Zara Affiliate Program Pays 3.50% Per Sale: All You Need To Know

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Zara affiliate program is a fantastic way to make money online if you are in the fashion business because sales in Zara do not need an introduction. Zara is a well-known Spanish fast-fashion retailer with over 10,000 outlets worldwide.

Zara sells reasonably priced, high-quality apparel, accessories, shoes, swimwear, beauty products, and perfumes.

Zara’s website,, is run by Zara USA and primarily sells to customers in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Spain.

Zara, a famous global fashion retailer, doesn’t have its own affiliate program. However, there are a few key things and alternative methods that you might consider to monetize content related to Zara:

Indirect Affiliate Marketing through Networks

Though Zara does not have an affiliate program of their own, you can still promote their products by using certain affiliate networks or marketplaces which include the products of Zara in it. Here’s how you can do this:

Affiliate Networks: Some examples of such networks are RewardStyle (now LTK) and ShopStyle Collective. These networks offer Zara items for promotion and pay commissions on sales made through your affiliate links.

Department Stores: ASOS or Nordstorm websites may carry some Zara products and they also have their independent affiliate programs where you can sign up with them as an advertiser.

Content Monetization Strategies

You can earn even without direct affiliation when creating content about ZARA, which may include;

  • Sponsored Posts & Collaborations: Brands like ZARA may pay for sponsored posts or collaborations if you have a popular blog or social media following.
  • Google AdSense or Similar: Run ads on your site to monetize traffic attracted by Zara-related content.
  • Product Reviews & Comparisons: Write detailed reviews on different categories of clothing produced by this company or compare them against other brands having programs in your articles alongside affiliated links from those same companies;

Building an Effective Strategy

Quality Content Creation – Create well-researched pieces that appeal mostly to fashion enthusiasts such as lookbooks; trend analysis; fashion tips etc.

SEO Optimization – Optimize your articles for search engines so that people searching for information about ZARA will land on them organically. Use keywords like “ZARA fashion reviews”, “lookbooks” e.t.c

Social Media Promotion – Share across different platforms especially those with many active users who are likely interested in fashion e.g Instagram, Pinterest that can bring lots of traffic if done correctly!

Alternatives & Complementary Programs

You might also want to consider joining affiliate programs of Zara’s competitors or complementary brands like;

  • H&M Affiliate Program – Commission Junction offers this service for H&M affiliates.
  • ASOS Affiliate Program – ASOS has a well-established affiliate marketing scheme.
  • Nordstrom Affiliate Program– High-end fashion items can be promoted through Nordstroms program which pays handsomely too;

Even without ZARA’s direct affiliation programme; there is still much one can do to earn some cash from such type of digital content. Indirect networks may help out here because they offer other people’s products (in this case ZARA) thus making it possible for anyone willing to try themself online marketer role play while using words different from what the original author wrote. Search engine optimization (SEO) should not be ignored when writing about topics like these since many individuals are likely searching “ZARA”

Program NameZara Affiliate Program
Commission Ratee.g., 5% per sale
Cookie Duratione.g., 30 days
Minimum Payoute.g., $50
Payout Methode.g., PayPal, Bank Transfer
Affiliate Networke.g., ShareASale, CJ Affiliate (if they use one)
Product Rangee.g., Clothing, Shoes, Accessories
Geographical Focuse.g., Worldwide or specific regions
Signup LinkZara Affiliate Signup (hypothetical link)
Support Emaile.g.,

How do you get paid in Zara’s Affiliate Program?

As you can imagine, Zara affiliate program is lucrative. You may join the Zara Affiliate Program directly through the ad network and earn up to 3.50 percent commission on each sale. Because of its high affiliate commission and validation rates, it is one of the top converting active campaigns in the Fashion & Apparels area of the affiliate marketing industry in India.

Join Zara Affiliate Program

Affiliate networks provide a pre-approved Zara Affiliate Campaign with a precise reward structure based on the cost per sale (CPS) methodology.

The campaign enables the creation of affiliate links with subIDs in order to track online purchases in real-time. provides Super Affiliates with direct access to the Zara API, which is intended exclusively to promote the Zara affiliate program via the publisher’s website and mobile app.

When a publisher signs up for the Zara affiliate program through Zara, they are assigned a dedicated account manager who will help them with issues such as Zara payouts and invoice payments, allowing them to avoid the hassle of managing complex affiliate programs and explore the true potential of performance marketing.

Zara Affiliate Payout Commission Structure

Payout3.50% / Sale

*Note: The above commission rate is the base rate, and further based on the volume & performance the commissions are incremented. Please talk to your account manager for further assistance.

Terms and Conditions of Zara’s Affiliate Marketing Program

Here is a table summarizing the details of the Zara Affiliate Program based on the information you provided:

Cookie Duration30 Days
AppNot Available
PopUp / ClickUnderAllowed
TargetingPan India
SEM (Search Engine Marketing)Not Allowed
Tracking FrequencyReal-time
Text LinkAllowed
Conversion BasisSale
DeeplinkNot Allowed
Facebook AdsAllowed
YouTube ChannelAllowed
Brand-name BiddingNot Allowed
Mobile WebAvailable

If you want to join the Zara referral program, you will have to wait to be approved before you start promoting the products.

ZARA does not currently have an affiliate program, according to our research of the company’s website and major affiliate networks – Rakuten, Awin, Commission Junction, Impact Radius, Shareasale, Flexoffers, Viglink, and Webgains.

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What is the cookie duration for the Zara Affiliate Program?

The Zara Affiliate Program has a cookie duration of 30 days. This means that if a potential customer clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase within 30 days, you will be credited for the sale.

Are cashback and deal promotions allowed under the Zara Affiliate Program?

Yes, cashback and deal promotions are allowed under the Zara Affiliate Program. However, brand-name bidding and search engine marketing (SEM) are not permitted.

Can I promote the Zara Affiliate Program on my Facebook page and YouTube channel?

Yes, the Zara Affiliate Program allows its affiliates to promote on both Facebook and YouTube. But please note, the use of deeplinks for promotion is not allowed.