Why story telling remains the key to marketing


Storytelling is an age-old method that brands of all sizes have used since time immemorial to entertain customers and to woo prospects. This is actually one of the most effective marketing initiatives for any brand that would want to prosper.  Most of the brands that you know and hold in high esteem became a household because of the story around them. It’s a story that connects your brand to the prospects and customers and it makes it easier for these to relate with your offerings. Research has shown that most customers’ decisions are influenced by their emotions. A good story evokes a feeling and this could adhere the customer to your brand.

See below why story telling remains the magic of marketing

 Storytelling conveys your personality

Your brand’s personality will perfectly shine through the story-telling platform. Here, you don’t sell directly but you use user-generated stories or stories by the brand or a combination of both to present your brand and the offerings in the most appealing and relaxed way possible. You can be sure that at such moments, your brand will come loud and clear.  Your customers want to experience your brand personality and therefore the best way to project this is through story telling.

Story telling brings your brand in front as the lead.

Since the advent of interactive media, story-telling has been one of the most effective strategies brands use to reach their customers and prospects.  You only need to create something metamorphic, a story with characters and quite adventurous, portraying your brand as the protagonist this links the brand intrinsically to the story’s message and thus customers can trust your brand to deliver quality and probably set you above rivals.  Here you have to be careful not to overcomplicate the story; this could lead to confusion hence putting off the audience. Make it clear and simple, give a touch to what matters and see how it turns out, it will stand out, a maverick.

Story-telling hits the emotional quotient

Do you want to hit that emotional chord with your customers? Then try story-telling. You need to craft stories that are real or based on real-life things and evoking feelings and emotions. The danger here is in trying to hit the emotional level just for the sake- the viewers will see it; be real, be true, be honest. It is the nature of humans to love good stories and this is a fact that marketers have used to their advantage over time. Click here for Tailored stories that will get you new customers and keep them glued to your brand.

 Story-telling keeps the viewers coming back for more

Every brand’s main objective is to make the customers come back for more. This more will always manifest in numerous ways including sales. To keep them coming back, you need a Media company to create stories that are appealing, based on things that they can relate with and carefully intertwined with your products so that at the end of the day you have them convinced to buy. When the customer reads a story, it brightens up their mind and this hooks them to your offerings.

If you want to win more customers for your business and give a reason for the existing to come for more, then a good story, weaved around your brand will do.