What means to have a quality video on your website?

What means to have a quality video on your website? -

What would it be like to build a website that perfectly describes your brand through skillfully designed content and stunning videos? It is commonly believed that a picture is worth a thousand words, but no one exactly knows how much is a video worth in terms of words. Is that the equivalent of two thousand words? Ten thousand? It is probably up to the length of the video – some sources say that a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. The certain thing here is that a video should be worth way more than just a thousand words, especially in our era.

What means to have a quality video on your website? -

Based on the famous career tip “Create more than you consume”, Wix.com has developed a new tool to help individuals manage their personal or professional videos for various causes and purposes, such as business, family or entertainment. Here we will discuss the advantages of video creation for your business and daily life, as well as taking a quick overview of the main functionalities that our platform offers.

Firstly, a well-crafted video is an ideal way to show your expertise and professionalism to actual or potential customers. Using a good design and emphasizing the bright side of your product in a creative manner can instantly set the brand in the mind of your customers, as visual content could be very inspiring and motivational for all of us.

It is important to mention that videos serve your clients better than plain text (even if it is well written) and that is not only because watching a video involves less effort than reading and focusing on a piece of text, but also due to the more natural and humane aspect that a video has when compared to a text. The fact that people see images artistically moving or another person talking in front of them, while gesturing and using body language makes a huge impact on the emotional level of the viewers and we all know that most humans are emotion driven beings.

Another big advantage of video production is that there are endless subjects that you can approach when making a video – such as an explainer video about how to use and deploy a particular product or your company overview in 3 minutes or an eye-catching presentational video that pops up when someone is accessing the home page of your website.

Whatever it is, make sure it properly reveals your personality and helps you engage the clientele, because videos are generally representing the reality more accurately than pictures (especially if those images get over-edited).

What means to have a quality video on your website? -

After presenting these great benefits of the amazing world of videos, a question raises – what does Wix.com has to do with all of this? Well, it has to do a lot, because Wix is now the means to maintain and showcase your videos in order to impress and attract customers, generate leads or even sell your work to other individuals.

They provide amazing customizable templates and layouts that allow videos to be constructed in a creative manner, while keeping a stable structure, so that your production does not get unorganized in your portfolio and remain intuitive to any user that is interested in your work. Their platform guarantees the highest quality for an online video, so that your webpage can be as close as possible to perfection. You can even synchronize your YouTube and Facebook account and all your videos (including live streaming) will automatically be grouped in one place on your website – easily accessible anytime, anywhere and from any device.

Obviously, that is not all. Wix.com does care about your productivity and the path your video content is going on. That is why we provide you with unlimited access to statistics and analytics solutions, so that you can have a broad overview of the current position and properly adjust your planning according to the trend in case the business is not going on the right track.

To put it simply, videos represent a key component in the marketing of any business nowadays and these were just a few features that Wix Video offers. You can learn more and get yourself up and running with our new software by visiting www.wix.com.