Resources & Inspiration For Web Designers and Front-end Developers

Resources & Inspiration For Web Designers and Front-end Developers -

As an owner of the design blog, I am often on the web looking for inspiration, new perspectives, trends, new solutions and other web design-related issues with which I can benefit my, and with it my customer! The internet is now chock-full of sites & blogs full of resources for designers and front-end developers; photoshop tutorials, filters, patterns and brushes, textures, elements, free fonts, and icon sets, wireframe tools, applications, CSS frameworks, etc.

Below I have listed my favorite sites with a short description of why I like to use them. Use it to your advantage! – resources / inspiration / information
A blog from the Malaysian web designer Hong Kiat Lim, who almost daily new blogs with content ranging from Photoshop tips & tricks, the best WordPress Themes, Infographics, free design resources, etc. etc., Reads nicely, the level is high and offers a lot links to external resources. – inspiration / resources
The name is a bit misleading. This site has become a very extensive gallery of all kinds of websites & designs. You can filter by style and type. There is also the possibility to download (some, not all) designs (as a template) and to use them for their own purposes. – resources
A site filled to the brim with free / royalty-free and paid tools & materials for designers and front-end developers. Anyone who is a member of the community can submit new content. Clearly processed in different categories. Daily new resources. & inspiration
Running a UI company? Both sites are fully dedicated to the design of user interfaces for mobile applications and sites. Via the left-hand navigation to filter on different parts and subjects. – inspiration
One of the sites I go to for concrete inspiration for web designs. Patterntap has conveniently categorized examples of all kinds of different parts of sites. Scroll through hundreds of examples of headers, footers, forms, 404 pages, icons, etc. etc. Recently you can also filter on design styles. A valuable resource for inspiration. – inspiration
NotCot is a motley collection of random things that have one thing in common; they look ‘special’ or ‘unusual’; are ‘designed. Handbags, umbrellas, scale models, logos, toys, packaging, food, photography, furniture, etc., etc., everything is over. Not everything is equally beautiful or useful, but it certainly makes for inspiration! – inspiration
CartCraze is a gallery site dedicated to one type of sites: webshops. Unfortunately, there cannot be filtered on style, content or country, but the scrolling through hundreds of different webshops makes up for it. A good source of inspiration for webshop designers like myself. – inspiration
Just like CartCraze a gallery site with only web shops. These can be filtered by means of tags on the products sold in the webshops. Lekker scrolling and clicking, again a good source of inspiration for webshop designers – inspiration / awards
The FWA, short for ‘Favorite Website Awards’ has been known for 13 years as the Award Preamp for beautiful and stunning websites. Receiving a ‘site of the day’, ‘site of the month’ or ‘site of the year’ award from The FWA guarantees a high reputation within the web design world. Every day The FWA chooses a site that deserves the predicate ‘site of the day’ and this is shown on the homepage. Most sites that take an award are from big brands who have spared no effort to appeal to a large audience, but occasionally smaller sites or sites from unknown/independent companies or web designers fall into the prizes.

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