How To Make Money As A Teenager – 19 Realistic Ideas That Actually Pay

How To Make Money As A Teenager – 19 Realistic Ideas That Actually Pay -

Having the ability to provide for yourself or make something out of nothing is one of the most empowering feelings in the world.

This is the primary reason I enjoy side hustles and running this online world.

However, I understand how tough it may be to figure out how to start your first entrepreneurial venture, especially if you are young.

As a teen, I tried a variety of initiatives, from writing novels to starting a blog on Blogspot, and I was always looking for new ways to make money.

I wasn’t always successful, but the process always taught me something valuable, and I feel that your adolescence should be a time when you attempt as many new things as you can and focus on learning (especially outside of school).

So, if you’ve ever pondered how to make money as a teenager and need some motivation to get started, this is the post for you!

Making Money Online as a Teenager

Given the title of my blog, This Online World, it wouldn’t be fair to start a list of money-making ideas without mentioning some online ways!

Because of age limits, many common online jobs can be difficult to work for as a teenager, but there are still lots of chances if you know where to look!

1. Create a blog.

It is not easy to make money by starting a blog. In truth, there is no assurance of monetary money.

On the other hand, starting your own blog is something I always tell students to do because it’s a great way to learn new skills, improve your communication, and build your network.

My first internship came about as a result of what I learnt about online marketing via my high school blog.

That internship turned into an online contract that paid for most of my school costs.

It eventually evolved into a full-time career for me. All because I started a blog on a blog site in grade 10!

You’d be surprised at how much you can learn by blogging—web hosting, SEO, content creation, social media marketing, etc. Running a blog is similar to running a business, and when you’re a teenager, these abilities are more valuable than cash (trust me).

Google Adsense and other sites, like Monumetric, may also allow you to make a decent amount of money blogging each month.


A picture of how my blogging income has changed over the last year and a half.

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2. Complete Fiverr Gigs

Fiverr is an online marketplace where people can hire people to do different things for as little as $5.

Graphic design, marketing/SEO work, coding services, and content writing are among the most popular Fiverr gigs. However, Fiverr provides a plethora of unusual opportunities and niches in which you can offer your services, so the sky’s the limit!

My most recent video deconstructs some unique Fiverr tips as well as other online occupations for teenagers!

Unlike other freelance sites, Fiverr enables anybody over the age of 13 to utilize the platform (as opposed to 18), making it a viable alternative for teenagers looking to make money online.

You might also get some inspiration from the finest Fiverr gigs list.

3. Reselling on eBay

Flipping products on eBay can be a very profitable side hustle and a great way to learn about running your own business and interacting with customers.

You may start sourcing stuff from flea markets, thrift stores, and garage sales with a small investment. When you have a little perseverance and an eye for what sells, you can build up a lot of inventory for your eBay site over time.


My friend owns and operates a vintage eBay store.

Although it is not the quickest way to make money, eBay flipping has the potential to earn hundreds or thousands of dollars per month.

Just keep in mind that, as a teenager, you will need to have your parents open the account because eBay only allows minors to manage accounts listed under an adult.

4. Open an Etsy Shop

Etsy is one of the most accessible online platforms for selling your crafts and artwork, and it’s also a low-cost startup that can be created rapidly.

I experimented with selling POD mugs on Etsy and had some initial success, but many other possibilities are available to you. Etsy’s most popular categories are digital downloads, calendars, jewelry, hilarious t-shirts, and custom prints.

Preliminary findings from my Etsy experiment

Because you’re running your own online store, selling on Etsy will look great on a CV!

Just keep in mind that because Etsy has an age limit of 18, your parents will have to open the account on your behalf.

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5. GPT websites and apps

Get-paid-to websites are good to start if you’re seeking some simple passive income alternatives.

I’ve used GPT websites like Grindabuck and my phone farm to earn more than $600 without having to do anything. You can run video running programs in the background of your computer or on some spare phones to earn money without even having to do anything.

You won’t get wealthy by using GPT sites or passive income apps, but it’s virtually free money, so why not give it a shot?

6. Launch a YouTube Channel

Starting your own YouTube channel, like blogging, isn’t a surefire or quick way to earn additional cash.

Running your own YouTube channel, on the other hand, is a fantastic learning experience. When you take this class, you’ll learn how to make videos. You’ll also learn how to make thumbnails, write descriptions, and do SEO for YouTube and social media marketing.

Earnings from my buddy YouTube channel. Those are some ridiculous figures.

Besides, if 8-year-old YouTube stars are making millions of dollars, you might be able to work your way up to a few hundred dollars with enough determination!

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7. Affiliate marketing

If I could go back in time to my adolescence, I would have spent some time creating online profiles for affiliate marketing.

There are numerous options for affiliates available. You’d be surprised at how much you can earn in affiliate deals or sponsorships if you can establish an Instagram account or a following on another platform.

I have friends that get free workout pills and gear all the time, yet they only have a few thousand Instagram followers…

Consider what you could accomplish if you kept a high-value account in a niche that interests you all four years of high school!

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8. Write reviews.

Companies are always looking for favorable (and truthful) reviews of their products and services, so you may actually make money or make money for sharing your opinion!

Numerous review-writing possibilities are available through Facebook review groups and websites such as Slice The Pie!

Remember, never post fake reviews for products you haven’t actually used, as these reviews might be penalized, and you may not be paid!

How to Make Money as a Teenager Without a Job?

