Guide to Online Security

Guide to Online Security - Computer security

Online security continues to become of more importance as the threat online is evolving. This is why it is important to put security systems in place and you can always find great offers for these across the net, similar to in the gaming market with the Royal Dynasty , which is proving a popular bonus amongst punters.

  • What is online security?

A simple definition of online security is the mix of rules that are followed and actions that are taken in order to make sure online user data and privacy is not compromised by cybercriminals. Online security can deal with all levels such as the complex systems in place for the likes of credit and debit card theft. Then to simply cover antivirus software to help protect your computer and phones from viruses.

Online safety is the process of users staying safe on the internet. This means making sure the online security threats are not endangering personal information or the device in question, so as a smartphone or computer or tablet. The key difference between the pair is that online security is what is offers you online safety.

  • Threats to online security

There are a large number of online security threats across the internet such as Malware, Phishing and scams. These three possibly being the biggest.

Malware – is a dangerous software that is programmed to infect any device that it comes in contact with. This has been an increasing risk and is now without a doubt one of the biggest security threats on the web at present. The usual types of these include viruses, adware, spyware, trojan horses or even computer worms.

Phishing – involves cybercriminals looking to obtain personal and financial information through pretending to be a legitimate business. This can then lead to them trying to threaten you if you do not comply with this. There are a vast number of methods used for this such as fake emails, messages and websites. Others include the likes of website forgery, link manipulation, social engineering and phlashing.

Scams – have been going on for some time and look at scamming people out of their money and personal information. This is where tactics will be employed as they look to use get you to reveal sensitive information to them such as log in details or even bank account information. They can then steal your identity and take money from you. Other methods of scams can include classified ads, employment scams, pyramid schemes, advance-fee scams and even betting scams.