Real Money Casinos in The Metaverse: Unveiling The Future of Gambling

Female player in the Metaverse

The Metaverse has intrinsically revolutionized the world of online gambling by effectively integrating it with blockchain and cryptocurrencies. With lightning-fast withdrawals and exclusive bonuses, the best real-money casinos with offers like GG Bet promo code no deposit have opened up new avenues for gamblers around Canada.

If you miss the aura of a real casino, the lively sounds can now be brought to your own living room using AR or VR-driven Metaverse technologies. iGaming did not do away with traditional casinos, but real money casinos in the Metaverse are seriously giving them a run for their money.

Female player in the Metaverse

Everything You Can Do in the Metaverse and More

With a Metaverse casino, players get to step foot into a virtual space where they create their own avatars and build interactive gameplay with fellow gamblers. Traditional online gaming only lets you do that to a certain extent, but Metaverse casinos replicate the entire brick-and-mortar experience. But that’s just the beginning of what the virtual space has brought to the arena of gambling. Players can also:

  • Receive a sense of community by engaging in voice chat and interactive gestures with other players.
  • Engage in unique gameplay environments that might not be possible in a land-based casino.
  • Attend shows and nightclubs in the virtual space.
  • Invest in virtual real estate property, including casino buildings.
  • Avoid rigging and cheating due to the transparent nature of Blockchain currencies.
  • Bet at lower prices due to the removal of the need for a middleman.
  • Get access to a higher number of games and bonuses.
  • Gamble at decentralized casinos where the players control the stakes.

Hold On – Is the Money Real?

Expert estimates suggest that the global Metaverse market is worth trillions of US dollars, with games like GTA and Counterstrike being valued at at least US$14 trillion. These estimates stand as the most prominent evidence in support of the monetary value of the Metaverse, which many people still doubt.

ICE Poker, one of the biggest VR casinos right now, reported over US$7.5 million in revenue during the first three months of 2022, surpassing several real-world casinos. As these virtual casinos keep attracting large crowds, the amounts are only expected to rise.

The Casinos Await

Before we jump to the big boys of the Metaverse, let’s quickly run through two important casinos at the precipice of the virtual space. Note that not all of these casinos have been developed to the same extent, with several being in their initial stages of virtual reality yet showing massive promise for the future. 

Mega Dice

Mega Dice is the first licensed crypto casino to integrate Telegram into its operations, allowing players to access games through the popular social platform. The availability of eSports betting is a particularly stand-out move by Mega Dice because of its lack in other virtual crypto gambling spaces. A 200% welcome bonus of up to 1 BTC and 50 free spins is an alluring offer for players.


BC.GAME started out with a traditional online gambling platform. After gaining a massive reputation for its initial venture, the casino is now dabbling into the virtual sand, quite literally, because of its land purchase with the Sandbox, an NFT project surrounding virtual land. The casino is also heavily investing in cryptocurrency, which only showcases their readiness to jump to the future.

Decentraland – Jewel in the Crown

Powered on the Ethereum blockchain, Decentraland is one of the most prominent ‘cities’ in the Metaverse. It comes with its own cryptocurrency, the MANA token, which is currently valued above US$4 billion. While it would be enlightening to delve into any of its components, Vegas City demands the utmost attention for this piece. The space hosts several virtual casinos, including:

Tominoya Casino

This Japanese-theme casino is rapidly becoming a user-favorite gambling destination because its staff consists of real people rather than computer bots. In addition to trying their hand at casino games, players can earn passive revenue by investing in real estate NFTs.

ICE Poker

This casino can almost be considered the uncrowned champion of virtual gambling. ICE Poker receives nearly 6,000 players daily, each of whom has to be adorned in a unique ICE wearable to be admitted. The catch? These wearables trade as NFT tokens that can go up to US$7,000 on the market. This exclusivity creates a sense of community that people strive to accomplish.

Serenity Island

Less of a casino and more of a beach house, Serenity Island is located in a remote location, attracting the more low-key gamblers who come for the experience rather than the money. The casino is proof that Decentraland is focused on catering to every sort of player, regardless of the gaming experience that attracts them.

Games in the Metaverse

Casino games in the Metaverse are not different from the ones you’ll find at traditional online casinos, but they have special virtual features that make them worth your time. Here are just a few examples:

GameVR Specialty
PokerStars VRAbility to handle real chips and read your opponents’ tells
Blackjack Bailey VRSound effects resembling a real Blackjack table
Lucky Night: Texas Hold’em VRInteract with other players in real-time, recreating the social element of a table game
SlotsHitting the lever like you’re in a land-based casino

Lights, Camera, Roll!

Everyone in the Metaverse is having a blast rolling their dice at these virtual casinos, but how do you enter the fun? The process is simple, and here’s all you need to do:

  1. Find your perfect casino. Decentraland is just the tip of the iceberg. The Metaverse is lining up with casinos left and right, so you need to explore to find the gambling world that fits your demands. Look for security measures, promotions, and game variety while doing so in order to ensure you land the best deal.
  2. Enter the world of crypto. Every payment at a Metaverse casino will be made through cryptocurrency and Blockchain, so you need to secure a wallet of your own.
  3. Start purchasing. Look up the currency that your chosen casino uses (most prefer ETH), and begin loading your wallet. Once you’ve settled this step, you’re all set to dive into the world everyone’s been raving about.
  4. Roll your dice and hope for the best!

But What’s the Catch?

By now, we’ve established that the Metaverse is the future of gambling, but what’s the joker in the pack? The issue with virtual casinos is that they lie in somewhat of a grey area when it comes to legal and financial regulation. Taxation hasn’t been fully discussed; licensing rules are in the process of evolving, anonymity is changing restrictions on players’ location, regulation needs to be updated, and so on.

While players enjoy a lax environment in the space right now, things could develop differently in the future. For now, our only recommendation would be to sit tight and keep reading any possible developments in the space.

Closing Thoughts

Real-money casinos in the Metaverse are nothing less than a revolution in gambling. Not only have they completely shifted the way we perceive casino games, but they have added a ton of beneficial aspects to the industry. As the boundaries between virtual and reality continue to blur, players have the choice to decide whether these casinos are a hit or miss for them. Regardless of your pick, one thing’s for sure: the idea of what we know as online gambling has been changed forever.