Last Chance! Don’t Miss the Premium Freebies This Week

Last week we announced the Premium Freebies and now that the first newsletter is coming close, I wanted to post a small preview of what you are going to receive, so if you till didn’t subscribe, you have 3 more days left to do it. Moreover, we decided to modify the terms and newsletters will be sent one a month. Now, that is better for both of us — instead of spamming you weekly, I will only reach to you once a month, with high quality content I have been working on for whole month!

Also, please remember to verify your email address because without verification we will not be able to send you the newsletters (as it will not comply with spam policy, so you need to click the link that was emailed to you to conform your subscription).

77 So, what will be given away next Thursday?

Free magazine style worpdress theme “Top Bonus”

Professionally designed, ready for thumbnails, 125*125 ads, very sleek web 2.0 design, admin comments highlighted,


And articles:

  • Blog Promotion Tip of the Month:  How to Draw Traffic to Your Blog through Blog Carnivals
  • This Month’s Top 3 Google Adsense (FREE) Tools
  • Top 3 coupons of the month

This all will be sent out on April 2nd to all those of you who subscribed via email and verified his subscription. So don’t miss out!