How I Finally Made $2,168 in One Week On ClickBank – FREE Guide

how to make money online with clickbank

Bidvertiser + Clickbank isn’t a dead strategy. I heard so many inspiring stories about people making money with ClickBank; some claimed to make a 6 figure income from ClickBank alone, but…

Have you ever REALLY managed to make a decent income from ClickBank? Well, probably, like most of us, mortals, you failed time and again just to realize that unless you invest thousands of dollars in media buying, you can’t even hope to make any income from CB. For 3 years, I struggled with CB, never managed to nail more than just a few sales. So, welcome to the affiliate club πŸ™‚

How I Finally Made $2,168 in One Week On ClickBank - FREE Guide

I bought some of the tools that promised to boost my income instantly (such as traffic boosters, SEO boosters, and other “programs” that do nothing besides making the developer more productive). Guess some things do sell well on ClickBank! πŸ™‚

After 3 years of never-ending attempts, I finally discovered the formula that works, and instead of writing yet another overpriced e-book and sell in on CB, I decided to share my “secret” here with our readers and I sincerely hope it will help some of you to boost your revenue. I know such a guide would have been helpful for me if I was to read it a few years ago. This small guide will show you how to start making money without investing in advertising. First, let’s view:

The common mistakes that EVERYONE make with ClickBank, and you must NOT repeat:

  • DO NOT: Go to CB’s marketplace and sort products by the highest paying commission, then promote it and wonder why no revenue is flowing in.

Why is this wrong?

How I Finally Made $2,168 in One Week On ClickBank - FREE Guide - how to make money with clickbank

  1. In order to pay a very high commission to YOU, the advertiser must price his product very high as well, and it’s not always easy to sell a $100 – $200+ piece of info on the internet. The fact that they promise to pay you $95 per sale means they must collect a minimum of 120 dollars from each customer… Not everyone will fork out this much money, especially now that crisis kicked in anew.
  2. Everyone wants the high paying commissions to themselves, so everyone promotes it, which means: a hell of a competition. A lot of advertisers will be able to invest decent sums of money in media buying and you won’t be able to compete with them and with their budget.
  3. When you come to promote the product, since the competition is enormous, all the spots in Adwords, Facebook and Bidvertiser are already taken, so you have to bid really high in order to even show up in results. All the domains with the product keyword are already taken by those who decided to write a review and put it on a new domain to dominate Google’s ranking.

Another common mistake:

DO NOT: Promote product with the highest gravity.

Although I must say I still can’t 100% confidently answer the question of what “gravity” is in terms of revenue to the affiliate, I came to realize it has a lot of competition. If a product has a big number next to the gravity line, it’s been promoted and purchased through many affiliates, and this brings us again to problems with competition, advertising, and promotion.

DO NOT: Overlook a high paying niche that solves a problem

Although you might think that promoting Forex products where payout per single sale easily reaches $1000, Forex does not really solve a problem. A niche with big potential is a niche that solves a problem, memorize that. Acne, weight loss, dating sites – all these solve a problem, a big problem, and people are willing to pay big money to solve this problem.

Think from the buyer’s prospective: If you are lonely and hopeless, you will probably pay $20 for a premium membership in the most popular dating site or purchase a small $20 e-book that will “reveal the secret how to get married fast”. You are a lot more likely to pay to solve a problem than to pay for fun. It’s a lot harder to sell an e-book that teaches you how to draw with pencil, than an ebook that teaches you how to lose weight without a diet. See the difference now?

Bearing this in mind, what do we do?

