ArticleForge vs. AIwriter – AI Article Generator Honest Review (2023 update)

ArticleForge vs. AIwriter - AI Article Generator Honest Review (2023 update) - Article Generator

Recently, I was introduced to a concept called “article generator.” Now, we all know the classic article spinner software, where you input a good piece of content, and it spits back unreadable text that hardly makes sense.

But it’s unique and passes Copyscape, so who cares if it sounds terrible and impossible to read?

WordAI came to life in recent years and was by far the best article spinner software. The final result was still hard to read, but it was definitely the best from the worst

I have used WordAI for over a year, and I have yet to see an article that I could spin and actually publish without (heavily…) editing first.

Nonetheless, for people like me, (who run tons of blogs and constantly create new ones, and need to stuff websites with “instant” SEO-friendly content): WordAI came out cheaper. Compared to buying from someone on Fiverr who claims to be native, but… we all know what type of content we end up with.

To cut the story short, I discovered an article generator phenomenon.

generalized comparison based on the standard features usually offered by AI writing tools.

FeatureArticleForgeAI Writer
Automated Article WritingYesYes
Keyword SupportYesYes
Customization OptionsYesLikely
Integration SupportYesLikely
Multi-Language SupportYesDepends on Update
SEO FocusYesYes
Plagiarism CheckerDepends on UpdateDepends on Update
Bibliography GeneratorDepends on UpdateDepends on Update
Export OptionsYesYes

I know it sounds terrible, and my first reaction was just a cynical cringe too. But within 2 weeks, I changed my mind dramatically.

I tried two Artificial Intelligence-powered article generator tool – ArticleForge and AI-Writer. Both SaaS.

Here is my honest review and experience with them both.

ArticleForge is a significantly cheaper article generator

Article Forge -AI Online Article Generator Honest Review

Using their API limits you to 200.000 words per month ($57/month). If you use their web interface, there is no limit on article generation volume. This makes the price of a single 800-word article $0.3 (at most). If you are not using API, you can generate 2x or 3x times more articles.

In that case, the price per piece drops to about $0.1 per 800 words

That’s definitely affordable. 

The downside? You still get an unreadable article.

The quality of the article you get is roughly the same as that of WordAI.

The only difference is that you get random paragraphs “glued together” from different sources, and the order doesn’t really make sense. On top of lightly “spun” synonymous words, you get randomly arranged paragraphs.

Is the article from ArticleForge good for SEO?

Yes, definitely, since you can add sub-keywords to be “discussed” in your article. 

But, I assume, once someone lands on your page from these Search Engines, they will bounce back immediately.

So, you get dirt-cheap SEO-friendly content. If this is what you are after, and you are just producing dozens upon dozens of MFA websites and PBNs, ArticleForge is a life savor.

Now, the second article generation software I have tried – was AIwriter.

And this one made me change my option about this whole concept of “article generation software”.

AIWriter does the same job, but a lot better. 

The best AIwriter - AI Article content Generator Honest Review

How is it better?

First, AIWriter generates articles and adds “sources” for reference in every paragraph.

This is super useful if you want to review your article, hyperlink some of the facts or stats, and link to the reference site to make the article look authentic.

Super useful, really.

Secondly, the quality of the article is superior. Now, I am not saying that it’s some kind of creative writing (like this blog post) and that you follow the writer’s trail of thought throughout the reading.

No, it’s still a “dry” article that brings out facts, ideas, and stats. But, it’s actually readable.

It’s comparable to the quality of an article you get from an average Fiverr writer that charges $10 per piece. You can, if you want, publish it as it is (it will just sound like a hired foreigner wrote it, so no, no big deal).

However, if you get approximately the same article for $5-10 on Fiverr, at AIwriter, one piece will cost you $0.65 if you buy the middle plan.

Since I am in the European Union, I had to pay $26 for the smallest plan (instead of $22, had I never moved to Prague). So if you are not taxed for being a privileged European, you get a better deal.

In my case, $26 bought me 40 articles, which comes down to $0.65 per piece.

It’s still super cheap compared to any human writing on earth, and if you are anywhere outside of the EU, you will get it even 20% cheaper.

I don’t know anyone who would draft me an 800 words piece for $0.65, do you?

However, compared to ArticleForge, it’s literally 4-6 times more expensive.

Who is article generation software for?

Obviously, it’s for anyone who regularly uses Article Spinning software and wants to cut the production time in half.

