19 Amazing Ways You Can Earn Money With WordPress

19 Amazing Ways You Can Earn Money With WordPress - WordPress

19 Amazing Ways You Can Earn Money With WordPress -

WordPress is currently the internet’s largest publishing platform. A great number of websites are powered by it. This means that its possibilities are close to limitless, and if you are looking for legit ways to make money on the Internet, WordPress got you covered. What is more, it is straightforward.

All you need are a few tools, commitment, and the right direction. They indeed say that one of the easiest things to do on the Internet is to open a blog. It is very convenient and powerful, especially when you are passionate about sharing your ideas and promoting your business.

Blogs can also be a money maker and in many ways. You do not need to learn any cryptic languages like HTML, CSS, and so on. Here are the many ways you can make money online blogging with WordPress.

  1. Display Google AdSense on WordPress

Google AdSense is another way you can make cool money blogging with WordPress. SEO experts at Discount Domains say that all you need is a script from Google, and you are free to start displaying ads on your blog.

Google will pay you anytime a visitor clicks on any of the ads displayed on your blog. If you are committed to developing quality content, the number of users visiting your site and consequently clicking on them will increase significantly. It makes use of Cost Per Click and Cost Per Thousand Impressions to base its payment.

However, they advised that you have to carefully study the Google AdSense terms and conditions because Google has stringent rules regarding AdSense. Also, keep yourself abreast of any changes in the terms and conditions and stay on top of directives. Google AdSense is perfect for you, especially as a beginner, since it is straightforward to set up, and with high traffic and users who stay back on your page for long, you would be making a lot of money.

  1. Sell Sponsored Blog Posts

In case you don’t want to display ads on your blog, there are other ways to monetize them. There are good reasons why a blogger would choose not to display ads on their blogs. It tends to determine your content, thereby making you lose much of the control you have over what you publish on your blog. Also, users find them annoying, and ad blocks on browsers are becoming more popular among internet users.

Therefore, if you find the downsides of ads on your blog too high, get in on selling sponsored blog posts. First, you need to establish that your site gets a lot of traffic from the right kind of audience. Put together a page that shows your audience demographics, social media following, traffic statistics, and so on.

Basically, everything that shows your blog is perfect for sponsored posts. It works the same way a sports sponsorship does- do a blog post talking about their products and promoting them. Then the company pays you for it.

  1. Use a WordPress Advertising Plugin to Sell Ads Directly

You might find that this works better for you than using AdSense. Earning through the display of ads can be unstable since the number of clicks varies. However, directly selling banners on your website for companies to advertise on. You and they will negotiate the prices, and they will be fixed.

Of course, this is much better than calculating the number of clicks on ads when you use AdSense. The method is simple: a price that both parties agreed upon per 1000 impressions of their banner on your website. But most bloggers charge a flat rate, so they wouldn’t have to make any calculations. Pick a model that you find most comfortable and start making money with plugins on your website.

  1. Offer Online Courses

Offering online courses is another great way of making money with WordPress. If you are a writer, motivational speaker, web designer/developer, digital marketer, and so on, and you are great at them, you can charge money to teach online. You can set up the classes to be long and short classes and section them into different versions like basic and advanced.

Also, you may want to offer some free trials for the basics to get as many people to sign up as possible. Leave the most important stuff for the advanced stage to get them to want pay after getting hooked at the free trial period. Apart from free trials, you can also choose to offer supporting material instead. These include eBooks and checklists.

  1. Create a Web Directory

Web directory, as you know, it has become obsolete since much of internet search is controlled by good bots like Googlebot . However, localized use of the web business directory is a moneymaker, and you can get in on it. You can choose to share a list of the best businesses around a particular area. You can begin accepting reviews of local businesses or podcasts on any topic of your choice and charge a meager sum for submissions.

  1. Earn by Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another good way to make money using WordPress. It is profitable because you have a wide variety of brands to choose from, and you can enroll in their affiliate programs. Brands like Amazon, Walmart, and so on have cool affiliate programs you can make money from.

All you have to do is promote their product, share a link, and any of your visitors who use that link and buys a product from these brands, and you get paid in referral commission. It is simply advising people to buy from them.

Also, there are affiliate tools out there you can install on your blog to maximize your earnings through affiliate marketing. You will find an affiliate program for every industry, but it is advisable to start with the products and services you use so that your readers can also be interested.

  1. Offer Freelance Services

If you have successfully created your blog and good content and have also significantly built up your online audience, it means that you are quite an expert in your niche. You can start offering freelance services. If you are good, you must have already begun writing for some freelancing network while you can promote your own services by doing it through your blog. It doesn’t require any amount of money or time effort to be put into it upfront.

Once you have arrived at a way of receiving payment from your audience, you are good to go. You can even start with your immediate audience and encourage them to contact their friends if they need your services. As an incentive, you can give them 5% of every referral.

  1. Sell Ebooks on WordPress

Selling eBooks will help your online course students follow up better with what you are teaching especially when they buy and read before the classes begin. Selling eBooks is also another great way of earning with WordPress. It is good if the ebooks are self-teaching materials so that they can augment online classes with them.

You can also use it as an avenue for collecting email addresses for future marketing. What is more, they are pretty easy to write, and you can create an impressive cover using a tool like canvas. With PDF, you can go ahead to compile some of your old blog posts with the deepest impressions and publish them as an eBook with a couple of chapters.