clickbank screenshot
  1. We decide on any of the HIGH paying niches that solve a problem. Again, weight loss, acne, dating sites, self-help, and, to some degree, “internet marketing” / making money online niches are probably the only subjects that will convert well regardless of global crisis, nationality, religion, and other aspects.
  2. Pick a new product. The key here is to be first or at least among the first ones, and avoid the whole competition altogether. Don’t go for a product that everyone has been promoting for years, pick a new one that no one knows about (yet) and build your promotional strategy knowing there are no (or very few) competitors targeting your keywords. It’s best to subscribe to ClickBank’s updates so you will receive the info first (there is no option on the marketplace to sort products by the “newest” so you have to subscribe).
  3. Don’t promote just any new product in the niche you picked. Since you have no stats yet (gravity, refunds rate, etc), you have to really study their pitch page and see how well it will convert. The best way is to simply visit the page you consider to promote and ask yourself “will I buy this product? The page you are going to target has to be visually appealing, rich in graphics, it has to “talk” to the person, and convince him or her that their problem is solvable, and that THIS very product they are looking at will do the trick. You have to really go by touch here so be very critical and go for the page that looks best. If the sales page begins with a boring piece of text, chances are — you are going to lose the buyer before he reaches the “buy now” button.
  4. Consider a LOW-cost product with MAXIMUM % commission. For instance, $100 software that pays 20% commission will give you the same payout as a $27 product with 75% commission; the only difference is that a $27 product is easier to sell. You are a lot more likely to sell 10 x $27 ebooks, than 10 x $100 software, and remember — your payout would be the same.How I Finally Made $2,168 in One Week On ClickBank - FREE Guide - how to make money with clickbank
  5. Disregard upsell / downsell offers. A lot of affiliates say you can earn “up to $90 per sale“.. The “up to” means you will never make $90 per sale, it simply means that if and when you nail a commission of, for example, $45, the vendor will them spam the buyer to death with other offers that have a tiny chance of being sold again and maybe you will earn additional $45 for the upsell. That is if the buyer will be happy with the upsell product and won’t decide to get a full refund altogether because he realized that the first product was just meant to put the buyer through a funnel of future sales. The bottom line is, your commission will only be the “initial sale” and this is pretty much all you can bargain for.
  6. Go for relatively low payouts. A $90 commission per sale sounds a lot more tempting than a $20 commission (I mean, all these efforts just for measly 20 bucks???) but again — bear in mind that cheap products are easier to sell if they are well presented and have a great pitch page. I’d save myself the hassle and go with products that cost under $30, where vendors are ready to pay a generous 75% commission so I will be left with around $20 per sale. Remember that your greed can leave you with no commissions at all!

Next, promotion for smart people.

Forget about Adwords, you will need to pay a minimum of $1 per click so a small budget of $100 will melt away before you know it. Also, if you chose a bad-converting product you will be losing your money just on the “learning” process, and it’s crazy.

abundance bank banking banknotes

Let’s assume you picked a product (we will use the Healthy Weight Loss Method for this example), now you have a few options. Either post a banner on your website (which means = minimum potential sales) or review the product. People will be looking for “weight loss solutions” online and people who have already heard of Victoria Flame, will be looking for a review of the product.

It doesn’t matter whether the person heard about it before or not, an honest review that highlights the advantages and the disadvantages will catch the visitor’s attention. Posting a review on your blog will yield results only if you have a truly popular, niche targetted website with good traffic and ranking, otherwise don’t waste your time on it.

  1. Register a domain name that has all or some of the product keywords in it. Be careful with trademarks. If you are on a low budget, you can buy an ultra-cheap host that gives you a domain with purchase + Adwords, Facebook, and Yahoo credits. I used as they have a limited time promotion now, 65% off, and for my $4 a month, I got a free domain, $50 Adwords voucher, and a $50 Facebook voucher. I also got $25 but since I am outside of the US I had no use for it and sold it on digital point forums. It’s definitely worth it as for a few dollars you get a professional package with everything.
  2. Install WordPress because that is the only platform you will find truly easy to use and maintain.
  3. Get a beautiful WordPress theme. The trick is to make the site look professional. If you are willing to invest, download a premium theme from (they offer a whole bunch of them for $39, so you get a theme for less than $1!), otherwise just pick a really good looking free theme, don’t leave the default layout on, it looks bad.
  4. Fill your blog with some related articles from or any other articles directory. Don’t just copy and paste articles, because you won’t have unique content + you will have to give credits to original authors who promote their own weight loss methods, instead, go to any article rewriting or spinning app online (they are mostly free) and spin (auto re-write) the articles you have chosen, that way you will get about 60% original content that will pass Copyscape and Google will love it, considering it “unique”. It’s not ethical to spin someone else’s content, but hush, they will never know! Backdate the articles to make your blog look a lil` “old”.How I Finally Made $2,168 in One Week On ClickBank - FREE Guide - how to make money with clickbank
  5. On the front page, post a review about the product you are promoting. It has to be the front page! Write one yourself, or hire someone from public forums to write it for you. It has to highlight a lot of advantages but not blatantly scream “buy it, damn it!”.
  6. Once you have the website set up, it’s time to bring in some targeted traffic. Only targeted traffic will convert! What I am about to tell you is not a blackhat SEO method, but it’s not completely white either. Perhaps we will call it grey SEO. You probably heard about a lot of SEO software that spin and submit articles to multiple directories, that post spammy comments on thousands of blogs and create zillions of social profiles in 3 minutes. All these kinds of software cost between $100 to $300+, and you need to spend a few weeks wondering how to use them. Forget about them, you don’t need to purchase anything, all you need to do is head to, create a FREE profile. It’s a place where people are willing to do A LOT for $5. For example, write, spin and submit your article to 200 directories (instant backlinks), post your comment on 6,000 auto-approve blogs (on Fiverr, tons of cheap services like that) and while this is believed not to affect Google ranking, in reality — it does. Let alone Bing and Yahoo are still running on the old algorithms, so if you get 2000 comments on dead blogs and ping them all, Yahoo will index 2000 backlinks and bump you in SERPs. Trust me, I tried it a few times and it works like a charm. So pick keywords (preferably long-tail) and fire a few people to do article submission and comment blog posting. The more they promise, the better. Get the maximum off your 5 bucks!
  7. Now, you have a domain with keywords in it, the blog with unique articles and tons of backlinks, all this cost less than $20, and within a few days, you should start seeing traffic flowing in. You also have Google and Facebook vouchers you can use on advertising your products, plus you can use your mailing list (if you have one) to promote the product. Now, it’s pretty much just waiting for sales, but I’d not stop there, get fresh backlinks weekly. For $5 weekly you can significantly boost your SERPs and it totally worth the effort.
  8. Post new articles weekly (re-written), leave the front page intact but with the database growing — you will have more and more influence on Search Engine. No traffic will convert better than traffic from Search Engines (or sponsored search results, but the whole trick is NOT to pay money for it!)

