Why You Can’t Rely on Your Writing to Bring in Traffic to Your Site

Why You Can’t Rely on Your Writing to Bring in Traffic to Your Site -

Why You Can’t Rely on Your Writing to Bring in Traffic to Your Site -

There are some amazing content writers out there who are creating beautiful posts that never see the light of day. In fact, along with many other people, they haven’t yet realized that writing isn’t the only part of what brings traffic to a website, and just why this is the case. The most successful forms of marketing combine a number of different techniques to find that sweet spot that will translate into high volumes of traffic. Once you’ve tapped into the ability to attract a wide audience, that’s when your content will have the chance to shine, and work the magic you’ve been hoping it will.

Visuals bring people in

Bright, eye-catching visuals are often the first thing people see when they learn of a brand. Brains process light and color quicker than they process words, and there is a reason that this is what makes people stop and look. There are even theories that certain colors lead to higher sales, so if you’re advertising a product on your site, this is a sure fire way to reach success.

Color isn’t the only part of aesthetic appeal. Video and imagery are also great ways to engage with people online, especially on social media. There are many companies who post pictures of dream holidays and furry animals which attract more views than their posts sometimes do. Though this isn’t useful in making people click directly through to your site, using the right imagery will keep your audience on their toes, and will make them more likely to engage with the times you posts links through to your site.

Link building builds a larger audience

Social media isn’t the only way to attract traffic, and you can often find popular online blogs linking through to other services in their posts. For example, when you go onto a travel blog, you might find a link halfway down the page that clicks through to a travel backpack on a different site. Links like these have become popular in affiliate marketing and sales, but are also commonly utilized when people want to reach a new audience with their blog. In order to attract more traffic, you should work with trusted service that are guaranteed to help you reach your goals, and which you can find out more about by heading to clickintelligence.com.

Keywords are important

Before you write every word of content on your website, you need to make sure that it is going to appear at the top of everyone’s search on the web. SEO optimized keywords may sound outdated to some, but the fact is that they will always be an integral part of generating traffic. Once you’ve found the keywords that are going to pin you on the map, you can write your amazing content around them.

After it’s up and posted, and you’ve taken note of them properly, this should attract a number of visitors from online searches. Not only this, but you can measure how well your content is performing once it’s up, so that you can tweak it to reach the highest amount of people.