cPanel Web Host Control Panel

From first impression CPanel control panel can be stated as basic as the impression one gets is a simple, nothing flashy, and numerous decorative or icons that means the control panel functions. The simplicity of cPanel has made a general control panel and commonly used by web hosts. The cPanel is no deceit, in fact, what you see from outside is what you’ll find inside and that’s going to be exactly what a web host for server storage needs, statistics, email, ftp files files and domain management. Its functions include service scripts, counters, clocks and FormMail etc out of which the best is the service and scripts that allow users to set up blogs, CMS and more easily.
Video tutorials and wizards

the control panel preferences and knowledge are available to users to ensure that all the treasure and are completely satisfied with the cPanel interface. The video tutorials and wizards are there to help users get started and lets you edit the language, style and profile settings accordingly.
Managing email accounts

Users can create and manage email accounts and also prevent SPAM with the help of Spam Assassin. Users can access email through the web mail feature and can also carry out various tasks related to e-mail with the help of many other functions.
File Access with Web-based FTP

To meet the security and the importance of web page files, CPanel provides a backup function with a wizard that helps you copy the files and materials safely to avoid any problems in case of loss or destruction. Apart from that the user can also manage, download and upload files from web browser via FTP function.
Limitation of Statistics

CPanel control panel has over eight statistical applications including monitoring of bandwidth, error, Webalizer and Analog Stats Latest Visitors and allowing users to observe all aspects of the web. The graphics of the statistics say a simple way basic values as regular access, and access files to help meet the needs of the common user. However, the records of the cPanel section is somewhat limited in providing information on the website.
Having your website on our terms

CPanel offers its users a range of protection settings to choose from. Offers protection and file transfer remote connections with the help of password protection, SSH, IP block encryption and decryption keys with remote keys with GnuPG.
Add, Control domains and redirect

Users can add, create, control, direct or park subdomains with the help of the steps, taking into account the video tutorials. The video tutorials allow users to understand the process that follows any chosen function.
MySQL database and PHP MyAdmin

With the help of MySQL, users can easily add, access, obtain or eradicate databases through cPanel or the Remote MySQL. PHP function MyAdmin database is also present.
Easy installation and CMS Blog

The most valuable features are present in Software / Services and CGI scripts pre-installed accessories that allow users to view anything such as a clock, timer, countdown timer, FormMail, banners or search engine. With the help of Fantastico, a popular service, users can easily install blogs like WordPress, and Drupal content management, access forums, galleries to reach the image etc alongwith the availability of PHP settings.

Not only that, but cPanel also allows users to customize your control panel or web page and creating personal pages error, set and change an image as a screen, while also setting scripts and commands to activate and deactivate in exact times.