  1. Create a WordPress Event Calendar With Paid Submissions

If you focus on building your audience, there are so much more possibilities than WordPress will open up for you. One of such is creating an event calendar where people can publish their events for people to see. All kinds of businesses will pay good money to have you post their events on your calendar so they can get across their audience.  You can also negotiate to stream their events on your blog for a much higher price. Also, organize your event calendar to have a good theme, like businesses in your locality or a particular industry.

  1. Create Restricted Members Only Content

You probably shouldn’t start this while your blog is at its tender stage. For it to work, you need three things: a wide audience, great content, and contents that can get popular easily. Once you have this, you can create a restricted section on your website where you post premium content and send the links to your most devoted readers, who are often more likely to pay for them.

There are a couple of tools you can use in creating the members-only section. The kinds of content to create for your members-only section can be in many forms. You can post surveys and quizzes to make it more interactive. You can also create text-based content, video content (which can be slideshows or those head camera talking videos), interactive webinars, downloadable content, and many more.

  1. Create a private forum

Moderating a private forum, just like a Facebook group, can be a tedious task, but it can be pretty rewarding with a paid membership for them. What is more, they can also be rewarding for other members, especially when their themes focus on a particular niche. Through it, you can share ideas and content. But unlike other forums like a restricted section of your blog, other members can share insightful content and respond to queries from fellow members.

  1. Make money by selling your Website.

Many organizations now like to buy already established websites. And you would be making a huge ton of money selling your website. If your site is already making, say £300, you will be able to get as much as £8,000 in its sales. In fact, some websites specialize in selling websites. Also, websites that get a lot of traffic are sought after as well. Therefore, if you have built a WordPress blog with high traffic, you can sell at a great price to companies who don’t want to build from scratch. You can always create another one and grow its readership.

  1. Earn through review writing

19 Amazing Ways You Can Earn Money With WordPress -

This is quite different from the reviews you do when you are a review site with affiliate links for your audience. Here you approach brands and companies and ask to write reviews for their products. You will get paid for writing another company’s product review.

However, when you are starting with just your WordPress blog, there are some steps you should follow to make more money through this means. You have first to pick the niche, which is the specific category of products you will review to have the most impact on your readers. To best pick a niche, you should go for the most knowledgeable ones that are popular and have a good affiliate program. Assuming you already have your WordPress and its theme installed and set up, go ahead to install and configure your choice version of a WP product review plugin.

  1. Set up an e-commerce business by using the Woo-commerce plugin

Having a Woocommerce plugin on your WordPress site makes it easier for you to create an online shop for free. It is better if you already have an idea for a product. However, selling physical products can be extremely tedious, unlike selling podcasts and eBooks. It is so because you have to either create or buy the products yourself and dispatch or ship them yourself. But depending on the audience you have, that might be exactly what they crave: a physical product.

Woo-commerce is just like every other plugin and is pretty easy to install. What is more, it is free and is filled with so many features. It can also be quickly set up and configured by you to start running your online shop.

  1. Create a WordPress Job Board and monetize submissions

Another way of earning through WordPress is through job advertisement. You can create a job board where companies can pay to have their job openings advertised. On the other hand, your audience can also pay you to submit a job listing they can pick and apply for. It works perfectly when you pick a niche and cater specifically to them. This way, you can focus on everything in that niche and have people rely on you in any job listing relating to that. Focusing on a particular industry will lower your chances of having competitions, translating into more money since every submission will be made to your blog.

  1. Host a paid Webinar

Like most things WordPress, this is pretty easy to set up and earn you a lot of cash. They are very interactive ways to grow your audience and business while reaching your users and sharing your experience with them. Installing the WP WebinarSystem on your WordPress will help you organize your webinars without needing any technical skill. The webinar software will allow you and every participant to interact at once and share ideas and content.

With it, you can easily share an idea or discuss it extensively. Your devoted readers won’t mind paying money to participate, especially if your proposal to engage a topic they are passionate about. It is pretty easy to figure out the content to share during the webinars. Make sure to use the webinar software on WordPress that allows you to charge users directly.

  1. Sell Digital Products With WordPress

If you don’t have the strength or time resource to create, buy or ship physical products, designing and selling digital products you are good at is another way you can earn by blogging with WordPress. If your expertise lies in the digital niche, you can invest the time to design them and display them on your blog. Chance is that a member of your audience would be interested in buying them. This idea is excellent because all your earnings will go to you alone since there is a middlemen’s absence. It is easier, however, to sell these products on your blog with the use of plugins.

  1. Sell WordPress themes

If you have the technical skills and the design and enjoy web development and web design, then selling WordPress themes is another way you can make some money. It requires a considerable amount of talent in designing and devotion since many of your customers will always be calling to ask support questions if you end up selling large units.

You stand a chance of succeeding here if you focus on catering to a particular niche and make sure they are readable. Once you have successfully created a name for yourself in that niche, you are bound to succeed in earning money through theme selling since the demand for premium WordPress themes is on the increase.

ThemeForest.com, the number one WordPress theme selling website currently has over 9,000 themes available last year as opposed to the 1,000 available in 2012.

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    No doubt, the Google AdSense is the popular ad program for hobby and professional bloggers. But I would like to say, take advantage of affiliate marketing to earn passive income from your blog. None the less, focus on driving targeted traffic to your blog to increase your earning. None the less, sponsored posts can be a great resource for you to earn money from your blog.

    I’ve tried some of the others like theme design with not so great results, but WordPress consulting, SEO services and affiliate marketing have worked for me. Thanks to you for sharing the ways to earn via WordPress(.)com in an easy way.

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