Tips to Improve WordPress Functionality

Tips to Improve WordPress Functionality -

There are plenty of ways your WordPress website can still be improved. Whether you’re a blogger or a business person, you’ll want to engage your visitors for at least fifteen seconds and have a fast-loading website.

Your website should create a hassle-free customer experience where visitors find what they are looking for.

Here are some tips to help you improve the functionality of your WordPress website.

Is Your Website Simple and Responsive?

Your website shouldn’t confuse visitors with too much information or distractions. It should also be responsive and suitable for the device it’s running on. Most video gaming and many other websites are responsive and built on WordPress. The page has a simple, attractive design and layout that doesn’t get skewed when the site is viewed on a mobile device. The design is clean and easy to navigate. WordPress themes are responsive by default. Look for premium or complimentary responsive themes on WordPress to make your site mobile-friendly.

Are Your Hosting Solutions Ideal?

Go back and look at your hosting solutions. There are so many hosting options out there at various prices. Do you want fast-loading? Look for a hosting service with a high page loading speed and a caching system. Your page shouldn’t take more than two seconds to load. Page security should be of priority as well. Go with a hosting service that lets you regularly backup your site. We recommend shared hosting for small businesses if you’re confused between shared and managed hosting. Shared hosting is easy to upgrade and cheaper as well.

Only Use Plugins You Need

Don’t overload your site with plugins. While plugins can enhance customer experience at your site, they can also cause security problems, crashes, and other technical issues. Go to the plugins your website uses. Deactivate any that are not essential.

Optimise Images and Widgets

Your website should load fast and shouldn’t be over 100 KB in size. Delete any videos and images you don’t need and reduce image sizes. WordPress Smush is a WordPress plugin that you can use to lower image sizes. Picking up an earlier example, mobile casino sites like Jackpot Mobile Casino that have a lot of graphics-heavy elements and embedded games could be weighed down and clunky without optimization. Slots are not fun when the site loads slowly.

Use a CDN for Speed

It is now possible to deliver CSS content and images faster through a content delivery network (CDN). Amazon S3 and Media Temple are some paid CDNs, but you can find free ones like Jetpack and CloudFlare to make sure static content is delivered faster.

Don’t forget SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is essential, and it’s not a one-time action. You need to continually be on top of SEO to make sure traffic comes to your website. Plugins like Yoast can help with SEO on WordPress sites. These tips will help you keep your website free of functionality issues. Always keep your site updated and make sure navigation is simple. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and build a website that is easy to use, adds value, and works on any device. Good luck!