5 Social Media Marketing Trends You Will Be Using in 2017

5 Social Media Marketing Trends You Will Be Using in 2017 -

5 Social Media Marketing Trends You Will Be Using in 2017 -

In this article, we will discuss the most important social media marketing trends for 2017. These will help you stay ahead of the competition this coming year!

 1. Live videos

Live videos have become very popular in a short while, thanks to platforms like Facebook Live and Twitter Periscope. They allow companies to better reach their followers and make personal connections with them. To give an example: If a brand wants to organize a live Q & A session with fans, anyone who follows the page will receive a notification. Although live videos can be watched at a later time, the ability to watch live has a huge appeal for followers. Facebook has announced that over 8 billion videos were viewed in 2016; That’s twice as much as in 2015! It is therefore advisable to do something with live videos in 2017.

 2. Emoji

Emoji are the contemporary hieroglyphics; They depict a feeling or emotion, in a picture that takes up only one sign. Emoji has become increasingly important in all platforms in recent years. At the end of 2010, Apple introduced a standard emoji keyboard on every iPhone. And earlier this year, Facebook emoji added “comments” to messages. For your emoji to integrate ads or messages into your social media, think about the context of the content and your audience. Emoji can work very well with funny videos that appeal to a younger crowd. But if you post a message about an accountancy software, then they are less appropriate.

 3. Dynamic content

Dynamic content is content that changes based on the visitor. And it seems to be one of the most important social media marketing trends of 2017. A good example of dynamic content is re-marketing or the principle of re-targeted ads; You focus on the audience that has already shown interest in your product. Amazon does this a lot. If you searched Amazon for a product but did not purchase anything, and then you visit a website that allows ads, then you’re likely to see the same products you’ve searched for on Amazon. Those are re-targeted ads. If you would like to integrate dynamic content into your WordPress site, check out the Pardot plugin; This allows you to easily place your visitors tracks and dynamic content into pages and messages.

5 Social Media Marketing Trends You Will Be Using in 2017 -

 4. Slideshow ads on Facebook

Slideshow ads on Facebook consist of a selection of images in one ad. By using multiple images, the appeal can be increased and a larger audience can be addressed. You can also add more products to one ad. However, you do not have to restrict static images; Slide show ads can also contain videos and music.

 5. Descending content

Snapchat is a popular app used to send photos and videos to individuals and groups; Photos and videos that “destroy” themselves and automatically be deleted after the recipient has viewed them. Other social media websites, such as Instagram, have also inspired Snapchat Stories and released their own variant. Snapchat and Instagram emphasize the importance of declining content. Such features are not only suitable for interacting with friends, but also for marketing. Among other things, Pixar and Netflix use declining content to give fans a look behind the scenes.