That is it, within 1 week, if you play your cards right, you should see sales. Good luck!!

How to make money with clickbank?

Step by Step Guide to Learn How to Make ClickBank Money

You will learn in the guide:

Step 1 – How do I sign up to ClickBank as an Affiliate or as a Vendor?

Step 2 – ClickBank Marketplace Category

Step 2 – How to find the right product for ClickBank

Step 3 – Relevant ClickBank Metrics & Terminology

Step 4 – Various methods used to make ClickBank money

Step 5 – How can I make ClickBank Money Without a Website?

It is understood that in order to start any digital marketing journey, we need to have a digital presence.

So to start making money with ClickBank, we need to have an account on the website.

On ClickBank, sign up method

Now, ClickBank provides two forms of registration, i.e., as a Seller or an Affiliate. While the sign-up process for all of these positions is the same, the operation of these accounts/roles would be different.

ClickBank Seller Sign-Up Process

To start with ClickBank, simply click the “Sign Up” button on the homepage’s top right corner.

After that, you will be redirected to the sign-up page, where you will be asked to fill in necessary details, including first and last name, country, phone number, and email address. You must read and agree to the terms and conditions before clicking on the “Join ClickBank” button.

Now you’ll be asked to complete your ClickBank profile. Make sure you add all the available information to make a good impression on your affiliates.

You will find Let’s Optimize Your Results at the bottom of this profile section. It’s going to ask your target to sign up for the ClickBank. Here an option is given to –

  • Offer physical goods
  • Selling Digital Goods
  • Promote goods as an affiliate
  • Promote goods as influencers
  • Do a study on the market.

And the company’s annual sales.

Here, as we have signed up to sell goods, select either physical products or digital products. Also, since we’re just starting out, choose the $0-$25K option. Select Save the…!!

Now, here’s where it’s going to be interesting…

You’re going to unlock the ClickBank dashboard. Here you can either connect your current ClickBank account or build a new account.

To create a new account, press the “Create Account” button

  • After that, you will again be asked to confirm the position of your ClickBank account. These options are given as follows:
  • Vendor of products
  • Part of the Affiliate
  • Combination of
  • Customized
  • Checking

Choose your job, and add your nickname to it. Bear in mind that your username will be your Account ID and cannot be changed.

ClickBank-Select Account Form

Post this, and you can see that your newly developed account is listed in the ClickBank dashboard. Only click it to enter the Vendor dashboard.

To add your goods and start selling, you must complete the “My Site” settings, which are available under the Vendor settings.

Afterwardst, you can add your products, their forms of billing, etc., under the “My Products” settings.

I would encourage you to consider launching a full-fledged deal with a few upsells. Affiliates love this one!!

Note, you will have to pay a one-time vendor activation fee of $49.95 to start selling your goods.

