Dreamhost promo code – 90$ off the price

Lets start with this – if you sign up to hosting service with www.dreamhost.com and enter the promo code: lorelei in the coupon field, you will get 90$ discount off the price. So… if annual price is 119$, using this coupon will reduce it to 29$ per 12 months, during which you get 200 GB space and 2000 GB bandwidth. + Free domain.
I recently moved to Dreamhost .com because it was the only hosting provider on the Internet who seemed to offer enough bandwidth for my needs… 2TB, to be precise. This very blog is hosted on Dreamhost too.
So far my impression from dreamhost is more than positive. Before I signed up I had my doubts because it seemed to be too cheap and most of us afraid to get what you pay for. I won’t try to entice you away into signing up, but will only share my host experience.

Good sides:

  1. 200GB of space and 2000 GB of bandwidth is more than you could ever wish for, especially if you get it for less than 3$ per month! Just think about it, it’s a damn good deal.
  2. Stable host. They have been around for a few years, have a reputation to maintain, it’s not a host that will disappear tomorrow.
  3. Money back guaranteed. (only if you pay with credit card)
  4. Excellent support. I emailed them a few times regarding different issues and always got a quick and very detailed response.
  5. The free domain you get is transferable, plus it will remain free as long you keep hosting it with them.
  6. You can participate in their referral system and earn up to 97$ commission from referring other members.
  7. Every week your disk space and bandwidth limit increases in a few GB (during the month, then drops back to the regular limit).

Bad sides:

  1. The interface of the cPanel (which is their custom work) is a bit hard to get used to, it’s confusing and hard to follow. Won’t be easy to use after cPanel X, but, 1-2 weeks and you will get there.
  2. No Fantastico. One click installation only included some basic scripts like phpBB, images Gallery, blog and a few more
  3. you ever decide to cancel your hosting, you would have to pay the 9+ dollar for the domain you got free. (if you cancel before the year expires, that is).
  4. In order to get the promo code discount, you have to pay with credit card, not paypal. Also, they will ask you to send them a fax with a copy of your card, so remember to have fax at hand. And printer.

I think this sums it up more or less. Overall, the up time is fantastic, same is the speed. Proved to be very stable with different scripts I tried to use, so… I’d say the advantages are far bigger than the disadvantages.

So, don’t forget, input the word lorelei.

Good luck!

  1. Daniel says:

    that hosting is really cheap
    but i wouldnt wana get used to a new cpanel theme
    also your lucky for them having a coupon code with your name in it

  2. Rebecca B says:

    What about the new method of referral links to improve your dreamhost referrals

    Thanks for the promo code!

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