Because many nations have labor regulations that ban teenagers from working until the age of 16, one of the best ways to earn money is to undertake odd jobs, side gigs, or just work under the table for cash.

Here are a few of the top careers for teenagers in this category!

9. Walking the Dog

While gig apps like Rover are a great way to find dog walking gigs, Rover walkers must be at least 18 years old. However, dog walking is still a popular service, and you can find side work on other online forums!

Post an ad in your local classifieds or Facebook groups, or leave flyers in mailboxes throughout your neighborhood, promoting your services! You’d be shocked at how much money people are prepared to spend on a reliable dog walker!

10. Babysitting

Babysitting is a simple method to make money as a teenager if you take the time to get basic first aid training or even attend a basic child care course.

To make extra money, you don’t even need a lot of people to hire you. A few close friends or family members in your neighborhood would be enough for you to make extra money without having to work a traditional part-time job.

If you want to start applying for local babysitting jobs, go to!

11 Yard Work

When I was a kid, one of the easiest ways to make extra money was to offer to shovel people’s snow. (I guess that’s one of the benefits of living in Canada!)

Whatever the season, if you make the offer, you will most likely be able to get some form of yard work job. There’s a lot of money to be made in lawn care, from cleaning gutters to mowing lawns!

If you want to get this adolescent side hustle off the ground, you may need to invest some initial cash or borrow equipment from family.

12. Tutoring

Helping younger kids with their studies is one of the best ways to make money at school!

Instructing is a well-paying online career, but you can also make a good living by tutoring kids in person. If you have good scores on a specific topic, you may usually locate parents of younger children who are prepared to pay you for some assistance.

This teen money-making concept is perhaps more suited for slightly older students nearing the end of high school, but don’t be hesitant to give it a shot if you’re a little younger.

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13. Car wash

Car washing has long been a popular fundraiser, but it’s also a solid way to make money as a child.

If you print some fliers and canvas your nearby communities during the summer, you should be able to generate some interest.

Just make sure to get enough resources ahead of time and to go above and beyond in your work. Car owners can be quite particular about the products they use on their vehicles, such as waxes or finishes, so explain your approach thoroughly from the start.

14. Sell Products at School

When I was 12 years old, one of my friends was obsessed with Rubik’s Cubes.

He was so engrossed in them that he eventually rose to become one of Canada’s best cubers, and even as a teenager, his solution times were lightning fast.

Anyway, he finally began purchasing Rubik’s Cubes from a Chinese provider and optimizing the cubes to make them turn faster. He’d then offer to teach other students how to solve the cube and sell them his better cubes.

This is an excellent illustration of how you may transform your interests into a business opportunity. This anecdote also shows that kids don’t always have to follow the typical path to make money.

15. Coaching and officiating

Coaching or becoming a referee is a great way to make cash if you enjoy sports.

While I was growing up, I had many friends who taught or refereed soccer, and while you may need to finish some training before being eligible for work, the money can be well worth it.

Many entry-level positions pay $15 or more per hour, and you can earn much more as you advance in skill level and age bracket.

Furthermore, both of these side occupations look great on a résumé, so that’s a plus!

16. Music Instruction

Teaching younger pupils how to play an instrument is a lucrative skill to have in your back pocket.

Traditional music lessons can be prohibitively expensive, so many parents would leap at the chance to have their child coached by a less expensive friend. Besides, if you’re actually skilled at your chosen instrument,

Music lessons are also a viable side hustle option because they may be great for

If they stay with it, you could find yourself teaching the same student for the rest of your adolescence!

17. Pet Care

If your parents are okay with you having pets in the house, giving pet sitting services is a simple way for you to earn money as a kid.

Kennels may be very expensive, so many pet people who travel choose to locate friends and relatives to care for their pets in order to save money. If this approach fails, you can present yourself as the ideal middleman and offer to take care of their dogs for a reasonable fee.

When many people go on vacation in the summer, you may find that you have enough repeat jobs to keep your business going.

18. Gather Cans.

While this isn’t a fancy way for teenagers to make money, it is an absolute no-brainer.

Collecting cans and bottles from your neighborhood or even downtown strips is easy to make $10–$20. With cans or bottles costing between $0.05 and $0.25 depending on size and substance, you can use this method to make some spare change if necessary.

Furthermore, if there is one job that will teach you the value of money, this is it!

19. Establish Yourself as the Family Cashback Expert

There are more options than ever before to save money through cash back rewards or passive income apps, but incorporating them into the family budget can be time-consuming.

You might, for example, take responsibility for your family’s supermarket excursions and seek deals on apps like Checkout 51 or Caddle. You may even combine it with a variety of receipt scanning apps to earn even more money for your expenses.

These minor adjustments will not break the bank, but they may be a fun opportunity to engage with your parents on a new financial challenge!


At the end of the day, I believe that your adolescent years should be spent focusing on personal development, learning new skills, and being joyful.

You have the rest of your life to work, and there is obviously a benefit to being a carefree child.

However, if you have an entrepreneurial itch, feeding that urge with fresh side hustle ideas or challenges is a great idea. Hopefully, some of the ideas in this post or these extra money-making ideas for kids will help you get started in the correct direction!

And, whatever you do, keep in mind that hard work and perseverance are essential! You won’t start making money right away, but you’ll end up somewhere you never thought possible if you keep taking the proper steps.

We’ll see you at the next one!