ClickBank Affiliate Registration Process

So.. If you want to learn how to make ClickBank money for free, you can bypass the Vendor sign up process and sign up as an affiliate instead. Unlike the Vendor account, you would not have to pay any activation fees for your Affiliate account.

The ClickBank affiliate registration process is the same as that of the vendor or seller.

After signing up for ClickBank, add a new Affiliate account. Don’t forget to add a special nickname.

Exploring Affiliate Marketplace Promotion of Commodity

When you’ve added your latest Affiliate account, press the Nickname that appears in your ClickBank account dashboard.

Once you open your Affiliate dashboard, you can find the “Marketplace” tab in the menu.

This is where you’d be able to find all the top ClickBank deals and products.

You will see that the Marketplace lists various categories of goods along with the product search area.

Product categories of ClickBank

  • Health and Fitness
  • E-commerce & e-commerce
  • Games, Games
  • Art & Entertainment
  • Home & Gardens
  • Languages:
  • Parents & Relatives

But you should decide the niche of your affiliate promotion before going any further. Simply put, you should know whether supporting software will make a difference to you or whether focusing on health & fitness produces better results.

To that end, I highly suggest that you first examine your business.

When you’ve done this, you should hop on to find the top affiliate deals. To do this, you can browse the categories or simply add a keyword to the search box.

You will be met with lots of goods and offerings.

But wait, you shouldn’t randomly choose a random bid. You must strictly follow my guidelines (as stated below on finding and choosing the perfect bid.

How do I find the best items to promote on ClickBank?

Believe it or not, a large number of affiliate advertisers are unable to make money from ClickBank. Not because they have poor selling skills, but because they are promoting the wrong bid.

Before writing this step-by-step guide, I’ve been browsing through various blogs on making money from ClickBank.

These blogs just talked about how to sign up, where to find deals, and various channels to help the affiliate offerings. But none of them talked about how to find the perfect ClickBank product.

Yet things are going to be different here. I’m going to help you find and select the best product to promote. Before that, you need to know –

Important ClickBank Metrics & Terminology

To know the offer could yield maximum income, you should look for the metrics mentioned below in any of the ClickBank offers –

  • Initial $/sale β€“ reflects a fee paid in dollars) by an affiliate to sell the front end (first) product of a bid or funnel.
  • Avg $/sale β€“ This metric reflects the total amount of money (in dollars received by the affiliate for its funnel sales. If the deal has several upsells or down sales, this measure may differ from the original $/sale.
  • Avg percent/sale is the average percentage of the seller’s affiliate commission for its deal or commodity.
  • Avg Rebill Total: If the deal involves items with repeated billing periods, this statistic indicates the average commission received by the affiliate based on rebilling.
  • Avg Percent/Rebill β€“ This is the average affiliate commission percentage set by the seller for repeated billing periods.
  • Grav β€“ The statistic relates to the total number of affiliates that have actively marketed the product or offer. The higher the level, the better the chances of making a profit.

Steps needed to find the right product.

Step 1 – Open your affiliate dashboard to the marketplace.

Step 2 – Insert the relevant keyword for the deal that you would like to promote in the search box. Hit your quest.

Step 3 – A list of deals will be sent to you. Now you need to sort the results with Gravity. Now, first of all, look for a deal that has a high Gravity ranking. The high score means that ClickBank deals have proven to be popular for several affiliates.

Besides, you can also verify if the deal has several upsells, as well as an appealing sales page.

Finally, after testing all the metrics of the bid, press the “Promote” button.

Step 4 – Once you press the Promo button, a new window will be opened.

In this window, you must enter or confirm your affiliate’s details and click the “Generate Hoplinks” button.

Now all you need to do is copy your Hoplink (affiliate tracking link), save it, and plan for the promotion of this product through various marketing strategies.

Different methods used to make ClickBank money.

In the field of digital marketing, the number and quality of traffic leveraged for your promotion is the core feature of an effective marketing campaign.

But bringing-in to the traffic is easier said than done…

And if you follow the right marketing or promotion tactics to open the gates to your traffic, it will be extremely simple. That includes –

Free Promotion β€“ This promotion or marketing plan can help you learn how to make free money with ClickBank. Even with this, you’re not going to have to spend a single penny on marketing your stuff. However, you should bear in mind that the free promotion approach takes a lot of time to produce results/sales.

