Inventory Software Free – Is it Worth It? My Experience

inventory software free

Are you a small business owner seeking a low-cost way to manage inventory? Ever questioned if free inventory software is any good? I’ve got some insights to share.

Controlling your stock without burning a hole in your pocket is key. Yet, trusting free inventory software might seem risky. Can it deliver what you truly need?

Here’s a shocker: more than 60% of small businesses use free inventory management software! That’s a large chunk, showing the power of these free tools.

In this article, I share how free inventory software worked for me. We’ll look at top options. Let’s see if it’s a smart choice for your business.

Key Takeaways:

  • Free inventory software can be a great fit for small businesses, budget-wise.
  • Though not perfect, the right free option can cover your essential inventory needs.
  • More than 60% of small firms choose free software for inventory management.
  • We’ll examine the best free inventory software you can pick from.
  • Keep reading to see if free inventory software is what your business needs!

Evaluating the Best Free Inventory Software

Finding the right free inventory software involves considering several aspects. These include inventory tracking, online accessibility, and overall function. I’ll compare the best free inventory software to help you choose for your business needs.

Inventory Tracking

Good inventory tracking is crucial in free inventory software. It helps you watch stock levels, sales, and predict demand. Seek options with real-time tracking, alerts for low stock, and the ability to sync physical counts with your records.

Online Accessibility

Managing inventory online offers big benefits, like data access from anywhere. Look for tools that let you check inventory using a web browser. Also, consider if they have mobile apps for easy managing on the go.

Overall Functionality

The software’s total features greatly affect your inventory management. Search for tools with barcode scanning, custom fields, and reporting. Also, aim for ones that work with POS or e-commerce systems. This makes managing inventory and business decisions easier.

If you’re able to find free inventory software that ticks all these boxes, you can save valuable time and resources while effectively managing your inventory.

By looking closely at free inventory software’s tracking, online access, and features, you can find your best solution. Next, we’ll explore top picks and what makes them great for your business.

Best Overall Free Inventory Software

Finding the perfect inventory software for small businesses is key. After looking into many options, I’ve found that Odoo is the top free inventory software.

Odoo brings a lot to the table for managing stock well. It lets you track your inventory in real-time. So, you always know what you have on hand. This makes it easier to make smart choices. The tool also has a barcode scanner to quickly add and remove items, saving you time. You can easily sort and group your inventory too.

One great thing about Odoo is its range of features. It fits the needs of small businesses and startups perfectly. You can manage everything from raw materials to finished goods. And it doesn’t cost a fortune.

But, Odoo is not just about inventory. It connects smoothly with things like accounting and CRM. This creates a unified platform for your business. You get a full picture of how your company is doing.

Odoo is built with simplicity and powerful tools. It’s a great choice for any small business wanting to upgrade their inventory system. By using Odoo, you can spend less time on inventory and more on growing your business.

Key Features of Odoo’s Free Inventory Software:

  • Real-time tracking of inventory levels
  • Barcode scanning for quick and accurate inventory management
  • Granular inventory management for easy organization
  • Integration with other business functions

Best Free Inventory Software for Retailers and Restaurants

As a retailer or restaurant owner, finding the right inventory management software is key to success. Square offers a great tool for the needs of such businesses.

Square has an easy-to-use interface along with a built-in point-of-sale (POS) system. This setup makes managing your inventory a breeze. It lets you add, track, and update your stock easily.

One great thing about Square is its strong inventory management. Even in its free version, it offers essential inventory tools. It has barcode scanning for quick item tracking.

The free plan from Square doesn’t limit the number of items, so you can handle a big product range. It also offers low stock alerts. This feature helps you avoid running out of important items by letting you know when supplies are low.

Below is a table showing Square’s best free inventory software features for retailers and restaurants:

Features Benefits
User-friendly interface Simplifies inventory management
Built-in POS system Streamlines sales and inventory processes
Barcode scanning Efficiently add and track items
Unlimited items Manage a large product catalog
Low stock alerts Prevent inventory shortages

Using Square’s free inventory software can take your business to the next level. It offers an easy-to-use interface and plenty of features. Square is one of the top options for inventory software for businesses like yours.

free retail inventory software

Best Free Inventory Software for Large Inventories

Efficiency matters a lot while handling big inventories. This is why Zoho Inventory is perfect for firms needing extensive inventory oversight.

