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We often feature free and premium wordpress themes on this blog, but we always do it one by one and recently one of the readers sent me a question, asking if there are any good websites I can recommend, that feature a wide variety of free wordpress themes that anyone can download and use, and, at the same time that this would be a frequently updates directory, not one of the dead ones we all know…

After a bit of searching and investigating, I decided to feature — a huge directory with a generous selection of wp themes that has been online and active for many years now, since 2007. Run by Ainslie Johnson, who also offers custom web design and SEO services, this website allows you to pick any wordpress theme that suits your needs, from complex portfolios and ajax powered complicated designs, to simple yet very usable layouts for personal blogs. All WP themes you will find there are cross browser compatible and comply with the latest standards of coding. To get the latest updates on newly posted wp themes, simply follow them on Twitter and get links directly to all the most recently posted designs. I started following them a while ago and was pleased to discover that unlike many other services, they don’t spam you with other “related offers”, just updating when new designs are up for a download.

Free Wordpress Themes For Everyone - Grab Yours -

Although you may feel that the website is offering a lot of paid services, and the free themes are just there to attract users attentions — this cannot be farther from truth. Apart from WP themes that created themselves, such as the famous Webgazette theme, they also feature thousands of wordpress themes submitted by users, which you can freely download, preview and rate. With designers submitting their wordpress layouts since 2007, you can imagine there are layouts practically for everyone. However, you can hire the talented guys and girls behind what we formerly known as to do a personalized wordpress themes for your needs and also optimize it for search engines and even, if your budget allows, to go further with internet marketing, optimizing ROI, social bookmarking marketing, and so on.

I’d love to see them creating a facebook fan page soon (at the moment the icon leads to contact form), it would be a great way to stay updated with all the new stuff on my facebook wall, and be able to download and share the designs I like without leaving the facebook zone. But hey, I am sure they will work on that!

So, for all of you who were interested to discover a new wordpress themes directory, hope this post was helpful and revealing.

  1. coleman says:

    Thanks for the great advice on free themes. In these times of poor economic conditions, free seems like the right price for many things.

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  3. Ohhhh why thank you, I may snag a few of these.

    If you want the best looking theme, IMO, check out Flexibility 3. It is the most amazingly adaptable theme I’ve ever seen. It’s like WordPress to Blogs as Flexibility is to Themes. Its own custamizable menu section with every edit possible. awesome!!!

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  7. p6 says:

    Thanks for the great advice on free themes. In these times of poor economic conditions, free seems like the right price for many things.

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