29+Best Lease Accounting Software in 2024

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Did you know that the new lease accounting standards, ASC 842 and IFRS 16, affect companies with lease obligations totaling a staggering $3.3 trillion worldwide?

With such large sums at stake, it’s crucial for businesses to have the right lease accounting software in place to ensure compliance and accurate financial reporting. But with so many options available in the market, how do you choose the best one for your organization?

That’s where I come in. In this article, I will delve into the top lease accounting software solutions for 2024, comparing their features, reviews, and benefits. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, I will help you find the perfect lease accounting software that meets your needs.


PayProp is a leading lease accounting software provider that offers a powerful property management platform. With PayProp, landlords and property managers can easily streamline their lease accounting processes and optimize the management of their rental portfolios.

One of the key features of PayProp is its efficient rent collection and matching capabilities. The software automates the process of collecting rent from tenants and ensures that payments are accurately matched to the correct rental agreements. This eliminates manual errors and reduces the risk of discrepancies in financial reporting.

Additionally, PayProp provides streamlined financial reporting tools that generate comprehensive reports on rental income, expenses, and overall portfolio performance. These reports help landlords and property managers gain valuable insights into their financials and make informed decisions regarding their rental properties.

Improved tenant communication is another benefit of using PayProp. The software offers a user-friendly tenant portal where tenants can easily view their payment history, access important documents, and communicate with landlords or property managers. This enhances transparency and fosters better tenant relationships.

PayProp also helps users stay compliant with lease accounting standards and regulations. By automating crucial property management tasks and providing accurate financial reporting, the software ensures that landlords and property managers adhere to relevant accounting guidelines.

Table: PayProp Features and Benefits

Automated rent collection and matching– Minimizes manual errors
– Ensures accurate financial reporting
Streamlined financial reporting– Provides comprehensive insights into rental income and expenses
– Facilitates informed decision-making
User-friendly tenant portal– Improves transparency and tenant relationships
– Enhances communication and accessibility
Compliance management– Helps meet lease accounting standards and regulations
– Reduces the risk of non-compliance


Re-Leased is a cloud-based lease accounting software solution that specializes in commercial property management. With Re-Leased, businesses can efficiently manage all lease-related activities in one centralized platform. The software offers a range of features to streamline lease accounting processes, enhance portfolio management, improve tenant communication, and simplify compliance management.

Key Features of Re-Leased:

  • Accounting: Re-Leased provides comprehensive lease accounting capabilities, ensuring accurate financial reporting and compliance with accounting standards.
  • Portfolio Management: The software enables businesses to effectively manage their lease portfolio, track lease expirations and renewals, and optimize occupancy rates.
  • Tenant Communication: Re-Leased facilitates seamless communication with tenants, allowing businesses to send automated notifications, collect rent payments, and address any lease-related inquiries.
  • Inspections: The software enables businesses to schedule and conduct property inspections, maintain maintenance records, and ensure compliance with property regulations.
  • Document Storage: Re-Leased offers a secure document management system, allowing businesses to store and access lease agreements, insurance documents, and other essential lease-related files.
  • Compliance Management: The software helps businesses stay compliant with lease accounting standards, such as ASC 842 and IFRS 16, by automating lease accounting processes and generating accurate reports.

By utilizing Re-Leased, businesses can streamline their lease accounting processes, gain better control over their lease portfolio, and improve communication with tenants. The software’s comprehensive features and user-friendly interface make it an ideal choice for commercial property management.

Streamlined lease accounting processesMay be more suitable for commercial property management
Improved portfolio managementDoes not offer specific industry-focused features
Enhanced tenant communicationMay require additional training for new users
Simplified compliance management


Innago is a free and easy-to-use property management software solution that includes lease accounting capabilities. With Innago, landlords of any size can simplify the rental process and make it accessible and affordable. The software offers a range of features to effectively manage leases and ensure accurate financial reporting.

Some of the key features of Innago include:

  • Lease tracking: Innago provides tools to easily track and manage lease agreements, allowing landlords to stay organized and up-to-date.
  • Rent payment management: The software streamlines the rent collection process, making it simple for landlords to receive and track payments.
  • Lease-related transaction accounting: Innago automates lease accounting tasks, ensuring that all financial transactions are accurately recorded.
  • Document management: Landlords can store important lease documents securely in the software, eliminating the need for physical file storage.

