266 Instagram Hashtags That Will Increase Your Reach – Infographic

266 Instagram Hashtags That Will Increase Your Reach - Infographic -

With the arrival of Twitter, hashtags (#) were introduced. Users use the sign to assign topics to messages. This makes it easier for users to find messages. Besides Twitter, other social media platforms also use hashtags, such as Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. In particular on the latter platform, hashtags are popular.

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Instagram users frequently use hashtags. One user tells a complete story with ‘trellises’, the other uses only a few hashtags. You can also use hashtags as an entrepreneur to increase your reach. You increase your “findability”, which is also good in search engines. The success of your brand or company depends on whether you use the right hashtags with which your target group knows how to find you.

To help you on your way, we decided to post the following infographic with no less than 266 hashtags that you could use on Instagram. The hashtags are divided into 38 categories, such as productivity, graphic design, blogging, fashion, cooking, travel, branding and quotes.

I wonder what successes (or lack thereof) TopTut.com’s readers have achieved by using (all or any?) hashtags on Instagram. Share your experiences in a comment! Do you want to view or print the infographic as a larger copy? Click on the image for a larger copy.