The Hallmarks of a Professional and Trustworthy Business

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There are many reasons why you might be considering how your business comes across to potential customers, and it might be worth going into some detail with your research if you want to improve. It might be that you’re worried that your staff are more focused on the social elements of work rather than the work itself; it might be that you’re getting regular complaints from customers about their experiences, or it might simply be that you aren’t getting quite as much attentional as you’d like either from customers or from the local business community. When it comes to making your business more professional and trustworthy, the first step is an honest analysis of where you could be making improvements. Read this guide to where to look to make these changes if your business is struggling with any of the above issues.

The Hallmarks of a Professional and Trustworthy Business -

Customer Service

It can be difficult to get your customer service to a stage that you’re happy with, particularly if you think that the way your staff come across is part of the problem. It can be tempting to stand there waiting for your staff to make a mistake so you can show them where they’ve gone wrong, but there are better ways to train your staff. Firstly, make a guidebook or instructions sheet detailing what is acceptable and unacceptable practice while at work, and explain how customers may be put off or otherwise by their actions. Make sure they all have a copy, and that it is regularly updated.

Other options are to send your staff away to an external training scheme, or else to get automated phone lines to handle much of the customer service in a way that removes human error.


There are many ways in which your presentation could seem sloppy to customers, and one of them is to expose your potential customers or clients to piles of disorganized paperwork. Step one to improving your presentation is to have a neat, uniform solution in place to storing paperwork. Use Folder Printing services to provide each of your employees with organizing stationary which showcases the business’ branding, such as folders or even business cards. Other techniques for improving your presentation could be as simple as tidying up and delegating tidying and organizational routines among your staff, or else you could implement a mandatory uniform at your workplace. These will all help you to seem like a team when customers and clients show their face.

Online Presence

Many of your potential customers will check your business out online before they come along in person, and they won’t bother coming in person if they don’t like what they see – or if they can’t find you at all. Firstly, make sure you’re coming up on the first page of Google (you may need to employ some SEO tactics if this isn’t the case), and secondly, make sure your website is mobile-friendly, as over half of all internet searches are now conducted on a mobile device. Then, you need to give your website presentation some serious consideration. Your branding should be uniform and consistent with your branding elsewhere, and you should make sure that all of your pages load quickly. It’s also hugely unprofessional to have your online content littered with spelling and grammar errors, so make sure your website is written by a professional writer, and edited by an editor and proofreader.

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