Start a Professional Travel Blog in Easy 6 Steps

Start a Professional  Travel Blog in Easy 6 Steps -

Start a Professional Travel Blog in Easy 6 Steps -

It could have been a lot of fun to own travel blog. First, because you can share all your travel experiences that way but because you get to know other bloggers and also sometimes also nice benefits. If you do it right, sometimes you get free products to write about and some bloggers have even offered free travel. This should not, of course, be the reason you want to start a travel blog. do not underestimate the number of hours of work that you’re losing daily. A good travel blog have and keep cost you very soon three hours a day. To start a travel blog you do not necessarily need knowledge of web design. A passion for travel, a little bit of writing talent, patience and some 50 euros, however, are preferred. For you as a beginning blogger to help you along, we have described the six steps for starting a professional travel blog.

Step 1: Orientation

Only in Germany, there thousands of travel blogs and before you make a will create it’s smart to deepen your first look at what is already there. Earlier, we wrote an article about “The Philosophy behind starting a Blog from Scratch‘ and we encourage you to look at how we outlines the basic strategies for starting a blog there, how the navigation works and what the themes of these different blogs. Then start thinking about how you would want your future blog will look like and what you want to write. Take this time for good because the more you see, the more you want something different.

Step 2: Practice with WordPress

WordPress is free weblog software that allows anyone to start a blog. Without coding you go through a menu with various options you can design your blog. Before you start your blog is it is useful to learn to work first with WordPress. Go to, create an account and just try everything. On YouTube are also many videos that explain how to operate certain functions. As long as you have not hosted your blog yourself (or bought a domain name ), you can not use all the options and install plugins. Plugins are small software programs that you can install for free with WordPress so you like a Google Maps map you show on your blog. it is important to first know the basics and that is able to safely practice without hosting.

Step 3: Domain Name, Hosting & Designing a Theme

Domain Name
Now go seriously begin setting up your blog. Start by coming up with a good domain name. also think hard about it because there is a lot and want not later change the name because you have a better idea. This error we have once made. Try to choose something that you immediately see what blog it and preferably with the word in it where you want to be found in Google.

Web Hosting
After choosing an available name can go on to host that domain name. There are many hosting companies where you can register your domain name. Hosting will cost you about 60 euros per year for the domain name and data usage. We host on NameCheap for $19/year.

WordPress Theme
The theme determines how your blog will look broadly. You can design a theme but this is often very expensive. There are lots of free themes to download, but if you really want something what looks tiptop it often costs a few bucks. Personally, I would never cut it here because the first thing your potential readers to look at is the design of your blog. If that is not attractive, they’re gone so again. Google just once on ‘travel wordpress themes and search in particular again until you find where you’re instantly in love! If you have a good theme have downloaded and installed, you often have many options to give your blog form. Additionally, you can go to download plugins for extras.

Best places to download travel WordPress Themes:

Step 4: Write, write and patience

This takes time. Also for this step the time because it is important to deliver quality than quantity. Write about things you would like to read myself. Perseverance is important here. In the beginning, your blog will not get many visitors and you may feel that you do all that trouble for nothing. Just write on and have faith. Rome was not built in a day!

Step 5: Networking and Marketing

Want visited your blog is good then you will need networking write good next great items. Both with other bloggers and with organizations in the travel industry. You can do this on blogger events via email or through social media.