20 Best Referral Link Generators & Tools in 2024

20 Best Referral Link Generators & Tools in 2024 - referral link generator

Referral link generators are starting to be powered by AI and are getting smarter and smarter. Are you looking for the best referral link generators and online marketing tools to help you promote your business?

If that’s the case, you’re in luck!

There are numerous referral link generators and tools available to assist you in quickly and easily creating referral links to share with your target audience. These 20 referral link generators and tools are ideal for boosting your referral campaigns, from automated link creation to simple tracking and analytics.

Thanks to features like automated link shortening and link targeting, you’ll be able to quickly create referral links and send them to the right people. In addition, you can easily track the progress of your referral links and analyze the performance of your campaigns.

With these amazing referral link generators and tools, you can quickly and easily promote your business and get the desired results.

20 Best Referral Link Generators & Tools in 2023

Sure, here’s a list of 20 referral link generators and tools, along with a brief description of their features:

Referral Link Generators & ToolsFeatures
Scaleo.ioOffers a complete referral solution: custom referral rewards, automated reward delivery, and detailed referral tracking.
YotpoProvides a variety of marketing tools, including a referral program, reviews, and visual marketing.
Referral FactoryOffers multiple referral campaign templates and an easy-to-use referral program creator.
InfluitiveAn advocacy marketing platform that helps to drive referrals through customer engagement.
AmbassadorA robust platform offering referral marketing, partner programs, and affiliate marketing.
Post Affiliate ProProvides a powerful affiliate management system with tracking and reporting features.
ReferralHeroOffers customizable referral campaigns, real-time analytics, and automatic reward delivery.
Hello ReferralsStreamlines the referral tracking process, designed for networking groups and organizations.
Referral SaaSquatchProvides a comprehensive platform for referral marketing, loyalty programs, and rewards.
ExtoleOffers a platform for referrals, loyalty, and influencer marketing with personalization features.
Referral Factory ProProvides an easy way to create and manage referral programs with email integration and tracking.
InviteReferralsSimple tool for running referral programs across multiple platforms.
Referral RocksAllows businesses to build, manage, and optimize referral programs.
FriendbuyPowers referral programs for e-commerce businesses with robust A/B testing and analytics.
GrowsurfProvides a platform for automating referral programs with detailed analytics and reporting.
Genius ReferralsOffers a platform to create and manage multi-channel referral programs.
TalkableProvides a platform for creating, managing, and optimizing referral marketing campaigns.
AdvocateHubHelps companies mobilize their advocates, resulting in more referrals and recommendations.
Hello ReferralsSimplifies the management of referral marketing programs with tracking and analytics.
Mention MeProvides a full suite of referral marketing tools, allowing companies to leverage word-of-mouth.

What Exactly Is a Referral Link?

Referral links are the unsung heroes of your marketing strategy. They track the path that referred leads take to reach your final purchase conversion event, providing insight into the impact of word of mouth on your business and your entire referral marketing funnel. But why exactly are these links so beneficial? Well, they let you know who brings friends to your company and who you should reward!

A referral link is a one-of-a-kind URL composed of two parts:

  • The URL of your landing page or website
  • The unique referral code tracking parameter provided by the referrer

Take, for instance, https://www.mybusiness.com/joinmyreferralprogram/?mwr=lorelei.

Here, www.mybusiness.com/joinmyreferralprogram/ is the URL you want your referrals to land on, and i8nvad is the referrer’s unique referral code. This code allows businesses to easily track who referred them.

The Journey of a Referral Link

Every customer who joins a referral program receives a referral link. This link is then distributed to friends and family to drive traffic and sales to your company. And when a referral sales conversion occurs, link tracking ensures that the right referrer is rewarded for their efforts. Companies like DoorDash, for instance, utilize referral links to track word of mouth.

So, how does a referral link work exactly?

1. Generation of Referral Links

Referral links are generated and assigned to each member of your referral program. Existing customers imported into the referral program, those added via email invitation, or any new organic customers can be program subscribers. Referral program software can be used to automatically generate and assign the link to subscribers as soon as they join the program.

What’s going on right now:

  • Subscribers are added to the referral program.
  • Individual referral links are created and assigned.
  • Subscribers are shown their unique referral links and are encouraged to refer others.

2. Driving Referrals

Your program subscribers can share their links in a variety of ways. The most common methods are email, SMS, and social media. Referral software makes the sharing process a breeze. All your followers need to do is:

  • Copy the link and manually share it wherever they see fit.
  • Share on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.
  • Share in private social chat groups such as Whatsapp, WeChat, or Facebook Messenger.

Every link click is recorded, so you’ll know who your most ardent supporters are. You can even assign “points” to each social share activity to encourage subscribers to share more.

3. Referrals Clicking on the Link

After sharing the link, the next step is to get the friend to click on it. Many businesses use double-sided incentives to encourage this action, such as “give $10, get $10.”

4. Converting Referrals

Once the referral clicks the link and lands on your website, you want them to convert! Whether they opt-in to a signup form, book an appointment, or make a purchase, this conversion step closes the referral loop and rewards the participants.

What’s going on right now:

  • The referral converts on the landing page, and you gain a new subscriber or customer!
  • The referrer receives their reward.
  • Your marketing funnel’s referral status is updated.

The Perks of Using a Referral Link

Referral links make it much easier for you and your customers to refer your company. They help you gain referral insights and track word of mouth more effectively. Without them, tracking referral activity can be either impossible or extremely time-consuming.

Referral Link Maker: How It Works

Most referral software includes a referral link generator, which converts specific website page URLs into URLs with your customers’ referral tracking parameters. This automates the generation of referral links as soon as a participant signs up, simplifying tracking and increasing the likelihood they’ll spread the word about your company.

Here’s how software generates referral links:

  • Step 1: Enter the URL of Your Referral Landing Page.
  • Step 2: Generate Referral Links

For current contacts: Import directly from your CRM or a CSV file containing your existing subscriber list. Once the import is complete, referral links are generated automatically.

For new contacts: When new subscribers sign up, make a purchase, or book an appointment on your website, new subscriber referral links are automatically generated.