Interview with Mayank Srivastava, the Founder of Experts’ Global

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Experts’ Global is a leading EdTech firm specializing in GMAT online preparation and MBA admission consulting. Mr. Mayank Srivastava, the firm’s founder, shares the entrepreneurial journey of his company in a candid interview.

Interview with Mayank Srivastava, the Founder of Experts' Global -

Q. What inspired you to return to India after the Boston University MBA?

A. Even before I had started my MBA program, I had begun extending MBA admission consulting solutions and therefore, I was always clear that I wished to return to India and build on my venture. In Boston, I focused on getting cutting-edge knowledge but not with the aim of bagging a job in the U.S.! In fact, I did not even make a resume and devoted the time that I would have otherwise spent on scouting for jobs to expand Experts’ Global by building a solid foundation even before I returned to India. As you can see, it all panned out well!

Q. What inspired you to start Experts’ Global?

A. I perceived a gap in the offerings pertaining to GMAT preparation  and MBA applications when I started preparing myself to apply for an MBA program.  It was difficult to get astute guidance and therefore I completed my entire admissions process singlehandedly and quite enjoyed it. I believed I could guide students, especially with my significant work experience in training. Therefore, the dots connected well and I was inspired to plug a gap.

Q. But were you not tempted to stay back and get the due ROI on a US MBA?

A. I had a debt-free experience because I got 100% financial aid from Boston University. Moreover, Experts’ Global was already profitable and I graduated with sufficient savings to give a fillip to Experts’ Global upon returning to India. The sheer energy and drive to make my start-up a success were enough to keep away from the temptations of a big paycheck. Honestly, the splendid results I had begun getting with Experts’ Global strongly inspired me to continue on the chosen path.

Q. Why EdTech?

A. When I started, EdTech was not even a legit term as such but I believed in its potential to impart education through technology. Education is the greatest source of growth and excellence and I was excited at the prospect of building an organization in the domain. My engineering background naturally pulled me towards technology and I was inspired to blend my skills and interest. Thus, I leveraged my work experience and knack for analytical matter to start my firm with a strong academic bent.

Q. Tell us a bit about Experts’ Global’s success since its inception.

A. Thousands of students from India and 40+ countries use our GMAT programs every year. Our MBA admission consulting guidance is availed by aspirants of 10+ nations. Since 2014, every 10th Indian in the US top 50 b-schools has availed our services. This is indeed a lot of success given that it was a one-person company in 2008! Today, we are diverse team of like-minded, inspired individuals who share a common passion for mentoring.

Q. What is unique about the GMAT online preparation course by Experts’ Global?

A. We have incorporated software that uses artificial intelligence to analyze a student’s performance and identify key weak areas and recommends ways to overcome them. Our program, is The GMAT online preparation course comes at the world’s lowest fee and is factually the world’s most “complete” GMAT online preparation with 100+ concept videos, 4000+ practice questions, 15 full length practice tests, 200+ short videos for revising important concepts, excellent software features, and exhaustive analytics.

Q. That’s interesting. Why have you priced such a powerful tool so low?

A. Given the scale and outreach we target, the low price makes sense. My goal is to establish this tool as the undisputed default option for GMAT prep globally student community. I would rather prefer that thousands of students use the software for a low price than aiming for a small fraction of test-takers who can afford to pay a high price.

Q. What are the firm’s future plans?

A. I also want to expand our GMAT online preparation wider and deeper, globally and for MBA admission consulting, the goal is to keep training limited, pre-decided number of students every year and maintain close to 100% results.

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