What Are The Core Elements of Mobile Marketing?

What Are The Core Elements of Mobile Marketing? -

What Are The Core Elements of Mobile Marketing? -


Businesses, and in particular small organizations, tend to struggle when it comes to mobile marketing . A lot of small businesses have the understanding that mobile is essential, but they don’t know where to start. Then, there are limitations because of budget and required skills and talent.

If a small business can start with an understanding of the essential elements of successful mobile marketing, they’re then better equipped to work on a specific strategy.

The following are some of the vital things to grasp before building a more specific mobile strategy.

Mobile Apps

A few years ago the idea of small businesses having an app wasn’t a common one.

There was the sense that building an app if you were a small business just wasn’t feasible, and that wasn’t entirely wrong. Now, however, there are tools and development firms who with small businesses all the time.

Having an app is important, even if its functionality is relatively simple.

Having an app allows small businesses to connect directly with their customers, gather important information and keep their brand front and center to their audience.

Apps actually work well for small businesses, particularly when they have a brick-and-mortar location. They allow businesses to send out specific push notifications and messages that will bring customers into the store. They’re an ideal tool for bridging traditional businesses with modern audiences.

Mobile-Friendly Emails

What Are The Core Elements of Mobile Marketing? -

Businesses think that when they send out an email if it works well on a desktop, it’s going to translate to a mobile device well. Not always the case. Emails are one of the prime parts of a strong mobile marketing strategy, but they need to be tailored to the needs of mobile users.

You want a responsive design template that’s going to load correctly across devices, and whatever is within that email needs to be optimized for mobile devices.

If you’re included buttons, as an example, make sure they’re easy to click in an email. Always test emails before sending them out, even if you’re using a responsive template.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising can be done in a number of ways including through platforms like Facebook and Instagram, or PPC advertising through Google. Regardless of the options a small business goes with, mobile advertising is important and necessary.

Location-Based Mobile Marketing

The idea of location-based mobile marketing was touched on above, but for small businesses, it’s important enough to talk about on its own as well. Small businesses with brick and mortar locations should focus some of their mobile marketing efforts on location-specific advertising.

You should also work on encouraging your customers to share information about your business when they’re there. For example, promote the idea of Facebook check-ins when people are visiting you in person.

Finally, much like emails, it’s not enough to just hope that your website works well on mobile devices. It needs to have responsive design principles that ensure not only the overall aesthetics of the site but also the navigation features are optimized for mobile.


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