Paid Promotion β€“ If you want faster and better results, this promotional strategy will help you learn how to make money with ClickBank quickly. By going for this approach, you will have to spend a sum of money for a fast return in the form of an affiliate fee.

Simply copy-paste a connection on various platforms will not guarantee sales or success. Instead, you must first concentrate on getting your future clients into your marketing enclosure (more on this later).

There are several measures involved in making a funnel. But the main motive of the funnel is –

  • Educate the traffic by blogs, videos, infographics, etc.
  • Introduce them to the commodity, its advantages, and uses.
  • Make a sales pitch for an impassable bid.
  • Collect your traffic contact information before purchase.

Now that you have the idea of how to market your goods, here are some tested free marketing techniques 

Promotion via the website & SEO

If you are beginning your digital marketing activities, it is strongly suggested that you build your digital presence in the form of a website.

Don’t worry. It’s not that difficult to start a website. It wouldn’t burn a hole in your wallet, either.

This means that you can build your website or blog on free platforms like, etc. You can then conduct the appropriate SEO and content marketing on your site.

But I’m going, being frank with you, free websites on free platforms won’t score high on Google. On the other hand, having a domain, storing it on secure servers, and launching your website as a brand greatly impacts your future customers.

Not only will it rank high on Google SERPs, but it will also build a sense of confidence in visitors to your site. This would ensure a high rate of conversion.

However, building a site can entail some investment, but performing SEO is fully cost-free. You can use an indefinitely free keyword analysis tool like Serpstat to do this (for high-quality keyword research, use SEMrush).

And once you have low-competition keywords, you can write a successful article or blog featuring your ClickBank items.

Here are the various types of blogs you can use –

  • Listings – This means papers based on a list. “5 Best Fat Burning Techniques in 2020” may be the best example of this kind.
  • Reviews – You can also build a forum to review the software. This can include Pros & Cons, pricing, etc.

Bear in mind that these blogs’ primary aim should be to provide value to consumers by educating them about the benefits of this software, eBook, etc.

Promotion of video

Do you know what the most influential way to express your thoughts is? These are recordings.

Creating videos and posting on various sites is on the trend these days. Therefore, it would be extremely rational to pursue this viral trend to improve traffic rapidly and instantly.

Now the question arises, how and where do you post your videos?

You should use your cell phone to film your videos first of all. Later, when you start rising, you can get a camera for this.

Coming to the right channel, none of them could have better exposure than YouTube. It’s also very convenient to post your videos on this website.

Again, your video’s quality should concentrate on how your audience will benefit from what you’re providing instead of selling it directly. And of course, you can add a connection to your affiliate in the video description.

You can also upload on other video channels, such as Vimeo, DailyMotion, etc.

Marketing of Influencer

If you wish to learn how to make money from ClickBank without a website, then this promotion and traffic inflow strategies will make you wonder.

All you need to do is build many followers/fans on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or Tik Tok.

After that, you can post videos, email, etc. to influence them to take such acts, such as sign up or purchase a product. In a way, it can be said that it is closely connected to social media marketing.

This approach has been generally embraced by many social media celebrities, as it definitely yields satisfactory results.

Supporting via Pinterest

Did you know there are millions of active users on Pinterest every day? That’s a lot of untapped traffic sources that you should certainly remember.

On Pinterest, you will be asked to post photos that contribute to your affiliate bid. And the best thing about Pinterest is that it allows you to add an external connection to your image (Pins).

This external link could be your Hoplink or your affiliate link.

However, I would recommend that you add a blog URL to your pins. And you can redirect your visitors to your affiliate offer from your blog.

It would be very useful if you could kill two birds in one shot. The first one will help you get referral traffic to your website, which helps increase your ranking. The second part of this will be the sales part.

Having said that, I should tell you that you should add 8-10 pins a day to make Pinterest famous.

That’s it, man!

With the aid of these tactics, you’ll be able to know how to make free money with ClickBank.

But bear in mind that free strategies have some drawbacks, such as –

You will not be able to capture the specifics of your customers.

It’s out of the frame to resell them in the future.

It takes a lot of time for this method to come into practice.

With that being said, if you want to know how to make ClickBank money easily, you can opt for paid promotion strategies.

Here are some of the tested techniques that produce the best outcomes in a short time –

Marketing Search Engine & PPC

One of the most popular ways of promoting some kind of deal, product, etc., is through paid ads on search engines or PPC campaigns.

Top affiliate marketers commonly use this as it ensures a healthy flow of laser-targeted traffic.