Using Innago as a lease accounting software offers several benefits:

  • Cost savings: Innago is a free software solution, providing landlords with lease accounting capabilities without the need for expensive subscriptions.
  • User-friendly interface: The software is designed with ease of use in mind, making it accessible even for landlords with limited technical knowledge.
  • Comprehensive lease management features: Innago offers a comprehensive set of tools to help landlords efficiently manage their leases, from tracking agreements to managing payments and accounting tasks.


Entrata is an enterprise-level cloud-based property management solution that provides a comprehensive suite of features, including lease accounting capabilities. With Entrata, businesses can efficiently manage various aspects of property accounting, facilities management, and resident management.

One of the key benefits of Entrata is its ability to automate lease accounting tasks, ensuring accuracy and compliance with accounting standards. With the software’s robust functionality, businesses can easily create invoices, manage vendors, reconcile bank statements, and handle lease-related financial processes.

The features offered by Entrata cater to the specific needs of property management, allowing businesses to streamline operations and enhance financial management. By leveraging Entrata’s property accounting features, businesses can effectively track and manage income and expenses related to leases.

Additionally, Entrata offers facilities management capabilities, enabling businesses to efficiently manage maintenance tasks, track work orders, and optimize property operations. The software also provides resident management features that enhance tenant communication, streamline lease renewal processes, and provide a seamless resident experience.

By utilizing Entrata as their lease accounting software provider, businesses can leverage the benefits of a comprehensive property management solution while ensuring accuracy and compliance in lease accounting.

Benefits of Entrata:

  • Enhanced financial management: Entrata’s lease accounting features help businesses effectively handle lease-related financial processes and ensure accurate financial reporting.
  • Streamlined operations: With Entrata, businesses can automate various property management tasks, including lease accounting, to streamline operations and improve efficiency.
  • Improved resident satisfaction: Through features like resident management and communication, Entrata enables businesses to enhance the resident experience and build stronger tenant relationships.
Property AccountingManage income and expenses related to leases, track financial data, and generate accurate financial reports.
Facilities ManagementEfficiently manage maintenance tasks, track work orders, and optimize property operations.
Resident ManagementEnhance tenant communication, streamline lease renewal processes, and provide a seamless resident experience.
Lease Accounting AutomationAutomate lease accounting tasks, ensuring accuracy and compliance with accounting standards.


Xero is an accounting system designed for small and growing businesses. While not specifically a lease accounting software, Xero can be utilized for lease accounting purposes. It connects small businesses with their trusted advisors and provides instant visibility of their financial position.

With Xero, businesses can:

  • Track lease payments
  • Calculate lease assets and liabilities
  • Generate accurate financial reports

Though Xero offers comprehensive accounting functionality, it may require additional customization to fully meet the needs of lease accounting.

Xero – Key Features:

  • Connection with trusted advisors
  • Instant financial visibility
  • Lease payment tracking
  • Lease asset and liability calculation
  • Accurate financial reporting

Xero – Benefits:

  • Facilitates lease accounting processes
  • Improves financial visibility
  • Streamlines lease payment tracking
  • Ensures accurate financial reporting

Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct is a cloud-based financial management and accounting software that provides comprehensive lease accounting functionality. It is an ideal solution for small to midsize accounting firms seeking to automate lease accounting processes and ensure compliance with accounting standards, including ASC 842 and IFRS 16. With Sage Intacct, businesses can streamline their lease accounting workflows while improving overall financial management.

Some of the key features offered by Sage Intacct include:

  • Financial reporting: Sage Intacct enables businesses to generate accurate and detailed financial reports, allowing for better decision-making and analysis.
  • Operational insights: The software provides valuable insights into various aspects of a company’s operations, helping identify areas for improvement and efficiency.
  • Lease accounting functionality: Sage Intacct automates lease accounting processes, making it easier to track, manage, and report on leases in accordance with accounting standards.

By leveraging Sage Intacct’s lease accounting capabilities, businesses can enjoy several benefits, including:

  • Improved financial management: Sage Intacct’s powerful features empower businesses to accurately manage their financials, ensuring compliance, and facilitating strategic decision-making.
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities: The software provides robust reporting options, enabling businesses to generate comprehensive lease accounting reports easily.
  • Efficient lease accounting: Sage Intacct automates lease accounting tasks, saving valuable time and reducing the risk of errors.

