web site or print graphics look awesome in just few minutes of working. You just need to drag & drop HQ original objects, rearrange them as you wish, replace the smart objects on mock-ups with your graphic. Just can’t not to love these things 🙂

Hero images scene generator, isolated objects, mock-up creator, full editing as you want

Hero images are essential in trending web design. Everybody use it as major visual impact when user visit site. You can combine the objects and backgrounds with no additional retouching on images. We made it in high resolution so you also can used them in graphic design for web or printing.

You don’t need to be expert in Photoshop to make hero images. Just drag & drop isolated objects, choose one of the backgrounds by your wish and you are done. Piece of cake 🙂 Even more a lot of objects in the generator are also editable mockups and you can add your design in branding mockups to make presentation of your own work.

Main features of Burger Bar scene and mock-up generator

Top view – all is photographed from top view. It’s best for presentation, can be used for websites like restaurants sites, food order sites, restaurant banners, ads and even presenting on social networks. When it comes to it, it contains pre-made instagram banners too. Boom, even more cool, isn’t it?

It’s also great for making printing graphics like posters, flyers, editorials and a lot more. Idea was to make scene generator that allows easy and quick making professional presentations that will make your clients wow-face. And you do it in 5 minutes 🙂

333+ isolated objects – all items were choose to help to combine any graphic in relation with burger bars and restaurants.

15 premade scenes – print ready high resolution – to make all this more easier for you. In this pre-made scenes just add your graphic, your/client logo over double-click smart object, export it for web or print and you are done.

No more than that.

10 changeable background texture – change and choose textures that fit best to your hero image or mock-up. We choose and prepared them to be in trend with new web design tendencies. Or put some of your textures as background if you want. All is possible.

Bunch of branding mockups with smart objects. If you are a designer and you want to present your work this is for you. Over double-click smart object you can put your design in few minutes. Just drag & drop your design in smart object, save it and your beautiful design will look even more beautiful in our scene generator.