Top 10 MLM Earners in India (2024 Update)

Top 10 MLM Earners in India (2024 Update) -

This piece will look at the top MLM earners in India. Many MLM distributors are curious about the highest income from network marketing in India and the top MLM earners in Asia.

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We have already released a list of the top Indian MLM leaders, so do not be surprised that many of the highest-paid networkers are from it.

As we have said, MLM isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme having only a 0.4 percent success rate. However, confident and prominent MLM leaders earn six- and seven-figure incomes from their MLM organizations.

The Direct Selling Guidelines 2021 have given hope to this industry and encouraged favorable business conditions.
Several top Indian MLM companies are increasing their growth and producing India’s and Asia’s leading network of marketing earners.

Let us now move on to the top earners in network marketing in India.

India’s Top 10 MLM Earners

Our country has multiple MLM leaders with millions of followers. However, getting accurate information about their earnings is almost impossible because most people in the mlm industry show false salary figures. There aren’t enough sources on the internet to back up their claims. We have done our best to verify this list for you.

However, what we cannot guarantee is whether these leaders are really number one or two where they claim to be.

Sonu Sharma

If you are wondering who is the highest earner in network marketing in India? Then it is Sonu Sharma.

Sonu Sharma is an Indian motivational speaker, founder of Dynamic Indian Group, and an mlm leader. He started his career way back in 2005 with Naswiz Retails where he was also its top earner for almost a decade.
His YouTube channel “Sonu Sharma” where seminars and lecture videos are uploaded, has more than 9 million subscribers.
Sonu Sharma was also the face of Naswiz Retails until he resigned in 2019 to join Vestige Business.

Vestige allegedly spent Rs 48 crores on Sonu Sharma but no explanation as why he left Naswiz Retail has been given by Sonu.

Sonu Sharma may be at the top in India’s direct selling business and not just Vestiges. Also, Sonu Sharma may be Asia’s number one earner from network marketing and not just in the Indian mlm industry.

Surekha Bhargawa, M.D

Surekha MD Arun Bhargava is the new name. After completing his M.Phil and Ph.D Surekha Bhargava married Arun Bhargava. She did nothing after working as a housewife all day.
But she had a dream of living her life the way she wants to. In 1996 Surekha Bhargava learned about MLM and joined Modicare Limited.

She had begun climbing the stairs of success by considering Network Marketing as a career.

When her spouse was paralyzed due to brain hemorrhage in 2005, passive income from downline came to her rescue.
According to a YouTube video, during a Medicare Seminar; The company gave Dr. Surekha Bhargawa an 80 lakh rupee cheque in 2017.
Surekha Bhargava is also the author of the book KALAM SIR KE SUCCESS-PATH.

Singh, Siddharth

Siddharth Singh started his network marketing career with his mother at the age of twenty-one in 1999. He owned an audio cassette business prior to joining this industry because he couldn’t find work.
And MLM was their only option given their financial situation at home.

After working hard for a year, Siddharth Singh found himself successful

Siddharth Singh and Gautam Bali know each other extremely well. So, when Vestige was starting Siddharth Singh joined the company right away and began making his own downline.

In 2017, a YouTube video was posted in which the Vestige management gave Siddharth a check for 1.68 crore rupees. Siddharth is the highest earner at Vestige and is also an Ambassador on the Vestige Board of Directors.

Because of Sonu Sharma’s immense popularity, Siddharth will be second in earnings in Vestige.

Mr Surya Sinha

Next up is Surya Sinha who happens to be India’s top earner in FLP. Surya Sinha is a human trainer, writer and network marketing leader. He has written more than 15 books with many being focused on network marketing.

Before working in network marketing Surya Sinha used to work in the Mumbai film industry but he had some financial issues because of which he had to quit his job there. He then moved to Delhi where he first got introduced to MLM.

He started his career in MLM back in 2012 and within a few years he became India’s top FLP leader leaving behind leaders who were already working on the plan for over a decade.

Surya Sinha is also involved in charity works.

SP Bharil

Another leader from Vestige SP Bharill has made it into this list who started his career with Amway India but after being dissatisfied left Amway and joined Vestige.

SP Bharill is a spiritual, motivational speaker and personality development trainer. He has also written a novel named 18 Chapters.

I have also shared one video from the seminar of vestige where SP Bharill received over 59 lakh rupees check along with his family & founders of vestige.


I hope you found this post on Top MLM Earners in India helpful and you got the name of highest earner networker you were looking for.

You can also comment down the names of your favorite MLM Leaders. Also, if you have any questions or suggestions then feel free to leave a comment below.