Example Table

Financial reportingAccurate and detailed financial reports for better analysis and decision-making
Operational insightsGain valuable insights into business operations for improved efficiency
Lease accounting functionalityAutomate lease accounting processes and ensure compliance with accounting standards
Improved financial managementEfficiently manage financials and drive strategic decision-making
Enhanced reporting capabilitiesGenerate comprehensive lease accounting reports with ease
Efficient lease accountingAutomate lease accounting tasks to save time and reduce errors

CCH Tagetik

CCH Tagetik is a leading provider of lease accounting software, offering a unified business intelligence and accounting solution. With CCH Tagetik, businesses can optimize their financial and operational planning processes while ensuring compliance with lease accounting standards.

One of the key features of CCH Tagetik is its ability to streamline lease accounting processes. The software simplifies the consolidation and closing process, allowing businesses to efficiently manage lease-related results and ensure accuracy in financial reporting.

CCH Tagetik also provides advanced modeling capabilities, enabling businesses to model different leasing scenarios and analyze the impact on their financial performance. This allows for better decision-making and strategic planning when it comes to lease-related activities.

In addition to its powerful features, CCH Tagetik offers several benefits for businesses. By utilizing CCH Tagetik, companies can streamline lease accounting processes, reducing manual work and improving efficiency. The software also enhances financial planning capabilities, providing businesses with better insights into their lease obligations and financial performance. Lastly, CCH Tagetik ensures compliance with lease accounting standards such as ASC 842 and IFRS 16, minimizing the risk of non-compliance and associated penalties.

Overall, CCH Tagetik is a comprehensive lease accounting software that combines business intelligence and accounting functionalities. It helps businesses optimize their lease accounting processes, improve financial planning, and ensure compliance with lease accounting standards.

Key Features of CCH Tagetik:

  • Streamlined lease accounting processes
  • Advanced modeling capabilities
  • Accurate financial reporting
  • Enhanced financial planning
  • Compliance with lease accounting standards

Visual Lease

Visual Lease is a leading provider of lease optimization software that helps businesses comply with lease accounting standards and optimize their lease portfolio. The software ensures compliance with lease accounting standards, such as ASC 842, IFRS 16, and GASB 87, by tracking and reporting lease data. Visual Lease enables businesses to turn their lease portfolio into a strategic asset, with features such as lease accounting, ESG reporting, and lease portfolio management. Some of the benefits of Visual Lease include streamlined lease accounting processes, improved visibility into lease data, and enhanced compliance.

Implementing Visual Lease allows businesses to:

  • Track and report lease data in accordance with accounting standards
  • Optimize lease portfolio management
  • Streamline lease accounting processes
  • Enhance compliance with lease accounting regulations
  • Improve visibility into lease data for strategic decision-making

Visual Lease offers a comprehensive set of features to simplify lease management and ensure accurate financial reporting. Here are some key features:

  • Lease accounting: Automate lease accounting calculations, including lease assets and liabilities, lease payments, and lease-related expenses.
  • ESG reporting: Generate reports and track environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors related to lease agreements, enabling businesses to measure their sustainability efforts.
  • Lease portfolio management: Centralize lease data, monitor critical dates, and manage lease documents, simplifying overall lease portfolio management.

Visual Lease’s lease optimization software not only simplifies lease accounting processes but also provides a holistic approach to managing leases as strategic assets. By leveraging Visual Lease, businesses can unlock the full potential of their lease portfolio and ensure compliance with evolving lease accounting standards.


LeaseQuery is a top-rated lease accounting software provider that caters to lessees reporting under FASB, IFRS, and GASB. This cloud-based software offers a comprehensive suite of features and benefits to streamline lease accounting processes and ensure compliance with lease accounting standards. With LeaseQuery, businesses can automate lease accounting calculations, generate accurate amortization schedules, and maintain a centralized lease database for easy access to lease information.