Zoho Inventory shines with its real-time tracking. It keeps you updated on your goods constantly. Thus, you make smart moves to prevent overstock or running out of items.

With Zoho, inventory counts are a breeze. You can audit your stock or fix mistakes easily. It helps keep track of your goods accurately.

Using barcodes with Zoho makes inventory tracking quick and precise. A simple scan updates your records instantly. This keeps your inventory data always precise.

Zoho Inventory’s free version suits big inventory needs. Whether you run a warehouse or handle many products, Zoho has you covered. It simplifies your inventory tasks.

Want to know why Zoho is the top pick for substantial inventories? Check the features comparison below to see for yourself:

Feature Zoho Inventory
Real-time tracking
Inventory counts
Barcode scanning
Integration with other Zoho apps
Order management
Customizable reports

Zoho Inventory is packed with features specifically designed for managing large inventories.

It doesn’t matter if you’re overseeing a warehouse or managing many items. Zoho Inventory has the right tools to make sure your operations run smoothly.

Best Free Inventory App with Barcoding and Scanning

Sortly is a top choice for businesses needing an on-the-go inventory app, and it’s free. It works on both iOS and Android devices, giving a simple and easy experience.

The app stands out with its barcode scanning. This means you can track and manage items just by scanning their barcodes. No more worrying about errors from manual data entry!

Sortly can also work without an internet connection, thanks to its offline mode. This feature is great for businesses in areas where internet is hard to find.

Yet another plus is that Sortly lets you set up the app to fit your business’s unique needs. You can add fields for tracking extra details about your inventory.

Key Features of Sortly:

  • Barcode scanning for easy inventory tracking
  • Offline mode for remote inventory management
  • Customizable fields to track specific inventory details

In short, Sortly is a great free app for managing inventory. With cool features like barcode scanning and the ability to work offline, it’s perfect for any business.

Best Free Inventory Software for Small International Businesses

SalesBinder is a top choice for small businesses working in multiple places. This free software helps manage inventories with its many features. It’s made to handle the unique needs of businesses that spread across different areas.

This tool makes tracking stocks easy and real-time. You’ll always know what you have in stock with just a few clicks. It also lets you create sharp invoices, which makes life easier for your business and keeps customers happy.

Barcodes are another great thing about SalesBinder. They make tracking items simpler and faster. By scanning items, you can update your inventory in no time. This speeds up how you manage your stock.

Also, SalesBinder includes tools for good customer relations. You can track details and history with each customer. This helps create a more personalized experience for your buyers.

In short, SalesBinder is perfect for international small businesses. It’s great for businesses with many locations. This software will make your inventory managing smoother and help you work more efficiently.

free inventory software for small international businesses

Key Features of SalesBinder:

  • Real-time inventory tracking
  • Barcode scanning for efficient inventory management
  • Professional invoicing capabilities
  • CRM tools for effective customer relationship management

Best Free Inventory Software for Manufacturing and Repair Shops

For manufacturing and repair shops, choosing the right inventory management software is key. ABC Inventory stands out in this regard. It’s made for the needs of these fields, even on its free version.

This software lets you track your inventory in real time. This is very important for these shops. It means you always know what you have and helps avoid customer delays.

ABC Inventory shines in keeping detailed track of every item. Whether it’s raw materials or finished products, you can monitor everything closely. This ensures you’re in full control of your inventory.

The free version also comes with basic reports. You can create custom reports to understand how your inventory is doing. This empowers you to make smart choices for your business.

In summary, ABC Inventory is a top choice for managing inventory in manufacturing and repair. It gives you real-time tracking, detailed management, and basic reporting tools. For these industries, it’s a powerful yet free solution.

