Using Blogs To Improve Social Media Marketing For Small Businesses

Using Blogs To Improve Social Media Marketing For Small Businesses -

Most small business owners do not understand how important it is to have a blog. The blog can do wonders for the entire business because of so many reasons. One of them is that the blog helps to make social media marketing campaigns more effective. This is what we will talk about more in the following paragraph since knowledge is low.

Using Blogs For Long Texts You Need In Social Media Marketing

Let’s say that you want to organize a social media contest in order to get more likes and gain access to a wider audience. In this case, you need to create a post that would announce all the things of importance about the contest like rules, how to participate, how to win and what conditions apply. Obviously, this would take a lot of text. On social media you do not want to use too much text since people do not like that. A great solution would be to create a new blog that offers information about the things you are interested in while also being used to write official posts about the contest.

The Center Of The Marketing Campaign

When you have a blog you can use it as the main focus of the social media marketing campaign. The idea is really simple in this case. Just build posts on the blog that talk about the campaign and promote it. Then, the posts will be shared on social media channels, together with the appropriate media. Instead of using the social media pages as the center of your marketing campaign, using the blog is a much better idea. People end up on the site of your business so there is a big possibility you will be able to get extra views to other pages. This means the visitor learns more about the company and the business. He/she does not just focus on the actual campaign.

Backlinks To Social Media Channels

Most people do not understand this but when you add backlinks to your social media pages you actually increase the possibility they are going to end up higher in search engines. Google and the other major search engines are now presenting social media posts and pages in results. This is one thing you are going to want to take advantage of. There is even some evidence that links on the social media pages have some weight in ranking the blogs.


Modern social media marketing always includes a site or a blog. The reason why you want to consider blogs is that they are going to be preferred by the search engines. However, this does not mean that you want to launch just any blog. You want to be sure the quality of everything you do will be high. In the event you cannot actually build and maintain a quality blog for your business, it is better to just use social media. The quality of all that you do on the internet should be as high as possible.

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  1. Nick Colakovic says:

    Using a blog as a center of a content marketing strategy is a great way of showing the level of expertise of your business as well as spreading your brand awareness throughout social media channels.

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