Download 48 PSD Android Display Mock-up

Download 48 easy-to-use mock-ups to present your designs. Cropping, changing perspectives and layer masking are not needed.

Simply paste your design and everything will be automatic.

Today, you can download 48 PSD Android Display Mock-up


  • 48 Photoshop PSD-file
  • Very Easy to edit by Smart Object
  • Layered and Grouped PSD
  • Beautiful photo filters in each PSD
  • 4K resolution(3840x2160px)

Please take a look below to see what you will get:


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Why is Android Mockup a fantastic approach to showcasing products?

The iPhone may be the most popular mobile phone on the market, but Android controls about 86 percent of the global market. That should be enough to convince you that if you’re going to market your digital product, you might as well utilize an Android mockup.

It’s fantastic that the internet is brimming with free mockups that can assist you to improve your products. The user exchange website offers at least 20 free Android mockups that are suitable for a variety of digital products. The various mockups also make use of mobile devices that run the Android mobile operating system.

Mockup designs for Android

Ramotion’s PSD mockup of the Samsung Galaxy S10 is one of the PSD mockups in the UX Planet collection. Just a simple mockup of the Samsung Galaxy S10 against a black background. This is ideal for displaying the actual product without any extraneous or superfluous accessories. If you’re displaying a moving product, you’ll need this type of mockup. Mockups of Samsung are especially important because Samsung is the most popular brand in the Android lineup.

Another mockup from the same collection is the Google Pixel 3 Clay mockup. The mockup includes two Pixels, one with a black background and the other with a white background. This is an excellent mockup for creating a comparing canvas for your digital product.

Clients will have a choice:

  • should they go with the black background or the white background?
  • should they like the product depicted in this or that perspective?

However, it is not only about the background; it is also about displaying two separate contexts of the same digital product.

Another mockup on Ramotion displays three distinct Samsung phones in one mockup. Ramotion products are available in PSD and Sketch file formats. This mockup will allow you to display at least three pages from the same website. It will be challenging to create a prototype that is close to the final website design. A mockup will allow you to showcase various features of the website without really developing it.

When is it appropriate to utilize an Android mockup?

There are numerous digital products for which you can develop a mockup, including software, mobile websites, mobile applications, e-books, music, movies, courses, and many others. However, one very significant reason to utilize Android mockups is to illustrate Android apps.

Isn’t there no better way to showcase an Android app than using an Android mockup?

You can choose a device mockup for Androids if you want to fully illustrate the spectrum of how your application will look on most Android smartphones. This style of mockup combines a number of Android devices — at least three and maybe up to seven different models of Android mobile phones — into a single mockup. This will showcase how the application will seem on a Samsung phone, a Pixel, a OnePlus device, an LG device, a Moto device, and an Oppo device, among others.

Regardless of Bill Gates’ view on Android’s global dominance, there is no doubting the operating system’s appeal, particularly in poor countries.

Mockup of a stylized Android

Mockup setups are another form of the mockup that will truly help you wrap your digital product in a really lovely wrapper. This means that the mockup will showcase the Android device as well as accessories that will effectively express the message of your product. is a fantastic repository for mockups. The templates are downloadable and editable with Smart Object, which allows you to change the picture on the mockup without affecting the genuine product. This is due to the fact that editing will take place on the smart layer rather than the pixel itself. As a result, when you resize the image, the pixels will not be affected.

The Young Woman with her Sony Xperia ZR Smartphone is one such mockup. All you have to do is drag and drop your own design or digital product image onto the template’s phone screen. This is ideal if your product is aimed at young women. While the woman in the shot is obscured, she appears to be young.

So, what should a young lady do?

She could be looking for fashion items or texting folks on her phone. When using mockups, you must play on stereotypes because it is the only method to convey the message. Yes, not all women enjoy shopping, but the majority do. In other words, your mockup will showcase a tale – your story — in addition to showcasing your design.

Another intriguing mockup is this one: Old Android HTC Phone Mockup in PSD. As a result, there are no accessories here. However, the mockup also conveys a tale. The mockup depicts an ancient HTC phone against a colorful background. You may place your product design prominently on the phone’s screen. So, what is the plot? This mockup will demonstrate to the audience that no matter how old their phone is, your digital product will still appear colorful and lifelike on it.

Displaying digital products in a digital format

When it comes to digital presentations, cardboard cutouts and other visual aids are a thing of the past. PowerPoint presentations are equally uninteresting when it comes to persuading clients to use your digital product. You must present a product that is as close to the genuine article as possible. And the best prototype is in the shape of an Android mockup.

While the internet provides a plethora of free mockups for your perusal, you must apply your imagination and knowledge while selecting the appropriate mockup. If you want to close the deal, you must choose the best way to showcase your product.

We hope you appreciated this selection, and we can’t wait to create more devices for you.