Features ABC Inventory
Real-time inventory tracking
Granular inventory management
Basic reporting
Integrations Limited
User-friendly interface

Other Free Inventory Software Options

Besides the top picks mentioned before, there are more free inventory software out there. They have some limits but can meet certain business needs. Here are a couple of well-known ones:

ZapERP Inventory

ZapERP Inventory has a free option with key features like barcode scanning and stock alerts. It’s easy to use and you can access it online. This makes it a good pick for small businesses that want to save money.

InFlow Inventory

InFlow Inventory’s free version is for businesses with up to 100 items and a few users. It gives you tools to keep track of inventory, manage orders, and do basic reports. This edition helps smaller companies without the need for extra features.

AbleOwl Inventory

AbleOwl Inventory is a free Excel template for managing inventory. It lets you use Excel to keep inventory in check. Although it’s not as sophisticated as other software, it’s great if you like using Excel for business.

These tools show that there are many free options for managing inventory. You should look at their features and see which one fits your needs best. This way, you can manage stocks well without spending a lot.

Can Excel be Used for Inventory Management?

Many small businesses choose Excel for managing their inventory. It’s a popular, free tool that’s easy to use. This makes it a simple choice for those familiar with spreadsheets.

With Excel, you can customize your inventory sheets to fit your needs. You can keep track of what products you have and how many. This helps you see clearly what is in stock.

Excel is user-friendly for inputting and updating data. This keeps your stock information always accurate and current.

Yet, keep in mind that Excel has its limits. It might not provide as many features as dedicated inventory software does. For instance, it might not offer automatic updates or alerts.

If your inventory is small, Excel is a great, cost-effective choice. It helps you manage without needing extra software. But, if your business and inventory grow, you might need more advanced software.

The choice to use Excel depends on your business’s size and needs. Think about whether Excel’s simplicity is enough or if you need more from an inventory system.

Pros Cons
Free and widely available Lacks advanced features
Familiarity and ease of use Manual input required for updates and alerts
Customizable to specific business needs May become cumbersome for large inventories
Suitable for small businesses Limited integration options

Excel can work well for managing inventory, but it’s not perfect for everyone. Consider your business’s future growth and industry. For small beginnings, Excel is usually enough. Yet, for more complex inventories, you might need something more advanced.


After checking out different choices, it’s obvious that free inventory software can help small businesses a lot. They are especially useful for those with not much money to spend. Even though they have some limits, these options still offer key functions for managing stock.

You should think about what your business really needs before choosing. Whether you have a store, a restaurant, or you handle a lot of items, there are free tools that can work for you. It’s all about finding the right fit.

Choosing the right free inventory software means looking at what you need most alongside what each has to offer. Keep in mind, these free tools can cut down on costs by making your stock management more efficient. This makes them a good choice to consider.


Is free inventory software worth it?

Free inventory software is helpful for small businesses with tight budgets. But, be aware they lack some advanced features found in paid versions.

What are the key features to consider when looking for free inventory software?

When seeking free inventory software, key features include tracking, online access, and how well the software meets your business’s needs.

Which is the best overall free inventory software?

Odoo leads as the top free inventory management option. It includes features like real-time tracking and detailed inventory control.

What is the best free inventory software for retailers and restaurants?

Square stands out for retailers and restaurants. Its interface is easy to use, it has a POS system, and strong inventory management.

What is the best free inventory software for handling large inventories?

Zoho Inventory is great for big inventories. It offers real-time tracking, inventory counts, and barcode scanning, making management efficient.

What is the best free inventory app with barcoding and scanning?

Sortly provides a top inventory app for iOS and Android. It includes barcode scanning, an offline mode, and customizable fields to fit your needs.

What is the best free inventory software for small international businesses?

SalesBinder is perfect for tracking inventory in multiple locations. It helps small global businesses with complex inventory tracking.

What is the best free inventory software for manufacturing and repair shops?

For manufacturing and repair shops, ABC Inventory has you covered. It offers real-time tracking, detailed inventory management, and simple reporting.

What are some other free inventory software options?

There are several free inventory software options beyond the top picks. These options, though having limits, can still meet specific business needs.

Can Excel be used for inventory management?

Excel is a free tool to manage inventory. However, compared to specialized software, it lacks some features and automation.