EcoZone – Another Free WP Theme to Support The Ecology

I guess ecology, global warming and saving the world is among today’s “hottest” topics. I get plenty of requests from site owners, asking to make more eco-friendly wp themes so I am occasionally giving in to the requests and releasing ecology-themed wordpress designs. As usual, they are free, so if you are running a blog decided to our green world, you will soon have many more themes to chose from, just subscribe to our blog and stay tuned. Today we have a wordpress theme called “EcoZone”.
Very simple and easy to use design, ready for Twitter updates and thumbnails. Images in thumbnails are automatically resized so you don’t even need to use custom fields to be able to enjoy the magazine style look of your blog. In order to use this theme properly, you need to install and activate the “Twitter for WordPress” plug in, otherwise, fully remove the Twitter <div> from sidebar. Enjoy the theme and keep the world a greener place!

Live Review | Free Download

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  8. doktorthomas says:

    I wrote previously regarding purchasing “Site Devices” theme. No response. Perhaps you could contact me from here and advise about making the transaction.

    Generally, I dislike pages dressed in green… also, themes with black backgrounds are so morbid. I think your themes are refreshing, but fail to see how these recent ones are more ecological than any others. Using green is not being green…

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  11. Marie-Aude says:

    It seems the files provided for downlooad are not the ones used for the demo, as they bug.

    Parse error on line 28 of the functions.php file, which is actually coded as a part of the theme and not as a function file.

    Can you correct it ?

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