Download The Best Photoshop Actions I Have Seen So Far!

Today, especially in a world of web 2.0,  where online presentation of your product is essential,  it is extremely useful to be able to place your logo, product name or a photo on a highly memorable shape, such as… A carton of milk, dvd case, book, or even a front of usb stick. Can you imagine it being easy and possible with just one click in Photoshop? Yes, imagine you need zero skills with Photoshop to be able to create gift boxes, credit card designs, software boxes, CD’s and everything else, including of course —  e-book covers. All this in 3D highest quality, 300 DPI, design? Yep, it’s possible, and just yesterday when I searched for yet another semi decent plug in to make my life easier when presenting screenshots of wordpress themes to clients, I came across

I must admit, that with all my comprehensive knowledge in PS, and after seeing almost all the actions available today on the market, I was truly impressed. I stayed all night playing with them and dozens of creative ideas passed through my thoughts when I browsed their blog. Anyone who is making money off their ebooks, is going to love this set. Not only, upon your purchase, you get plenty of bonus graphics and 40 pre-designed ebook covers, but also it’s a proven fact that high quality graphics sell better, means when you present your product in such a unique and high quality way, you have a good chance of increasing your sales. Isn’t it worth it? Just look at the top selling ebooks, they all have a very clean 3D visualization design to help the sales going.


The example above is just one of the 50 Photoshop actions available in the set. The quality and size of graphics is superb beyond imagination, weather you are looking to have fun, searching Google for ebook software or looking for a way to present your product in the best possible way, in 3D — this set of actions is an absolute must have.


As you can expect, such an incredible set of actions will not come for free but it’s definitely worth every penny, not to mention the valuable bonuses you get with your download absolutely free. There is a 60 days money back guaranteed policy, so you have nothing to lose and there is no risk. Bear in mind that the download link you are redirected to, will only be valid for 72 hours, so download and make a backup right away. Creating product bundles has never been easier, and like I said already, these actions will be perfect for people with no Photoshop skills, as you can avail of their pre-designed graphics and just run the action with your own text in the cover, but it will also be a perfect addition for an advanced graphical designer. Stop paying others to do this kind of work for you when you can earn money making quality graphics and presentation for others. Another way to make money off these actions is to join their affiliate program, which seems to me must be very profitable considering the volume of sales they harvest.  Check them out, you won’t be able to resist them!


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  2. Joe Rutney says:

    These actions are great, I’ve used them for the graphics on my site and they couldn’t be easier to use.
    Saved me a lot of money having to pay a graphic designer for a cover, plus I can use them again and again..
    Thanks for reviewing these, you saved me a lot of time and money.


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