Facebook Recommendations: Make Use of The New Feature

Facebook Recommendations: Make Use of The New Feature -

Facebook has a new feature: Facebook Recommendations. Last year, Facebook introduced it along with some new features in the United States, to make it even more relevant to the social network. And presumably in the hope that users will spend even more time here. Since early February 2017 Facebook Recommendations has also been rolled out in the UK. What this feature and how you personally or for your business use can make? Which you can read in this article.

Facebook Recommendations: Make Use of The New Feature -


“Facebook Recommendations” makes it more attractive to your Facebook friends for advice. Advice in the field of good hotels for example, or cobblers, dentists, restaurants and hairdressers. Anything you can think of, as long as it has a Facebook business page. Facebook Recommendations shows the locations of the recommendations of your friends on a map, and ensures that you can easily click through to the Facebook page of such a recommendation.
Facebook Recommendations: why, and what is it?

A large part of the content on Facebook is related to travel and holidays. Think of all white beaches, delicious cocktails and beautiful cities that are involved in your News Feed.

Facebook Recommendations: Make Use of The New Feature -

Before you travel, you often see the highlights, fun places, restaurants and bars. But in the gigantic jungle of comparison, you sometimes don’t see the forest, because there are too many trees.

What do you do in such a case? You post on your Facebook timeline, where you ask your friends if they can recommend something – in the city you’re visiting. A big advantage is that you know who is a recommending. Because you know your Facebook friends are usually good, you can judge whether their interests, wishes and opinions in areas such as hotels and museums match with yours. And if they do not match, you usually know where they differ.

In which posts on your timeline – when you ask for recommendations – Facebook Recommendations coming soon (and in the United States and the United Kingdom now) around the corner. Because once Facebook will recognize that you are looking for recommendations, you can enable the new feature. In the Netherlands, you can actually already try out the function.

When a friend under your question type in the name of a restaurant, the person can select the restaurant and it will appear as clickable link to their Facebook page. Also, all the recommended restaurants displayed on a map, so you can see at a glance where they are located. This also works as tourist highlights, for example, bars and shops.

The Advantages

  • You can easily click through to the Facebook page, for example the restaurant. From this page, you often have direct access to their site, with reservation. This saves you a few clicks, you will not be looking through other websites.
  • The card on which recommendations are displayed, retained within Facebook. This allows you to see him once again if you want to go to that city, and you can send the link to others if they go to that city.
  • Perhaps the greatest advantage of the new feature is that, unlike other reviews on comparison, know who is the recommending. And, besides that you probably know if that person has similar preferences and interests, can he or she can simply ask for more information.
  • For entrepreneurs, the biggest advantage that choices will be less often taken on the basis of price (as is often the case in comparison) but on previous experience. Quality is so much more important again!

Social Search

Research shows that as many as 88 percent of consumers leave online reviews from other consumers weigh in their choice of products and services. And such reviews you can find not only Google, but also through social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Social networks are becoming smarter and take more and more account of what people like in or around your network (by tracking what content they post, Liking and retweeting example).

On social networks, you can now easily look up what your friends say about, for example hotels and restaurants. You can even search for pictures that have made friends in a particular city or a country. This is a form of social search, which shows that the views and experiences of people in and around your network are deemed valuable by social networks.

Facebook agrees to do this by recommendations from your friends on Facebook clearer and therefore more important.

Call-to-action buttons

Besides Facebook Recommendations are some new call-to-action buttons added in the United States and the United Kingdom. So can you now buy tickets for movies and events without leaving the Facebook environment. Also paying so happens within Facebook. The same applies to ordering food, making appointments and requests for quotations. Visitors can easily do it all themselves, within Facebook.

In the coming period will Facebook even more add call-to-action buttons. It can not be ruled out that under these new buttons is also possible for example to make a secure rooms or tables at hotels and restaurants. This makes the whole process would (from search to books or book) can play on Facebook. What makes Facebook even bigger and more important.

How can businesses prepare for (and make use of) Facebook Recommendations?

As indicated earlier, Facebook is currently still working on rolling out the feature. But it’s never too early to prepare for you as an entrepreneur. How to do that?

  • Make sure you have a Facebook business page. Otherwise it will be difficult for “friends” to recommend your company.
  • Ensure that all information on the Facebook business page up-to-date. An incorrect address can for example already cost visits (since the location is displayed incorrectly on the map).
  • Make sure that the Facebook business page and website good extensions of your company. As potential visitors no websites of ‘third parties’ need to visit more, it is important that the private channels appeal to visitors.
  • Regularly posting updates and pictures can help.
  • Be aware that the online behavior of consumers (their comments, shares and likes for example) affects how people hear about your company.
  • Place a clear call-to-action button. Allowing visitors to quickly and easily perform the operation desired by you. Without having to search for it.
  • Try – by moderating actively about what your company is said – potential visitors to access in a personal way.

Positive or negative development?

Facebook Recommendations Facebook makes sure that visitors are easier and / or better advice can win, and that entrepreneurs less “dependent” to existing comparison sites. On the other hand, Facebook is even more important for the latter group. What do you think this is a positive development for entrepreneurs?