Important Web Hosting Security Issues

Protecting your web hosting account is an essential part of being a webmaster and own a successful online business. There are a number of ways in which nefarious hackers and individuals can access your web hosting plan, including through the use of viruses such as key loggers and Trojans. Once security has been compromised a variety of injuries can occur, which may include, but are not limited to domain theft, defacing website, theft of personal customer information, and even credit card fraud. Fortunately, most web hosting providers focus heavily on providing secure web hosting plans are protected by a lot of precautions and advanced technologies. The following are the top three web hosting security attributes to be included in each plan.


Perhaps the most important aspect of web hosting security is encryption, which is responsible for maintaining the data being intercepted by third parties, as it is transmitted from the computer of a visitor to your Web server. Most e-commerce web sites use SSL encryption technology for payment processing, as is evident from the beginning of the URL of the payment page, which contains “https” in the lyrics, with S to insurance. Another encryption technology to ensure a web hosting plan and the information transmitted through it is SFTP, which encrypts the data to back that loading and unloading on the web server via FTP. Without proper encryption, all your online transactions will be open to interception and criminal activity.

The automatic backup data

Because mistakes happen, and from time to time security can be compromised or hosting of hardware can fail, it is very important to have data automatically scheduled backups daily, weekly or monthly, depending on how often to update web sites. Fortunately, most web hosting providers offer automatic backups of data through an integrated utility in the administrative control panel, which can be adjusted to create backups and export via FTP to a disk or a location on the hard drive of your computer. If you own a network of web sites, many professionals recommend creating a backup of data every day, or after each major update. Using one of these backups can automatically restore all parts of the data on your web server, if for some reason, is lost, damaged or stolen.

Response and reliable support

The most important safety attribute of a web hosting plan is sensitive and reliable support, because ultimately make the difference between the hours of waiting for a website to be restored to optimal performance, or wait a couple of minutes for a global response from a friendly support staff. As the owner of an online business, you probably know very well that only a couple of minutes of server downtime can result in hundreds or even thousands of dollars in lost sales. When you contact your web hosting support staff should be greeted with a friendly and timely response, not only in words but in actions too. The web hosting provider must have the resources and the sense of urgency needed to fix any problems quickly.

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