Start Invoicing Your Clients Like A Pro (But For Free)

Start Invoicing Your Clients Like A Pro (But For Free) -

Remember those times, when you asked your client for a payment, and he  told you “Just send me an invoice”, leaving you in total frustration… Every freelancer once experienced the embracement of having to create an invoice and not knowing how. Even experienced coders often have no clue how to bill their clients and maintain a professional level of communication. This is where invoice templates come in handy, as they can speed up the  creation of invoices in an organized manner allowing you to collect payments like a pro. Most of the times, an invoice is requested by the client, but you can send them one without waiting, to exhibit professionalism. But even if we put aside the will to demonstrate high level of work, many companies are legally obliged to enclose bills, invoices and receipts for their accountant, so if you are outsourced for any big company, you will find yourself required to send out invoices on a regular basis.


So, how do we get started?

Since this is a very profitable niche of business, many companies realize the need of sending out professionally looking invoices and offer these services for a fee. The assumption is, if you are billing out big sums of money, you wouldn’t mind sparing a few dollars for the creation of the invoice itself. Yet, as always, we here at believe that the best things in life are free, so for those of you who want to start emailing neatly-crafted invoices, yet don’t want to pay extra, we have found a perfect place where you’ll find  instant and free access to 125 Invoice Templates. There are plenty of various invoicing solutions out there – online invoice generators, CRM and many others… However, if you are a small or a medium-sized business and don’t issue many invoices on a regular basis, an easy invoice template is a simpler and quicker solution.

Why choose invoice templates?

Designing an invoice from scratch could take a lot of time and effort. We all once wrecked our ship at this rock. Creating tables, aligning columns, selecting the proper fonts and professionally-looking colors, coming up with formulas to get your data automated… That’s a lot of unnecessary work, that you can easily spare.‘s free invoice templates provide basic structure and layout, so you will only need to fill out the blanks, and what can be easier than just filling the blanks? The best part about Hloom’s templates is that they come in a variety of designs and formats, including Word and Excel.

125-free-invoice-templates-for-any-business-in-excel-and-word1 125-free-invoice-templates-for-any-business-in-excel-and-word

As you can see, there are plenty of invoicing structures available, for various types of business and services rendered. For example, there are currently 8 Proforma Invoices, 4 Roofing Invoices, 23 Commercial Invoices, 8 Freelance Invoices, 18 Service Invoices, 13 Waybill Templates / Packing Slips, 3 Travel bills and 10 Rent Receipts.

Since these invoices are generated and sent out digitally, you can add a PayPal button with the final amount due, so that clients can conveniently pay your invoice right away in just one click. You may have seen this feature in the invoices you once received yourself an wondered how it’s done.. Simpler than you think. This feature makes use of the “PayPal button”  system, where you go to your PayPal account and create a new “button”, merely stating the amount that needs to be paid. Then, instead of generating a classic button, you opt-in for a “direct link” that can be sent via email, and use this link to hyperlink a “PAY” button on the body of your invoice. This often adds a bit of an edge to the invoice, and speeds up the payment  process, since it requires literally zero work on client’s part.

Of course these templates can also be used in a classical manner, where you fill in the blacks, print and post it, the good old fashioned way.

Are Hloom’s templates better than the rest?

The reason we (and hundreds of other people) chose to use and feature Hloom’s invoice templates, over about a dozen of others that we have seem, is because they come with a pack of advantages to briefly sum it up:

  • Hloom’s invoice templates are FREE to use, under Creative Commons (cannot be redistributed or resold).
  • They offer a wide variety of professionally designed layouts, for any type of business
  • Multiple formats — Hloom offers both Word and Excel.
  • They can be edited in OpenOffice, if you don’t have Microsoft Office installed
  • There is a search facility, so you can find your desired template fast
  • New templates are added on a regular basis; currently there are 125, but new ones will be available every week.

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