The key features of LeaseQuery include:

  1. Lease Tracking: Easily track and manage lease agreements, critical dates, and key lease terms.
  2. Lease Asset and Liability Calculation: Automatically calculate lease assets and liabilities using the appropriate accounting methods.
  3. Financial Reporting: Generate comprehensive lease accounting reports, including balance sheets and income statements.
  4. Amortization Schedule Generation: Create accurate amortization schedules to ensure proper lease accounting.
  5. Compliance Management: Stay compliant with lease accounting standards, such as ASC 842, IFRS 16, and GASB.

By leveraging LeaseQuery, businesses can benefit from simplified lease accounting processes, reduced compliance risks, and improved financial reporting accuracy. The software provides a user-friendly interface and offers robust functionality to meet the unique needs of lessees across industries.

Lease TrackingEfficiently manage lease agreements, dates, and termsImproved lease management and organization
Lease Asset and Liability CalculationAutomate lease accounting calculationsAccurate lease asset and liability calculations
Financial ReportingGenerate comprehensive lease accounting reportsEnhanced financial reporting accuracy
Amortization Schedule GenerationCreate accurate amortization schedulesProper lease accounting and reporting
Compliance ManagementEnsure compliance with lease accounting standardsReduced compliance risks

CoStar Real Estate Manager

CoStar Real Estate Manager is one of the leading lease accounting software providers in the industry. With its advanced features and capabilities, CoStar Real Estate Manager helps enterprises effectively manage and optimize their lease accounting processes.

One of the key features of CoStar Real Estate Manager is its ability to analyze and categorize leases, allowing businesses to gain a comprehensive understanding of their lease portfolio. By automating lease classification and data analysis, CoStar Real Estate Manager streamlines the process of complying with lease accounting standards.

The software also simplifies rent obligations by providing automated rent calculations, adjustment tracking, and tax calculations. This enables businesses to accurately determine and manage their financial obligations related to leases.

CoStar Real Estate Manager offers a range of features that facilitate efficient lease management. The software allows businesses to track percentage rents, enabling them to monitor and reconcile these payments more effectively. Additionally, CoStar Real Estate Manager provides lease payment adjustment capabilities, ensuring accurate and up-to-date financial reporting.

Some of the benefits of using CoStar Real Estate Manager include:

  • Efficient lease accounting processes
  • Improved rent tracking and management
  • Streamlined lease management

By leveraging CoStar Real Estate Manager, enterprises can enhance their lease accounting procedures, ensure compliance with accounting standards, and optimize their lease management practices.

Automated lease classificationEfficient compliance with lease accounting standards
Rent calculationsAccurate determination and management of financial obligations
Percentage rent trackingEffective monitoring and reconciliation of percentage rent payments
Lease payment adjustmentsAccurate and up-to-date financial reporting


In conclusion, when it comes to selecting the best lease accounting software for your business, it’s essential to consider your specific needs and requirements. This article has presented a comprehensive overview of the top lease accounting software solutions available in 2024, including PayProp, Re-Leased, Innago, Entrata, Xero, Sage Intacct, CCH Tagetik, Visual Lease, LeaseQuery, and CoStar Real Estate Manager.

Each of these software options offers a wide range of features and benefits to streamline lease accounting processes effectively. However, to make an informed decision, it is crucial to factor in considerations such as pricing, scalability, integration capabilities, and customer reviews.

By investing in the right lease accounting software, businesses can significantly improve efficiency in lease accounting, ensure regulatory compliance with standards like ASC 842, IFRS 16, and GASB 87, and optimize their lease portfolio management. So take the time to evaluate the different options and choose the lease accounting software solution that best suits your business needs.


What is lease accounting software?

Lease accounting software automates the process of tracking and reporting leases, making it easier for companies to comply with accounting standards and provide accurate financial statements.

Why do companies need lease accounting software?

Companies need lease accounting software to identify and manage lease obligations, reduce the risk of non-compliance penalties, and ensure accurate lease accounting and financial reporting.

What are the key features of lease accounting software?

Key features of lease accounting software include rent collection and matching, financial reporting, tenant communication, compliance management, lease tracking, and document management.

What are the benefits of using lease accounting software?

The benefits of using lease accounting software include improved accuracy and efficiency in lease accounting, streamlined lease management processes, enhanced financial management, and simplified compliance with accounting standards.

How do I choose the best lease accounting software for my business?

To choose the best lease accounting software, consider factors such as pricing, scalability, integration capabilities, and customer reviews. Assess how well the software meets your specific needs and requirements.