Instead of looking for an article to spin, then feeding it into the spinner, and then waiting for the result, you will only need to press a button, and the AI tool will do the work for you.

However, in both cases, I took the freshly baked article and run it through Grammarly (I use Grammarly premium, which allows me to rephrase hard-to-read sentences).


Grammarly does a great job picking some of the “harshest” errors, like missing commas, extra spacing, and rephrasing sentences that ended up sounding a little foreigner-ish structure-wise.

If you combine article generation software with Grammarly, you get great results, really.

ArticleForge vs. AIwriter – Conclusion

ArticleForge and AIWriter offer a short trial period, so don’t take my word on the quality comparison – try it out for yourself. In my opinion, these are the best article generator software on the market in 2022.

The bottom line is that ArticleForge is cheap and unreadable, and AIWriter is more expensive and offers superior quality of writing with references. You can get away with posting an article that came out of AIWriter without many people noticing a bot wrote it. If you want to explore other choices, you can also check, an AI writing tool with an SEO checker, 2 in 1! So basically you get a SEO article generator. Check out our review in this post.

What is an Ai Writer?

An AI writer, also known as content generator software, is a web-based tool that uses NLP technology (natural language processing) to generate content.
Content writers are the most accurate content generation services, employing cutting-edge AI writing models to generate articles from a small amount of information.
Because the core features of natural language generation include being original and SEO-friendly with relevant keywords, the content generated by these tools can be a good match for search engine algorithms.
Some of these artificial intelligence copywriting tools are also available in multiple languages.
If you wish to create content in different languages, you can use these tools to accomplish so.

Is AI writing software or article generation free?

No, AI writing does not come free. The good news is that most AI writers offer a free trial period, which allows you to generate content for free for a limited time. The AI Writer’s generated text is unique and SEO-friendly. Ascend to the top of the search engine rankings and keep your visitors interested.

Is AI article generation software having an impact on copywriters in 2022?

No, AI will not be able to replace a good copywriter – at least not anytime soon. There has never been a better time for copywriters to produce delectable content that stands out in a content jungle.
Although content writers may squirm at this question, it is a legitimate one to ask and one that may become more common in the future.
Because of the advancement of these tools as well as their open development platform, hiring an AI writer is a completely viable option for a small business.
The basic line is that AI authors can create reasonably unique content. Some people may not read this unique piece of content because they can tell when it was written by a person or an AI.

What Is an AI Content Generator?

Artificial intelligence applications employ intelligent, adaptable algorithms that can learn as they go.
Machine learning is used in AI writing apps to train machines how to write. Most of the time, the algorithm looks through hundreds of similar articles, spins them, and comes up with a new piece of content.
These texts can pass through Copyscape and other anti-plagiarism software — and some may even pass as human-written.

Can Artificial Intelligence Writing Software Replace Human Writers?

Machines are both faster and less expensive than human authors. The most expensive program on our list is less expensive than the cheapest freelancer.
However, there is a catch:
True, artificial intelligence has advanced significantly, and it can help you speed up your productivity. However, none of the content we saw was ready for publication straight from the content generator.
Even if your primary purpose is to wow the Google algorithm and rank high, human writers and editors are still required. Content marketing and SEO are all about the end-user. If your content is poorly written, Google will notice, your rankings will decline, and your potential leads will be unimpressed.
Use AI to help you write content, but make sure to have a human edit it before posting.

Can The Best Article Generator Automate SEO?

We all want an SEO content machine, and while article generator AI tools can do a lot of work for us, especially any article generator online. Manual SEO content writing, on the other hand, necessitates more time and thinking. To produce good SEO content, you must have specific expertise. However, many people still struggle to write a large number of SEO articles. It may be difficult for them to write their ideas, they may lack paraphrasing abilities, or they may have a large number of other tasks to complete.
An article rewriter or paraphrasing tool will allow you to produce new variations of already written sentences and other textual material. The goal of the paraphrasing tool is to change words in a sentence but not the context.

What Are 10 Best Article Generator Tools powered by AI?

Top 10 Article Generator Tools 
1. AI-writer – most recommended tool for Article Generator.
2. Inferkit – Free article Generator tool.
3. Article Forge – high content quality article generator online.
4. Growthbar – AI Article Generator tool.
5. Writesonic – SEO-friendly AI article generator tool.
6. Zyro – AI article generator free.
7. Articoolo – article generator.
8. – SEO friendly Article Generator tool.
9. Kafkai – article generator tool for different niches.
10. SEO Content Machine – good SEO-friendly Article Generator tool.

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