Top 10 Online Jobs in Kenya that Pay Through MPESA in 2024

Top 10 Online Jobs in Kenya that Pay Through MPESA in 2024 -

Looking for top 10 lucrative online jobs in Kenya that are paying through MPESA in 2024?

Are you looking to earn money by working online and getting paid through MPESA in Kenya? The trend of online jobs continues to grow, offering you the flexibility to work from anywhere while receiving payments conveniently through MPESA. In 2024, the landscape of online opportunities in Kenya is evolving, and it’s essential to stay informed about the legitimate options available to you.

As the workforce in Kenya embraces the digital era, finding reliable online job opportunities becomes crucial for a sustainable income. The impact of online work on the Kenyan workforce is significant, providing individuals with the chance to explore various roles and contribute to the digital economy.

With the allure of flexibility and the potential to earn a sustainable income, online jobs offer an enticing prospect for Kenyans seeking financial independence. Whether you’re considering freelance writing, virtual assistance, or other online roles, the ability to receive payments via MPESA adds a layer of convenience to your earning opportunities.

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In this blog post, we will explore the top 10 online jobs in Kenya that offer payments through MPESA, empowering you with the knowledge to pursue legitimate and rewarding opportunities in the evolving digital landscape.

Freelance Writing Opportunities in Kenya

Are you considering a career in freelance writing in Kenya? The digital era has opened up numerous opportunities for freelance writers to earn a sustainable income while providing valuable content creation, copywriting, and editing services. Let’s explore the diverse avenues in freelance writing and the potential to receive payments through M-Pesa.

Content Creation for Websites and Blogs

The demand for freelance writers in creating content for websites, blogs, and online publications is on the rise. Kenyan businesses and organizations are seeking skilled writers to produce compelling articles, blog posts, and website content to engage their target audience.

Platforms such as Upwork and LinkedIn offer opportunities for freelance writers to showcase their expertise and secure projects. As a freelance writer, you can earn a competitive income based on the quality and quantity of content produced. M-Pesa provides a convenient payment option for freelance writing services, allowing you to receive compensation efficiently.

Copywriting and Editing Services

Entrepreneurial ventures and established businesses in Kenya are in constant need of copywriting and editing services to enhance their marketing materials, website content, and business communications. As a freelance writer, you can capitalize on this demand by offering your expertise in crafting persuasive copy and refining existing content. Reputable platforms such as ProWritersTime and IntaSend connect freelance writers with clients seeking proficient copywriting and editing solutions. With the flexibility to work on diverse projects, freelance writers can earn a substantial income while catering to the specific needs of businesses. These platforms facilitate payments through M-Pesa, ensuring a seamless transaction process for your valuable services.

By engaging in freelance writing, you can leverage your creative skills and language proficiency to contribute meaningfully to various industries, while also enjoying the convenience of receiving payments through M-Pesa, making your freelance endeavors rewarding and efficient.

Virtual Assistance

In Kenya, virtual assistance has become a popular means of making money online and receiving payments through MPESA. As a virtual assistant, you can provide various services to clients worldwide while enjoying the convenience of MPESA payments.

This is one the very few online jobs in Kenya using smartphone.

Administrative Support and Data Entry

Virtual assistants play a crucial role in offering administrative support and data entry services to clients globally. They handle tasks such as managing emails, scheduling appointments, conducting research, and entering data into systems. Many virtual assistant positions in Kenya offer M-Pesa payments, providing a hassle-free way to receive earnings. To excel in these roles, individuals need strong organizational skills, proficiency in various software applications, and excellent communication abilities.

Customer Service and Online Support

The demand for virtual assistants to manage customer service and online support tasks for businesses is on the rise. With the prevalence of e-commerce and digital services, businesses require virtual assistance to handle customer inquiries, process orders, and provide online support.

Platforms such as Upwork and Outsource Accelerator facilitate M-Pesa payments for virtual assistants offering customer service and support. As a virtual assistant in this capacity, responsiveness, empathy, and problem-solving skills are vital to delivering exceptional customer experiences.

For those interested in virtual assistance opportunities, platforms like Upwork and Outsource Accelerator offer a wide range of job postings for virtual assistant positions with M-Pesa payment options. Additionally, local companies such as Trace Virtual Assistance and TrueLancer provide avenues for Kenyans to explore virtual assistant opportunities that align with their skills and interests.

Digital Marketing

Are you interested in exploring online job opportunities in Kenya that pay through MPESA in 2024? Let’s dive into the world of digital marketing and the earning potential it holds for Kenyans like you.

Social Media Management and Marketing

Have you considered the growing demand for social media managers and marketers in Kenya? Businesses are increasingly seeking individuals to manage their social media presence and implement marketing strategies. As a social media manager, you can assist businesses in creating engaging content, running ad campaigns, and increasing their online visibility. The earning potential in this field is promising, with some experienced professionals earning substantial incomes.

Platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, and PeoplePerHour offer opportunities to provide social media management and marketing services to clients worldwide. These platforms support M-Pesa payments, making it convenient for Kenyan freelancers to receive compensation for their digital marketing efforts.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

Have you thought about offering SEO services to websites and online businesses?

As the online market continues to expand, the need for SEO expertise is on the rise. By providing SEO solutions such as keyword research, on-page optimization, and link building, you can help businesses improve their search engine rankings and online visibility.

Reputable platforms like Freelancer and Guru connect freelance SEO professionals with clients seeking optimization services. These platforms facilitate M-Pesa payments, allowing you to receive earnings directly to your mobile wallet.

Embark on your digital marketing journey and explore the diverse online job opportunities awaiting you in Kenya. The world of social media management, marketing, and SEO services is ready to welcome your expertise.

Online Surveys and Market Research

Are you ready to earn money online by sharing your opinions? Participating in paid online surveys and market research in Kenya can be a fruitful venture, allowing you to earn extra income conveniently through M-Pesa. Let’s explore how you can get started and the platforms that facilitate payments through this popular mobile money service.

Participating in Paid Surveys

Engaging in online surveys involves sharing your thoughts on various products, services, or general topics in exchange for monetary rewards. There is a growing number of legitimate survey platforms in Kenya that offer M-Pesa as a payment option, making it convenient for you to receive your earnings. By dedicating some of your free time to completing surveys, you can earn a decent supplementary income. While individual earnings may vary depending on the number of surveys completed, it’s a flexible way to make money from the comfort of your home.

Market Research Analysis and Reporting

If you have a knack for data analysis and enjoy providing valuable insights, offering market research analysis and reporting services can be a rewarding online job. Companies are constantly seeking individuals who can assist in evaluating market trends, consumer behavior, and industry developments. Fortunately, there are platforms that connect Kenyans to opportunities in market research, with the added benefit of receiving payments through M-Pesa. By leveraging your analytical skills, you can earn a substantial income by contributing to market research analysis and reporting projects.

Now that you have a better understanding of online surveys and market research opportunities that allow M-Pesa payments, it’s time to explore other lucrative online job options tailored to Kenyans. Stay tuned for more insights into leveraging the power of digital platforms for earning opportunities in Kenya!

Graphic Design and Creative Services

In today’s digital age, the demand for graphic design and creative services in Kenya is on the rise, presenting lucrative opportunities for individuals with artistic flair and a passion for visual communication. Whether it’s logo design, branding services, digital illustrations, or artistic creations, the realm of graphic design offers diverse avenues for talented individuals to showcase their skills and earn through MPESA.

Logo Design and Branding Services

The need for captivating and impactful branding has become a critical element for companies looking to establish a strong market presence. As a graphic designer, offering logo design and branding services has immense earning potential. Businesses in Kenya are actively seeking professional assistance to develop unique brand identities that resonate with their target audience. Platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, and PeoplePerHour facilitate M-Pesa payments, providing a convenient and accessible way for graphic designers to receive compensation for their creative work.

Digital Illustration and Artistic Creations

Kenyan artists and illustrators have a vibrant opportunity to leverage their creativity through digital illustrations and artistic creations. From digital paintings to intricate visual storytelling, the realm of digital art offers a platform for artists to showcase their talent and connect with clients seeking personalized and captivating visuals. Reputable platforms such as 99designs and Freelancer not only provide exposure for artists but also accommodate M-Pesa as a secure payment method, ensuring a seamless transaction process for both the creators and clients.

Explore the horizons of graphic design and creative services, as the digital landscape presents endless prospects for individuals to harness their artistic capabilities and establish a flourishing online career.

For more information on the demand for graphic design and creative services in Kenya, refer to insightful articles like Graphic Design: The Art of Visual Visibility for Creative Agencies in Nairobi, Kenya and The Future of Creative Design in Kenya, which delve into the thriving community of creative agencies and the growing need for graphic design expertise in the Kenyan market.

Transcription and Translation Services

Are you interested in using your language and listening skills to earn money online? Transcription and translation services offer great opportunities for Kenyans to work from home and get paid through M-Pesa. Here’s how you can leverage your skills in these areas to make a steady income.

Audio and Video Transcription

The demand for audio and video transcription services continues to grow, particularly in the digital content and media industries. Companies and content creators often require accurate transcriptions of their audio and video files for various purposes such as closed captions, subtitles, and content accessibility. As a transcriber, you can earn a competitive income by converting these audio and video recordings into text format.

Several platforms facilitate M-Pesa payments for transcription work, providing Kenyans with convenient and secure payment options. Websites like Upwork offer opportunities for Kenyan transcribers to connect with clients globally and receive payments through M-Pesa. To excel in this field, strong listening skills, attention to detail, and fast typing speed are essential.

