What is Kubernetes and What Does it Do?

What is Kubernetes and What Does it Do? -

Kubernetes is an open source platform that automates Linux container operations. If you are medium to extremely computer literate, that is a perfectly sensible explanation. But for the rest of us, the average people who use computers but are not all that aware of what goes on under the hood, that definition is a tail-swallowing, circular explanation that doesn’t even make a lot of sense. We will break it down for you and explain what a Kubernetes container system can do for you.

What is Kubernetes and What Does it Do? -

Kubernetes is sometimes referred to as “K8s”. If you describe a cube using geometric terms, it has six faces, 12 edges, and 8 vertices. Vertices are the corners where the faces and the edges all meet to make a corner. The Kubernetes logo has seven lines that join four stylized faces.

The original Kubernetes was developed by engineers at Google and uses the same container processes that make Google such a powerful platform. Google’s internal operations are run on a platform called Borg. You might recall, if you are a Star Trek fan, that the Borg were people who tried to make themselves as machine-like as possible. The seven lines in the Kubernetes are an in-joke referring to Seven of Nine, the incredibly attractive Borg woman who was rehabilitated on Voyager to become one of the crew – the friendlier Borg, as it were. Kubernetes is also sometimes referred to as “kube” for short.

That’s what Kubernetes is. What it does is wonderful. Like Google’s Borg, it can coordinate and run operations in the background, doing all those tedious repetitive things that are needed to keep a computer system up and running. Programs can be “contained” and connected so that relevant connections can be made. This speeds up processes and helps your business or organization programs and helps with BPO Services to function at their top capability. Since time is valuable, whether you are a large bank or a humble volunteer organization, when your computer programs that drive your processes are running smoothly it helps keep the human side of things running nicely, as well.

Where do Kubernetes consulting services come in? Well, it isn’t always perfectly easy getting a Kubernetes system set up, although it might be magnificently easy to use once it gets going. Kubernetes consultants are the interface between you and your Kubernetes system. They build the house so that you can move your operations in.