Use Facebook to Promote your New Website

The current demand for social network services has opened new doors for marketing opportunities. A good number of Facebook users have turned to it for their promotion needs. The results they have gained can only be summarized in one word, ‘amazing’. However, did you also know that you can promote your new website through Facebook? Well, this is actually possible. Facebook is the best tool when it comes to this. It is attributed to the fact that, the site is home to many users across the globe. Chances of getting new users or customers for your website is therefore, magnified. Many web designers London and in other big cities are now offering Facebook page design services as part of their website design service, so if you can afford the extra cost then it’s definitely worth getting as it will bring you more profits in the run long.

However, you need to first, create an account with Facebook. This is the only ways to get this social site services. It is considered as the first step towards getting the most of Facebook services. The fact that you can do within a shorter period, is an added advantage. After creating an account, invite as much friends as possible. These friends could be your former classmates, your current neighbors, office colleagues and those whom you met through friends. One thing about Facebook is that, it gives you the chance of inviting friends whom you have never met, or know much about them. They all become your friends no matter the gender or the age.

After getting as much friends as possible, introduce your website. Let your friends know much about your websites based on the following:

  • Its type
  • How to access it
  • The kind of services available
  • Cost per services available
  • Any kind or promotions and freebies within it

Always, ensure that you give as much knowledge as possible to your friends. It is a sure way of improving your website visibility. As we have mentioned above, start by stating the type of website you are operating. From the type, state categorically, the kinds of services your website is offering. Start by letting your friends identify themselves with these services. Then, let them know how they can access it. There is nothing as wanting as introducing a website to clients, and then you fail to provide them with the knowledge and manner of accessing it. As always, give them detailed steps on how to go about it.

Facebook is home to millions of users across the globe. The site is registering an increasing number of new users, everyday. This means that, you are sure of getting at least ten people viewing your site per day. However, of course, this will depend on how many friends you have and how much effort you have put in place, towards promoting your website.

At Facebook page, you are provided with an option about advertising or promoting a product. This is where you need to introduce your website. Take advantage of such pages and you will be smiling all the way to the bank, with such offers. Depending on your security settings, your friends, and even friends of friends will view your website promo in your page. You can also introduce to your friends pages, as along as they have permitted you to do so.

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    Yes, you’re right. Facebook is home to millions of users across the globe and thus this figure is a great opportunity to reach millions and do business. I’ve started a Facebook fan page for my business but I’m still working on it on how to gain fans and somehow gain ideas to make it work for me.

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