The Main Reasons WordPress Is the Ideal CMS Solution for a Business Website

The Main Reasons WordPress Is the Ideal CMS Solution for a Business Website -

WordPress is the most favorable Content Management System (CMS) which is utilized to create all sorts of business websites. It emerged in 2003 and rapidly developed from an uncomplicated software for blogging to the widely used open-source sites buildout environment. Nowadays it is employed for various purposes such as blogs, news, travel, e-commerce, online reservation systems, and much more. It is estimated that more than 30% of websites globally run on WordPress. This platform is adored by small firms and giants like Time, BBC America, UPS, eBay, Groupe Renault, etc.

If one considers creating a business website, then it’s definitely needed to check what WordPress has to offer. This CMS can be the right pick for this purpose and below there is an overview of why.

It is open source and free

Most people have probably heard that WordPress is an open-source system that can be utilized for free for all sorts of sites. It is adored by the largest enterprises like Microsoft News, TechCrunch, MTV Music employ WordPress for content management and benefit from its free availability. Besides, this CMS also goes with lots of extensions and supplementary options which are also gratis. Should one decide to go for a custom WordPress development theme, then some expenses would be involved but they are totally worth it as they guarantee a unique design and optimized site performance.

In general, using WordPress for a website doesn`t require excessive expenses and helps to save some financial resources which can be spent for other goals such as marketing and promotion of business and website.

It goes with countless themes and plugins

Being costless doesn’t mean offering a limited choice. This is illustrated by WordPress as it offers abundant themes and plugins for disposal to visually pimp up and functionally develop an individual blog, an online shop, or a business site. Lots of them are without charge, whereas customized themes which ensure supplementary functionality and original design require payment. Certainly, it’s up to a business owner or manager what to opt for.

As plentiful WordPress themes are customizable, site administrators get charge of the air of the website, its colors, fonts, and layout using the overall structure of the selected theme. Official websites of Sweden, Reuters Blog, Facebook Newsroom utilize WordPress and have diverse designs, capacities, and features, so they can give some inspiration.

It allows to publish and update content in 1, 2, 3

As WordPress is mega easy to use, people without technical training can familiarize themselves with it. Store owners, authors, photographers, podcasters, and other types of site admins can publish and edit the content or add text or images without learning how to code and program. Working with WordPress resembles creating a text file or a slideshow. One can also easily share video and audio files thanks to numerous plugins enabling this. If users have to change or update the site, it’s needed to go to the post in question, introduce the alterations and press the update button. That’s it, no confusing and time-consuming work involved.

It is SEO friendly

Being on the internet means being searched, found, and visited. Logically, as a person running a website one wants that the audience can easily find information about the company, its products and services. And those are the goals which WordPress helps to achieve as it is accessible for simple navigation by search engines crawlers. Besides, it offers an option to employ and refine title tags and meta descriptions of the content rather easily and without any coding. Thanks to those tags and its optimized structure, WordPress enables search engine crawlers to briskly identify what the content is about. Moreover, the platform comes with lots of SEO extensions that can boost the SEO friendliness of a website.

It is responsive

Nowadays more than a half of the website traffic stems from mobile devices. Because of this, it is crucial that a site is mobile-friendly. In other words, all types of content such as text, pictures, reviews, lists of products, and videos should load and display quickly and correctly on the mobiles. The content would be shown duly with a mobile optimized (responsive) site, while hosting it on the right server would make it load quicker. Like this, mobile users could see WordPress as they would expect it to look, rapidly and correctly.

It goes with an option to launch and develop an online shop

With WordPress one can effortlessly set up and elaborate an online store. For instance, users might utilize a free WooCommerce plugin. It helps to arrange a mobile friendly catalog and product pages which are easy to navigate and have high conversion rates. WooCommerce comes with numerous extensions which can be used in social media, payment services, and delivery agencies. This would of course help to advertise, sell, and ship products and services rapidly and smoothly.

Bottom Line

If people strive to build an efficient business website which is easy to manage and update and which is SEO friendly and responsive, then WordPress platform is the ideal choice. It enables constructing a robust and interactive site which can be managed simply even by non-pros. WordPress is also a great choice when it comes to e-commerce sites. All in all, utilizing WordPress as site software would strengthen a business and bring it to new heights. 

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