If you are unfamiliar with SEM, you will be allocated advertising space on the search engine results page. This space is filled with an ad copy based on the targeted keywords and the bidding number.

Notice: Use SEMrush for the most well-paid keyword study.

Best of all, instead of charging for only showing your ads, the search engine (like Google) will charge you only if the viewer clicks on your ad. The ad will then guide your viewers to your custom landing page or offer sales page.

You can also reach your future customer with the aid of pre-rolling advertising on YouTube.

Google AdSense also helps you to view ads on various websites that have AdSense scripts on them.

With the right SEM plan, you can get your money back and make it even quicker.

Ads in Social Media or SMM

Another great trick of understanding how to make money in ClickBank is the marketing of social media.

Here you’re going to have to create engaging social media advertisements, set some targeting guidelines, and start your ad campaign. This is it.

The great benefit of using SMM is that it leverages the largest source of traffic. Imagine being able to display social media ads to millions of people every day.

Since each coin has two sides, the downside of this promotion technique is that it does not carry targeted traffic.

But this can be modified with the aid of Social Media Retargeting campaigns. To do this, you will have to add a retargeting pixel to your website.

But now, when a targeted visitor to Search Engine Marketing campaigns lands on your website, he’s going to see your ads on his social media pages because of the retargeting pixel.

Some of SMM’s major sites include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, etc.

Email Marketing with Clickbank

As the name suggests, this promotional technique helps you to send emails to your representatives and potential customers.

But wait a second. You don’t have an email list or a lead. But how are you going to email them about your offers?

The solution lies in the amalgamation of all three paid promotion techniques.

For social media marketing and search engine marketing, traffic lands on your sales/landing page that tells you about the bid.

So when they decide to take action, i.e., to buy a product, you can put a buffer in between. The buffer serves as a gate that opens if certain conditions are met.

A prime example of a buffer is a lead capture module that allows your visitors to opt-in or subscribe to your email list. After entering and uploading their information, you can redirect them to the appropriate destination, such as the cart, price page, product confirmation page, etc.

With the lead data collected, you can send promotional email promotions to other affiliate deals and goods in the future.

With the aid of the landing page and lead capture module, your email list will expand and replenish over time.

Having said that, you should know that many email marketing providers don’t like affiliate marketing. They, therefore, refrain from sending such promotional email campaigns.

Don’t worry. I still have a reliable solution – services like Constant Touch and Sendinblue are really lenient. You should then vote for them.

Main reasons to hold you in mind

No matter what sales tool you use, it’s time for the performance to arrive.

In addition to all the strategies listed above, I would suggest that instead of concentrating on only one strategy, you can use all of them and create an integrated marketing enclosure around them.

For example, if you start with a blog, you can publish a blog about “5 Best Video Editors.” You can only mention three software in the blog and provide insights into the rest of the 2 software via email.

This will allow your guests to sign up for your email marketing list. Later, you have the right to submit any promotional deals to them at any time.

Similarly, suppose you optimize traffic from paid advertising strategies on your landing page. In that case, you can ask your visitors to enter their contact information, i.e., opt-in for incentives and discounts for that bid.

Again this is going to help you grow your email lists.

Overall, using all of these tactics will ensure that your affiliate marketing company works like a well-oiled machine.


Now that you know how to make money from ClickBank, it’s time for you to step into the accelerator of your business growth.

I believe that the guide I described above is going to work wonders for you. And in a matter of time, you can emerge as a credible affiliate marketer.

If you have any more questions about making money with ClickBank, please feel free to contact me. Or drop them in the comments section.

I’d be glad to help you out of here.

If you find this article useful, don’t forget to share it on your social media site.

Frequently Asked Questions about ClickBank

Is ClickBank Free of charge?

ClickBank is fully free of charge for affiliates. If you are a vendor and want to sell your goods to ClickBank, then you have to pay a one-time activation fee of just $49.95.

Is it the rule of Clickbank?

Oh, yeah, definitely. ClickBank is 100% lawful and highly safe for dealing with buyers, sellers, and affiliates. You could estimate the degree of authenticity by recognizing that it has a clean and open record of more than 20 years.

How do I make ClickBank money without a website?

If you don’t have a website, please. Don’t think about it. You can make money by promoting ClickBank items on a number of platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Quora, YouTube, etc.

Where will I sell the products of ClickBank?

You can market your ClickBank items on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Quora, YouTube, etc.

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