Language Translation and Localization

Language translators play a crucial role in bridging communication gaps across different languages and cultures. With the increasing globalization of businesses and online content, the demand for language translation and localization services remains high. Kenyans proficient in multiple languages have the opportunity to provide translation and localization services to clients worldwide.

Platforms such as AfroLingo and QualTranscribe enable Kenyan translators to receive payments through M-Pesa for their language services. Fluency in multiple languages and cultural nuances is key to excelling in the field of language translation. By delivering accurate and culturally relevant translations, you can establish a reputable online presence and attract a steady stream of clients seeking your language expertise.

Start exploring the world of transcription and translation services to leverage your language and listening abilities into a rewarding online career that pays through M-Pesa. With the right skills and dedication, you can turn your linguistic talents into a sustainable source of income right from the comfort of your home.

Website and App Development

Are you interested in earning money through website and app development in Kenya? There are ample opportunities for Kenyan developers like you to offer front-end and back-end development services for websites and applications. Front-end development involves working on the parts of a website or application that the user interacts with directly, such as the layout and visuals. Back-end development focuses on the server-side of web development, including databases and server configuration. By honing your skills in these areas, you can cater to the growing demand for web and app development services.

Front-End and Back-End Development

When it comes to website and app development, the options for front-end and back-end development are vast. Kenyan developers can find opportunities to showcase their skills and expertise on platforms such as Clutch, where reputable companies post projects and pay through M-Pesa. You can capitalize on your coding skills to create visually appealing and functional websites and applications while earning a reliable income.

Mobile App Design and Development

The demand for mobile app design and development services is on the rise, presenting a lucrative opportunity for Kenyan developers. You can explore platforms like AppFutura and GoodFirms to connect with clients seeking mobile app development services. These platforms facilitate M-Pesa payments, offering convenience and security for Kenyan developers who want to earn through app design and development projects.

By leveraging the growing need for digital solutions in Kenya, you have the chance to turn your passion for website and app development into a rewarding online job that pays through MPESA. This industry provides a platform for you to showcase your skills, build a reputable portfolio, and earn a sustainable income, all while contributing to the digital transformation of Kenya.

For more information on the top app and web development companies in Kenya, check out Clutch and AppFutura. These platforms offer insights into the leading players in the industry, giving you a comprehensive understanding of the market landscape and potential opportunities for collaboration and growth.

Now, let’s explore other online job opportunities that offer MPESA payments.

Online Teaching and Tutoring

In Kenya, the digital landscape has opened up exciting opportunities for those looking to earn income through online teaching and tutoring. With the rise of remote learning and the convenience of MPESA payments, individuals can capitalize on various avenues within this sector. This is one of the time consuming online jobs that pay through MPESA.

Academic Subject Tutoring

The demand for academic subject tutoring in Kenya is burgeoning, presenting a lucrative option for those well-versed in specific subjects. Whether it’s mathematics, science, or humanities, online platforms provide an avenue for Kenyans to offer their expertise and support students in their academic journeys. With the flexibility of online tutoring, individuals can cater to a wider audience and maximize their earnings while shaping the educational experiences of learners.

Notably, reputable platforms such as Teach Away and LinkedIn actively facilitate online tutoring opportunities, with the added advantage of M-Pesa payment integration. This seamless payment method ensures that tutors can receive compensation conveniently, further incentivizing their participation in the virtual education sphere.

Language and Skill-Based Courses

The demand for language and skill-based courses in Kenya is on the rise, fueled by the need for diverse learning experiences. Whether it’s proficiency in a new language or acquiring specialized skills, online teaching presents endless possibilities for individuals to impart knowledge and earn through their expertise. From Swahili language lessons to specialized vocational skills, the online platform offers a dynamic space for teachers to engage with eager learners.

Platforms such as TeacherOn and Teach in Kenya encompass a rich array of language and skill-based teaching opportunities in Kenya. Moreover, the integration of M-Pesa as a payment method on these platforms solidifies the accessibility of income for online educators, making the process seamless and rewarding.

By leveraging the digital landscape and tapping into the demand for diverse educational experiences, Kenyans can harness the potential of online teaching and tutoring while embracing the ease of M-Pesa payments, opening doors to financial stability and professional fulfillment.


In conclusion, the online job market in Kenya offers diverse opportunities for earning income through M-Pesa payments. From freelance writing to transcription and virtual assistance, there are numerous avenues for Kenyans to explore. The flexibility and convenience of working from home, coupled with the potential for sustainable income, make online jobs an attractive option for those seeking financial independence. Whether it’s through platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, or, there are plenty of options to kick-start your online career journey and start earning through M-Pesa. Take the leap and tap into the thriving online job market to secure your financial future.