Paid to post communites

Paid to post community is becoming a trend recently, most people ask themselves, why to post for free, while in many forums you can get paid for it. There are normally 3 types of paid to post communities.

First, those who have a fixed rate for posts and pay by paypal or any other online payment method. The price varies from 1 cents, up to 20 cents, depending on the size of the board and admin’s pocket.

Second are the “shared revenue” communities, where a member can input his AdSense code into a specified field in his cPanel, then when he makes a new thread or replies the last, there are 50% of chances for his Adsense ads to show up.

Third is a more general type of “paid communities”, as the member do not get a direct monetary payment, but are provided with miscellaneous goods in exchange for their participation, such as free (quality) web hosting, domain names, etc.

It’s up to you, what types of communities to join. I personally tried them all, but can’t come up with a good and overall review, as I was not participating equally in all of them, some grabbed my attention and I stayed just for fun, then even became a moderator of the board, while in others I have 150+ posts and can’t really tell how profitable is the business. I will start off with my personal experience though and hope it will be useful for you.

Paid to post communities that pay on a fixed rate are a great way to make fast money, especially if the minimum post count and word count is not too big. 10 cents per post of about 30 words would be a decent deal. Mostly you will find such offers in other big forums, such as, where new forums owners are looking to boost activity and pay people to join and participate in their board. Once the forum grows, the pate per post gets lower, and then normally been done away with completely. So if you are after such a forum, just look for related offers on other huge forums and carpe diem.

Shared revenue communities can boost your AdSense revenue, however, there are a few “but’s”. You need to have AdSense account, where minimum payout is 100$. If, for whatever reason, Adsense will ban you, this type of revenue will no longer exist for you, as Yahoo publisher and Adbride aren’t an alternative in this case. I joined 2 forums that share income with their members, but not out of greed, only because the forums happened to interest me. In one forum I have 150 posts and earnt… just don’t die from envy! – 5 cents. In the other forum I have about 100 posts, and joined the revenue account only on half way, made about 3$. Bottom line is that I’d not count on shared revenue board if money is all you are after, as you will need to post a lot just to get your ads displayed, then again, it will be in rotation of 50%, and then, go and hope that someone will click it. Notable forums in this category are Digital Point and Webmasters Talk
Last type are the forums that provide their members with hosting and domains, as this is the most common thing you get. Most forums do provide quality hosting without ads, some demand a link back to the forum, while others go further and provide ads supported hosting. If the hosting provided is ads supported, then you shouldn’t waste your time posting, there are tons of free hosts out there, some do not even place ads on your site. If, however, it’s a respectable and established website that indeed delivers what their promise and provide high quality professional hosting, you should consider giving it a go. Remember that average host will cost between 5$ and 10$, so as long as you don’t feel like overworking yourself for this monthly price, it’s ok. Some people do not have credit card or paypal,and cannot pay for online service because of it, so for them it will be the perfect solution. Same applies to domain names, which can be registered in exchange for particular amount of earnt points or “stars”. Notable forum that provides domain names and cash by paypal in exchange for point earnt for posting it

This is more or less my coverage of paid to post communities. Of course if you don’t feel like selling out you can always join my forum – Lorelei Web Forum where the participation is free and volunteer. Hope this pours some light on the paid to post communities and on how you can earn money at home, enjoying talking to your friends.

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