Top 5 MLM Earners in India (2023 Update)

Top 5 MLM Earners in India (2023 Update) -

This piece will look at the top MLM earners in India. Many MLM distributors are curious about the highest income from network marketing in India and the top MLM earners in Asia.

We have already released a list of top Indian MLM leaders. As a result, the majority of the highest-paid networkers come from that list.

We have already said that MLM is not a get-rich-quick scheme, with a success rate of only 0.4 percent. However, certain obvious MLM leaders generate six- and seven-figure incomes from their MLM organizations.

The Direct Selling Rules 2021 have given this industry a ray of hope and encouraged a positive business climate. Several top Indian MLM organizations are increasing their growth and producing not only India’s but Asia’s top network of marketing earners.

Let’s get started with the top earners in network marketing in India.

India’s Top MLM Earners

Our country has multiple MLM leaders with millions of followers. However, it is nearly impossible to obtain precise information regarding their earnings because displaying fraudulent salaries is a prevalent practice in the MLM industry.

There aren’t enough sources to back up MLM leaders’ earnings claims on the internet. We have done our utmost to ensure the accuracy of this list.

We do not want rank leaders, but those who are mentioned are the highest earners in their particular companies.

Sonu Sharma’s

If you’re wondering who the top earner in network marketing in India is, look no further. Sonu Sharma is the answer.

Sonu Sharma is the dynamic Indian group’s founder, a motivational speaker, and an MLM leader. Sonu Sharma began his network marketing career in 2005 with Naswiz Retails. He was the highest earner in Naswiz Retails for almost a decade.

Sonu Sharma’s YouTube channel, where his seminars and speech videos are posted, has over 9 million subscribers. Sonu Sharma was the face of Naswiz Retails until 2019, when he quit joining Vestige Business.

Vestige allegedly paid 48 crores for Sonu Sharma, although Sonu Sharma has not stated why he left Naswiz Retail.

Sonu Sharma is the greatest earner in India’s direct selling business, not just Vestiges. Simultaneously, Sonu Sharma may be the top earner in Asia from network marketing, not just in the Indian MLM industry.

Surekha Bhargawa, M.D.

Surekha, MD Arun Bhargava is the new name. Surekha Bhargava married Arun Bhargava after completing her M.Phil and Ph.D. Surekha became a housewife and spent her days doing housework.

But her desire to live a dream life remained alive within her. So in 1996, Surekha Bhargava learned about the MLM industry and joined Modicare Limited.

She began climbing the success ladder after pursuing network marketing as a career.

When her spouse was paralyzed due to a brain hemorrhage in 2005, her passive income from the downline came in handy.

According to a YouTube video, the firm gave Dr. Surekha Bhargawa an 80 lakh rupee cheque in 2017 during a Modicare Seminar. Surekha Bhargava also wrote the book KALAM SIR KE SUCCESS-PATH.

She is the highest earner at Modicare Limited and is also known as MLM Guru Maa.

Singh, Siddharth

Siddharth Singh, at 21, began his network marketing career with his mother in 1999. He failed to find work and owned an audio cassette business before joining the MLM industry. As a result of the family’s financial difficulties, MLM was the only alternative left to deal with the situation.

Siddharth Singh worked hard for a year and saw the fruits of his labor.

Siddharth Singh and Gautam Bali (creator of vestige) have known each other since the beginning. So, in the early days of Vestige, Siddharth Singh joined and began actively expanding his downline network.

In 2017, a video was published on YouTube in which Siddharth Singh was presented with a cheque for 1.68 crores by Vestige management. Siddharth Singh is the highest-paid employee at Vestige and an Ambassador on the Vestige Board of Directors.

Siddharth Singh will come in second in Vestige earnings because of Sonu Sharma’s massive popularity.

Mr. Surya Sinha

Surya Sinha is the next name on the list. He is the highest-paid FLP India employee. Surya Sinha is a human trainer, writer, and multi-level marketing leader. Surya Sinha has written over 15 books, several of which are on network marketing.

At the beginning of his career, he worked in the Mumbai film industry. He was forced to abandon his job due to a financial issue. Surya Sinha, thereafter, moved to Delhi and became acquainted with MLM.

He began his MLM career in 2012, and within a few years, he had risen to the position of top FLP leader, surpassing leaders who had been working on the same plan for more than a decade.

Surya Sinha is also involved in charitable work.

SP Bharil

Another Vestige top leader on the list is SP Bharill. He began his network marketing career with Amway India, but after becoming dissatisfied, he left Amway and joined Vestige.

SP Bharill is a spiritual, motivational speaker and personality development trainer. He has also published a novel titled 18 Chapters.

A video of the vestige seminar is available here. SP Bharill received a cheque for more than 59 lakh rupees. SP Bharill is in the company of his family and Vestige’s founders.


I hope you found this post on Top MLM Earners in India useful and that your search for the highest earning networker has come to an end.

You can also leave a comment with the names of your favorite MLM leaders. You can also leave a comment if you have any questions or recommendations.

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